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Massive Attack, Martina Topley-Bird and Neon Indian Create an Electric Paradise at Terminal 5

"Oh well, the devil makes us sin...but we like it when we're spinning in his grip..." A set of opening lyrics from Massive Attack's Paradise Circus provide a slinky course of wonder throughout every listening experience. And while the UK electronica/trip-hop duo decided against performing the song (off of latest album Heliogland), at last night's stop at NYC's Terminal 5, the sentiment expressed rings pure and true, as Robert Del Naja (3D) and Grantley Marshall (Daddy G) played the role of the dark underlords who held captive a sold out crowd of their most dedicated fans and, dare we say, massive enthusiasts.



With opening acts Martina Topley-Bird and Neon Indian setting the stage for the main attraction, Terminal 5 became a veritable 3-ring circus of the best in eclectic electronica. Topley-Bird began the evening with an utterly sublime set of songs, consisting of looping her vocals and playing keys, drum-pads  and guitar. The singer's unique voice cuts through equally on her recorded tracks as it does live. While her 2008 album, The Blue God, has failed to see a proper US release, having heard songs from the release in this arena proved polished and timeless, while keeping a modern-day nouveau cool mentality.


After, Neon Indian graced the risers with a short set of their most well-known tunes. And while they got cut short before hitting their finale of Ephemeral Artery, Alan, his mates, and his hair were in fine form, keeping the buzz of the building at excited euphoric levels.





Beginning just before 10pm, the lights lowered and a roaring applause rolled through the crowd. As Del Naja took the stage with a full backing band, LED lights and electrics galore, the opening and unmistakable drum hits of United Snakes ushered in the start of a 16-song set, which included 4 encore songs.


Most of the set relied on material from Heliogland, as well as the band's 1998 album, Mezzanine. While the former recorded tracks rely heavily on guest vocals, including Hope Sandoval and Damon Albarn, Topley-Bird, along with Horace Andy and Deborah Miller were welcomed on stage to provide the chorales for Safe From Harm and Girl I Love You, to name a few. A personal highlight for me was the inclusion of Martina on Tear Drop, as she joined the band for a perfect recounting of the haunting tune.


With the lights and sounds displaying a visual assault on all the senses, it's safe to say this was a truly incredible experience. Massive? Yes. Memorable? Most definitely.


Please see full sets of pictures for Martina Topley-Bird (here), Neon Indian (here) and Massive Attack (here). Last night's set list is below a few choice cuts.






United Snakes 
Girl, I Love You 
Future Proof 
Invade Me 
Safe From Harm 
Inertia Creeps 

Splitting the Atom 
Unfinished Sympathy 
Atlas Air 


mp3: Martina Topley-Bird - Poison (Van She Tech Remix)

mp3: Massive Attack - Splitting The Atom

mp3: Neon Indian - Deadbeat Summer



Breakfast of Champions - Forever (new song, video and EP out soon)

I'm fairly certain I've still got a number of you scratching your heads like "who the hell is this Breakfast of Champions you keep writing about" and that sort of questioning. Far be it from me to divulge details on these kids who barely have an online presence, but we can dig a little deeper with the release of a new song and video today. Your morning meal is served.



New tune Forever falls much into the luscious world that BoC have already created for us with their other 2 slices of chilly goodness, Body and Bon Voyage. It starts of with a bouncy synth-bed that reminds us a ton of an 80s after school special moment...and frankly, that's what intrigues and interests us about further listenings of the tune. It's a perfect summer love song, so I'd advise you to get your beach blanket ready for some snuggly cuddles and gushy smooches.


And in true bonus fashion, BoC drop their first official video to coincide with the track. Check it out below, and stay tunes for details regarding the release of their debut EP, Light On Us.




mp3: Breakfast of Champions - Forever


Breakfast of Champions - Bon Voyage


Hey, good thing Breakfast of Champions just delivered a healthy dose of the good stuff, because not only am I physically hungry this morning, but I've had a craving for new material from them, ever since debuting their first track and subsequent remix earlier this year. Let's eat up!



Frankly, I'd rather not bore you with my words, when something so rad awaits your ears. So here's the long and short of it.


BoC have a new track...Bon Voyage. It's ethereal and lovely and you need to download it now.


They're completing their first music video as we speak. We'll patiently wait. 


mp3: Breakfast of Champions - Bon Voyage


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