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Ciara - Gimmie Dat (Rye Rye & DJ Sega Remix)

Rye Rye's "eventual" debut album, Go! Pop! Bang!, is maybe, possibly, so we're told now due out on February 22. I guess she was also supposed to put out a mixtape in advance of her freshman offering, but that too, got the push back. RYEot PowRR (lol) might see daylight soon, but in anticipation of that, as well as the full length, we've got a cut from the unofficial spinner. It's hot. Album delays are not.


Rye rye


R-Squared teams up with DJ Sega for a remix of Ciara's Gimmie Dat.


Here in Beastonia, we really like the original, but we super totes love the remix.


Git it, gurl. Or gurls. And boyz.




mp3: Ciara - Gimmie Dat (Rye Rye and DJ Sega Remix)




Ciara (ft Ludacris) - Ride (So Shifty Remix)

Far be it from me to place blame on anyone (honestly, a Beast's got no room to judge given the sorts of material that flows freely within these pages), but um, you guys, WHY hadn't anyone given me a heads up that one of my favorite remixers, So Shifty, took a tasty turn on Ciara's Ride? I mean, c'mon...this is pertinent information that needs to be spread 'cross all outlets. Remedying this gross oversight, oh, right about now.




Aside from the fact that I rocked a pretty ridiculous mashup version of Ciara for my Halloween costume, which was in part Like a Boy, in part Ride, and in whole WTF, I've already long been a fan of that latter song and clip, but now thanks to the German gents' fix, we can add a new swivel hippin' piece of heat to our playlists.


Love this like I know you will.




mp3: Ciara (featuring Ludacris) - Ride (So Shifty Remix)




Bei Maejor (featuring Keri Hilson) - Gamez

Today's "just 'cause" post comes from Bei Maejor and Keri Hilson. The song is called Gamez, and it's got a nifty lil' Nintendo blip beat backing the sweet vocals of Ms. H and Mr. M, the latter of whom is fresh off his mix of Ciara's Ride.



Just cause I love Hilson so much...here's the song. Also, Maejor's doing some smooth work too. Not mad at this.


Plus, the Mario Bros. coin flip sound that bleeps out the "swears" in the chorus is 100% awesome.


mp3: Bei Maejor (featuring Keri Hilson) - Gamez



Ciara (featuring Black and Ludacris) - Oh (Remix)

Ladies and gentleman, beasts, boys and girls...here we have now today's  "just because" post. Why this song? And why at this moment in time?



It's been well a year+ since I've heard this version of the song and thought it was forever lost when my computer crashed. Thanks to an old cell phone with a memory card (as hoarded by my brother) we're writhing around to its radness right now.


Prior to his realizing the secret stash of electronic oldies, I had legitimately pulled every web search imaginable to locate this...so yeah, victory is ours.


And yours.


mp3: Ciara (featuring Black and Ludacris) - Oh (Remix) 


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