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Hot Chip, Bernard Sumner & Hot City - Didn't Know What Love Was (New Video and Chew Lips Remix)

"Dear Sheena Beaston. Why haven't you covered or written anything about the super collaboration for Converse that Hot Chip, Bernard Sumner and Hot City have done?" Answer: because I was waiting for the video and also to dish out the immensely awesome remix that comes courtesy of our buddies, Chew Lips. End of discussion.






mp3: Hot Chip, Bernard Sumner and Hot City - Didnt Know What Love Was (Chew Lips Remix)




The Brute Chorus - Heaven (Chew Lips Remix)

And yet, one more reason to absolutely fall in love with Chew Lips. I make no bones about my appreciation for their brand of fun and effective danceable electropop...seriously, check dem archives for a gank o' Chewy radness. So this morning, an email from bandmate James made me smile a big'un, and you know what, the song is a tasty treat to boot.



The lads in that pic up there? Well, we all know that's not Chew Lips, but it is their pals, The Brute Chorus, who are gearing up to release their new single, Heaven, on September 6. Which brings us to this AM's email message...


"thanks for all the posts you have done about us & all the support, we really appreciate it. as a little token of thanks here is a remix I just finished yesterday for our friends The Brute Chorus. its a mix of their new single Heaven which comes out Sept 6th, hope you like it!

thanks again, & hope to see you next time we're in NYC.

James / Chew Lips x" 


Mutual appreciation, dude. So totally mutual. On that note, this mix is double mondo aces and you're gonna want to jump in on the awesomeness that I'm experiencing right now.


mp3: The Brute Chorus - Heaven (Chew Lips Remix)




Chew Lips Cover Alicia Keys' Empire State of Mind

Yes, just the Alicia Keys version of Empire State of Mind, as Tigs and the boys of Chew Lips do not dive into the Jay-Z rap verse. Anyway, this might be one of the prettiest things you'll hear all day, and through your weekend too. I dare you to play this at your 4th of July bbq on Sunday...and see if anyone starts tear-shedding.




mp3: Chew Lips - Empire State Of Mind (Alicia Keys Cover)



Chew Lips Get Slick with NYC Debut at Littlefield

Chew Lips have long found themselves a spot in Beastonia...thanks to their intriguing dancepop arrangements, frenetically-charged flaxen-haired front woman and multi-instrumentalist backing mates. Their debut album, Unicorn, was released earlier this year to a load of praise, and rightfully so. This trio knows how to make you move, and more importantly, how to make you feel. Real feelings.



After having caught one of Chew Lips' sets down in Austin during SXSW, there was no way I'd be missing their New York City debut performance. Musically solid with a touch of whim and wit, the band has honed their skill playing a number of UK gigs over the past few years, but thankfully, brought their show Stateside for a one-off at Littlefield last night.



Running through nearly the entirety of their debut offering, Chew Lips kept the crowd entertained while showing great appreciation for the support shown by a full room of fans. Lead gal, Tigs, amused the audience by playfully toying with the crowd, almost embarrassedly telling them to "Shut up!" through a coy grin, as the applause came heavily after each song. Full set list as follows.

Play Together
Rising Tide
Two Years
Salt Air
Gold Key

Video of Toro and Solo are below a few more images.








Chew Lips head back across waters later this week for a string of live dates. Definitely a Beaston-approved "must see". 


View list of gigs here and check out the entire lot of pictures from last night's show here.


mp3: Chew Lips - Salt Air (Suds and Soda Clash Up)

mp3: Chew Lips - Karen



Beastly Bits #48

Anyone who is writing fake posts and making up news, ha ha ha...you are not funny. Want some legit tidbits of info and such? Then you only have one place to be today...


...and that is right here in Beastonia. 100% factual and ever so yummy. Truisms!


Oasis may not be together any more, but that's not stopping them from releasing a singles collection on June 1. More details and full track list can be checked out here.  

Chew Lips will making their debut NYC performance on April 12 at Littlefield. I checked them out during SXSW (review here) and strongly insist you pop by their set later this month. Ticketing info at this link.

Advance 3-day passes for Lollapalooza are on sale now. Also, the Chi-town based fest started to reveal the lineup, in a "Wheel of Fortune-esque" manner. Hit their site for all the fun.

MOJO's got a rundown of Janis Joplin's greatest clips. Tons of video radness when you click here.

We've got nothing but, well, love....for Ali Love. And with a new remix that channels dark pop and sexy synth beds, our appreciation for this London lad gets a hefty boost. Hey, you can download it for free too!


mp3: Ali Love - Smoke and Mirrors (Ali Love and Lucas C Remix)


Chew Lips at Levi's FADERFort (and UK Dates!)

Thursday, March 18 saw the arrival of UK trio, Chew Lips, to the main stage at Levi's FADER Fort. This being my first opportunity to catch the band I've been raving about for nearly 2 years. With the release of their debut album, Unicorn, earlier this year, their freshman full-length only heightened my anticipation to catch their live show.


There are so many highlights from Chew Lips' album, that it was great to see the songs perforemd in a live space. Between popular cuts like Seven and Karen, frontwoman Tigs commanded the stage wearing blue sparkly hot-pants with a splash of face and shirt glitter to match.

