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T.I. (featuring Christina Aguilera) - Castle Walls

I don't care what you say, think or feel... I've already cried three super solid times to new track, Castle Walls, from T.I.'s upcoming album, No Mercy, which features my fellow Pittsburghian homegirl, Christina Aguilera, on the emotional tip (pun...ha!) during the chorus. 











T.I. (featuring Christina Aguilera) - Castle Walls





Christina Aguilera - You Lost Me (new video!)

One of the handful of Sia-penned productions on Christina Aguilera's latest release, Bionic, is the tear-inducing You Lost Me. Frankly, each of the Aussie-born singer's songs that the popstar tackles send me into weep mode. And now I can cry right along with Xtina in the new video for the song. Ain't that sweet...



What more can be said? Christina looks gorgeous and really lets the vocals shine. The Anthony Mandler-directed video finds Ms. Aguilera within the shroud of a smoking gun and some serious "help me, no wait, don't help me" struggles with a bare chested gent.




Watch the clip now!



mp3: Christina Aguilera - You Lost Me (Radio Mix)




Morning Dessert: Christina Aguilera Tapes Performance for CBS' The Early Show

It's not very often that I indulge my pop obsessions by trekking to arena-style concerts. Sure I'll love and laud them within the confines of these pages, but seeing as how Christina Aguilera's new album, Bionic, really doesn't fit the traditional pop formula, I justified my joining 300 of her most rabid fans in yesterday's mid-morning excursion to catch the live performance of her taping an appearance for CBS' The Early Show.



Now, everyone has their opinions on Aguilera's latest offering (which was officially released this Tuesday, June 8), and while many have made their opines public, I decided against piling on the banter until seeing her perform live. So, in spite of raindrops that threatened to cancel the performance in its entirety, the Early Show Plaza opened their gates to hundreds of fans who excitedly stood in line upwards of 5 hours to catch a brief set by the platinum star...yours truly included.


While I don't doubt the disjointed nature of the disc (it listens like three acts, or even, three separate album configurations: tracks 1-8 give up the dance, go hard, and get interesting; tracks 9-15 get emotional and showcase those legendary vocals; tracks 16-18 are fun and carefree as a box of puppies and cotton candy), I commend Christina for branching out to new producers and writers that eclipse the standard pop stigma and sound. Overall, yes, I dig it, and there are genuine moments when I feel real feelings. End rant.



But yesterday's taping (the show will air tomorrow morning, Friday June 11 on CBS) was about celebrating the new and the old. Beginning her set with current single Not Myself Tonight, Aguilera looked simply radiant as she was joined by a handful of dancers, outfitted in clear raincoats. After doing the stat quo banter with morning show host Julie Chen, she then performed a medley of her early hits, Genie in a Bottle and What a Girl Wants (video below), wherein enthusiastic fans lost their mind...myself included, with sheer fandom pouring out harder than the impending rains.


Poignancy and poise were met as Aguilera then sat for an awe-inspiring performance of You Lost Me, which is one of the Sia-penned insta-classics from the new album. Chen entered the stage once more to exclaim: "I have a bone to pick with you...", evoking Christina to exclaim "BRING ON THE BONES!" (Insert my insane giggle fit and loud laugh here. I don't doubt you'll be able to hear it on the broadcast tomorrow.) Anyway, the host wanted to hear Fighter, which she, and we had heard in a brief soundcheck before the singer officially took the stage. Obliging, albeit naturally planned, the song was a perfect ending to the 5-song mini-concert.


Extraordinary, divine and rapturous. Isn't that what Bionic means? You bet.


You can view the full gallery of images from the event here.







mp3: Christina Aguilera (featuring Nicki Minaj) - WooHoo (Ober Urban Mix)



Beastly Bits #84

Getting an early start to the day...




...so I can jump out of work at a decent hour to go celebrate my sister's 30th birthday. Huzzah! She strays from twitter and ol' dat, but go check out her band, Colorform. Legit!



D'y'all catch Christina Aguilera singing You Lost Me from new album, Bionic, on American Idol last night? Million times better than any of the contestants...next, please. link


I'm obsessed with Mad Men after watching the first 3 seasons over the past few months. Christina Hendricks, aka Joan Holloway, will appear in the new Broken Bells video as a robot woman type. Awesome. link


PUNCHES remixed Kele's Tenderoni. Stop it. This is just too good, and it's free for you and me below. Also, if you want to remix the track, you can grab the stems here.


Our new pal, Mochi Beats, hooked us up with a fantastic new mix and mash after we complained about a lack of rad tunes flowing in. MB to the rescue with California Nightlife which tosses everyone together in fine fashion. Download it a touch lower.


Holy Fuck and Nice Nice play le poisson rouge tomorrow. You should undoubtedly try and attend. link


mp3: Mochi Beats - California Nightlife (Katy Perry x Cyndi Lauper x Huey x Laidback Luke x Colby ODonis)

mp3: Kele - Tenderoni (PUNCHES Remix)




Nicki Minaj-à-trois

Sure that sounds like the most clichéd post title ever. But when you have 3 new drops of the Nicki Minaj goodness, what are you supposed to do...simply turn a blind eye to the fact that her last name mirrors a triple play dirty girl act? Man, heck no. Let's get rowdy!



