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Clock Opera - Once and For All (new single and remixes!)

Christmas is a'comin' early thanks to the new single droppage from camp Clock Opera. That's just the figure of speech I felt compelled to use, because well, no it's not a holiday song, but it sure is one helluva package that will see an official release on November 1, via the Kitsune Maison label.


Clock opera


Once and For All gets properly tossed out in less than a month and snags Little Loud and Clive Tanaka for the remix rubdowns, which compliment the song ever so sweetly. The original is a twinkling tune that slowly builds until the 1:45 mark when singer Guy Connelly injects a perfectly sublime and emotional dose of falsetto vocals that air out over a warm and welcoming beat.


If I had the opportunity to ask these cats just one question, it would be "yo dudes, do you even KNOW how to make a bad song?" But then I'd get shushed away by their magical music making hands and rightfully so, because everything they touch turns to cochlear gold and should have no patience for my dumb inquiries.


Keep churning out them great cuts guys...I'll be listening and loving. 'Ear all three from the EP single here, or jump below to stream the original. So perfect.




Once And For All (Original_2010) by clockopera 





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