The unique pop tones of each song performed were equally matched with the quirky dance moves the singer executed while strolling across the large stage between bandmates, Will and James. An excellent set full of dancey rad vibes and smiles all around.

If you missed the trio during their Austin action, lucky UK natives will be pleased to know that Chew Lips will set out on a string of dates through May 1. All stops below. (full set of pictures can be viewed here)



April 3
 -- DJ Set -- Jodie Harsh's Circus (London)

April 9 -- Crawdaddy (Dublin)
April 10 -- The Stiff Kitten (Belfast)
April 19 -- Sumo (Leicester)
April 20 -- Arts Centre (Norwich)
April 21 -- Bodega Nottingham)

April 22 -- The Faversham (Leeds)
April 23 -- ABC 2 (Glasgow)
April 24 -- Drummonds Cafe (Aberdeen)
April 25 -- Academy (Liverpool)
April 26 -- Academy (Sheffield)
April 27 -- Sugarmill (Stoke)
April 29 -- Cooler (Bristol)
April 30 -- Cargo (London)
May 1 -- Old Fire Station (Bournemouth)




mp3: Chew Lips - Seven (Labyrinth Jackals Remix)

mp3: Chew Lips - Toro


Beastly Bits #38

Yesterday was a massive monster beast of a day...and we're pretty psyched with the nature of events taking place right now. Here's to hoping you had a rad one as well.


Let's get crackin' yo!


The IAMSOUND party at SXSW is going to be bananas. Salem, Sleigh Bells, jj, MEN, Fool’s Gold, Suckers and a DJ set by Little Boots are what you're in for if you RSVP here.


Want to win a trip to NYC to see Hot Chip on April 23? Winner also gets a kickass recording package from Blue Microphones. Enter here!


Alt-wave rockers, Rubicks, are working on their second album with the lead single Giddy Up already creating a buzz through the music, art and fashion worlds after being used for Italian label Valentino’s latest campaign. Watch the steamy video here.


We Are Enfant Terrible's new single, Wild Child, gets an official remix from one of our faves...Chew Lips! Win for all...cause it's a free download for you below.


M.I.S.S. OmniMedia wanted to pick my brain to feature on their site. Check out the piece at this link and learn a little more about the beast within!


mp3: We Are Enfant Terrible - Wild Child (Chew Lips Remix)



Beastly Bits #37

Diving right in...big news to tackle later this morning...


...so here is a quick little abridged version of the bits!


Whoever these Strangers in Stereo are sure have quite the SXSW Party lineup going on. Chew Lips, My Gold Mask, Chiddy Bang and more. Can you say rad? Official flyer is here and the RSVP deal is at this link.

Our pal Redlight tossed us a teaser mix of his original material...due out March 16. Stream the slickness here, or jump below for a new tune as well as our favorite mix from him.

Jump Jump Dance Dance talk to Pedestrian...read the interview here, then scroll down for Grum's mix of their track, Show Me the Night. We dig it!


mp3: Redlight - LA Bass

mp3: Beyonce - Control (Redlight Remix)

mp3: Jump Jump Dance Dance - Show Me The Night (Grum Remix)


Chew Lips - Karen (new video!)

One act we'll continually support and applaud is London's Chew Lips. Not just because, BUT because they are that good. With their debut album, Unicorn, out now and appearances scheduled during SXSW, we'll keep adding a ton of kindling to a fire they've already been burning bright.


With a new video for their song Karen, Chew Lips provide us with emotionally poignant visuals to coincide with the driving expressionism of the lyrics and arrangement. 

The video was inspired by Sonic Youth's clip for Sunday, which starred Macauley Caulkin paired up with the band in a washed out world of poetic slow-motion. First up, you can peep a behind-the-scenes of the Karen video at this link, watch their inspiration here, then take a visual stroll through the gorgeous new video below.



mp3: Plastiscines - Barcelona (Chew Lips Remix) 


Beastly Bits #29

Seasons change, people adjust, but one thing remains constant...it's the morning bits! Pumped and primed to bring you a tasty selection of news and info, we remain steadfast.


On to the next, on, on, to the next one...


Chew Lips announce a new set of UK dates for their tour in support of debut album, Unicorn. Check out the list of shows here.

Nicky Digital has video footage of the "jewet" between Gonzales and A-Trak that I still can't stop raving about. Watch the clips from last Thursday's performance here. Amazing!  

EXIT Festival has announced their first round of acts for the July event in Serbia. Here's the rundown.

Diplo's remix of Private's My Secret Lover is being used in the Prada SS10 Women's Ad Campaign. Check out the clip here. Hot!


Copycat remixed Erik Hassle's Hurtful with smashing results. Get ready to feel...get ready to dance. Free download of the fix is yours below.


Kim Gordon, Thurston Moore and Yoko Ono form a supergroup/trio. More details here.


Pitbull performed on Lopez Tonight, and I'd be lying if I didn't say his live band absolutely crushed it! Watch the performance here.


mp3: Erik Hassle - Hurtful (A Copycat Remix)

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