Here's the rundown on the three tracks that were rocking my body this weekend.


Flippin' the clean version of Usher's Lil Freak, Sean Garrett jumps on for some extra pizazz'n'at. Still think Nicki's verse on this cut is her finest to day, aside from the drop on Cassie's F**k U Silly, but is that ever going to see the light of day in full form? One can only hope.

mp3: Usher (featuring Nicki Minaj and Sean Garrett) - Lil Freak


The next two slices of rad come courtesy of Miss Info. To start, we've got her Annie Lennox-sampling song, Your Love. The track will appear on her upcoming debut album which is coming out, um, when? Last but not least, she hops over to the Bionic world of Christina Aguilera and lets loose a lick of the whoa on her song WooHoo. Listen to this getting ready to go out, but definitely not on the loud at work. You've been warned.

mp3: Christina Aguilera (featuring Nicki Minaj) - WooHoo

mp3: Nicki Minaj - Your Love





Christina Aguilera - Not Myself Tonight (new video)

I think Christina Aguilera's naughty new visuals for single, Not Myself Tonight, can be characterized by my first reaction to the clip. S & oMg. Really...if you're at work, you should probably watch this behind closed doors, or at the very least, in a "shroud your monitor" sense, for all you cubicle-kids.




With a song produced by Polow Da Don and written by Ester Dean, Aguilera's lead single from forthcoming album, Bionic, gets a "riddled with raunch" video from director Hype Williams. While my jaw dropped a number of times during the initial viewing of it, repeated views lead me to believe that Xtina has fed right into what audiences expect from a song with lyrical content about "kissing on boys and girls" and a driving beat that lends your "nethers" to quivertown.


It's decent, nothing groundbreaking...and yes for all you who are claiming it's a blatant rip-off of Madonna's Human Nature, it's not a carbon copy, which is good enough for me...so cool your latex pants.




Kitty want some dirty sweaty men? Meow.


Kitty want some girl on girl bondange? Purr.


Kitty want a good pop song with an ok video that I'm gonna watch again now? Hisssss.




mp3: Christina Aguilera - Not Myself Tonight (Shahaf Moran Same Girl Remix)




Beastly Bits #2

I actually had this drafted and posted three (yes 3!) times yesterday, but some faulty tech issues had me scrap it all and starting over again today. Let's roll.


Breakfast is served. And it's super beefy, because both yesterday and today's bits are included.


Third Man Records will release 2 new Wanda Jackson singles; the first will be a cover of Amy Winehouse's You Know I'm No Good. Jackson plays Brooklyn's Knitting Factory on February 11. Tickets here.  

If you fancy yourself down under on Sunday, January 10, then I recommend you check out the Days Like This! festival. The lineup is massive and tickets are still available here.

Musician Kenna has developed the Summit on the Summit program, an initiative that strikes awareness on the clean water crisis. Artists and actors will climb Mt Kilimanjaro to raise funds. Santigold started her trek yesterday...follow her progress here.

Avian X unleashed a new remix of her 2009 hit, Dark Circles. The fix comes from Josh Harris and is available as a free download below.

LA-based electro doo-hop trio, Hyper Crush, are currently in the studio. Watch them in action here.

Last week, I exclusively debuted a new My Gold Mask track, which can be found on their stunning new EP, A Thousand Voices. Stream or download the release in full over here.

Want to win tickets to see Zambri, MNDR and Tayisha Busay at Glasslands on January 21? Enter here.

Ellie Goulding wins the BBC Sound of 2010 honor. No surprise here, but most well deserved.

The enigmatic YouTube user, iamamiwhoami, sprung forth with 2 viral videos yesterday. Some say it's an album teaser for Goldfrapp or Christina Aguilera. Either way, my interest is piqued! Watch the stunning clips here.

Check out a video of Ian McCulloch in the East Village Radio studio with Mark Ronson from the night I hosted back in December. Special intro by yours truly. Watch here.


mp3: Avian X - Dark Circles (Josh Harris Remix)


Christina Aguilera Reveals New Album Details and Title: Bionic

Ever since rumors began swirling early last year about Christina Aguilera's 4th studio album, this beast has been hot on the case to find out as much information as possible regarding the highly anticipate release.


Making it's way onto our BE[a]STS To Watch in 2010 list, the formerly "as-yet-untitled" album from Aguilera was a clear frontrunner for one of the new bits we're most excited about. Now, in an interview with Marie Claire (in which the songstress graces the cover of for February), she reveals that the albumw ill be titled Bionic


According to the magazine, the album's tentative first single is a Tricky Stewart-produced track called Glam, described as "a poppy, hip-hop inflected throwback to Madonna's Vogue. Other tracks include the "addictive electronic title track" and an ode to her son titled Lullaby, which is the result of Aguilera's studio sessions with Australian singer Sia.

Other confirmed tracks include: You Lost Me (co-written with Sia), Monday Morning (produced by Switch), Sex For Breakfast (produced by Noel Fisher and Focus), and Listen Up.

Christina Aguilera's Bionic is due out in March via RCA.


mp3: Diddy and Christina Aguilera - Tell Me (Switch Remix)

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