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Clock Opera - Once And For All (Little Loud Remix)

Remember how last week I basically lost my mind and wits thanks to the stunning new single, Once and For All, courtesy of Clock Opera? I was and still am and forever will be highly crushing on the remixes as well. And we're inviting you into our lovefest. 


Swoon season begins now, with Little Loud's official remix of the song.




mp3: Clock Opera - Once And For All (Little Loud Remix)




Clock Opera - Once and For All (new single and remixes!)

Christmas is a'comin' early thanks to the new single droppage from camp Clock Opera. That's just the figure of speech I felt compelled to use, because well, no it's not a holiday song, but it sure is one helluva package that will see an official release on November 1, via the Kitsune Maison label.


Clock opera


Once and For All gets properly tossed out in less than a month and snags Little Loud and Clive Tanaka for the remix rubdowns, which compliment the song ever so sweetly. The original is a twinkling tune that slowly builds until the 1:45 mark when singer Guy Connelly injects a perfectly sublime and emotional dose of falsetto vocals that air out over a warm and welcoming beat.


If I had the opportunity to ask these cats just one question, it would be "yo dudes, do you even KNOW how to make a bad song?" But then I'd get shushed away by their magical music making hands and rightfully so, because everything they touch turns to cochlear gold and should have no patience for my dumb inquiries.


Keep churning out them great cuts guys...I'll be listening and loving. 'Ear all three from the EP single here, or jump below to stream the original. So perfect.




Once And For All (Original_2010) by clockopera 






Aeroplane and Neon Indian Remixed Au Revoir Simone's Another Likely Story for Night Light

Night Light is the full on remix album of tracks from Au Revoir Simone's latest disc, Still Night, Still Light. It's due out July 5 via Moshi Moshi, we've already listened in (and loved on) Clock Opera's fix of Tell Me Why, and hooray, 'cause we get to dole out 2 more of the finished fixes to you today.



 On deck, we've got the reworked versions of Another Likely Story from Neon Indian and Aeroplane.


You may already have these in your repertoire, but hey, a little extra beastly love never hurt no one...no sir, no ma'am! Both remixes are fairly true to the original lyrical arrangement, but each outfit rubs up the jawn a little different. I can tell you which is my fave, my I wouldn't want to spoil the surprise of you hearing and deciding for yourself. What fun is that?


Pre-order Au Revoir Simone's' Night Light here.


mp3: Au Revoir Simone - Another Likely Story (Neon Indian Remix)

mp3: Au Revoir Simone - Another Likely Story (Aeroplane Remix)



Au Revoir Simone - Tell Me (Clock Opera Remix)

Is there anyone making prettier fix-ups than Clock Opera right now? Let me answer that for you. No. They're kind of killing it on all accounts, whether it be their original material, or the remixes they've churned out for Marina and the Diamonds, The Golden Filter and The Phenomenal Handclap Band. Thanks to an upcoming album, comprised entirely of Au Revoir Simone reworks, we get treated to more nice nice from the London quartet.



Au Revoir Simone, the Brooklyn-based synth trio, released their third studio album, Still Night, Still Light, just over a year ago. Earlier this year, they let loose information that they'd be releasing a remix album of their current offering. The new remix album, titled Night Light, will be released via Moshi Moshi on July 5.


The mixed package contains reworks by Neon Indian, Jens Lekman, Aeroplane, and the prior mentioned, Clock Opera. The latter's take on the originally song, which vegins quite haunting before working itself into a faster paced frolic, falls perfectly in line with everything they've trained our ears to expect...piano-driven arrangements with drum thrusts that complement the integrity of the song. (I'd be remiss to not give a nifty nod to NME. They had the exclusive on this; we're merely big beastly fans who've been serviced it after.)


Check out the entire Night Light track list below, then grab that mix. Demands...not requests.


1. Another Likely Story (Neon Indian Remix)
2. Shadows (Jens Lekman Remix)
3. All Or Nothing (Jensen Sportag Remix)
4. Knight Of Wands (Dam Mantle Remix)
5. The Last One (Mack Winston Dub Remix)
6. Trace A Line (Montag Remix)
7. Only You Can Make You Happy (Deradoorian remix)
8. Take Me As I Am (Max Cooper Remix)
9. Anywhere You Looked (Your Twenties Remix)
10. Organized Scenery (Bass Clef Remix)
11. We Are Here (Silver Columns Remix)
12. Tell Me (Clock Opera remix)
13. Another Likely Story (Aeroplane Remix)


mp3: Au Revoir Simone - Tell Me (Clock Opera Remix)



Be[a]st Remixes (Robyn, Example, Marina, etc...)

Shit shit shit (in the be[a]st way possible)...I cannot keep up. Shocker. While I've been paying close mind to compiling the heartiest and meatiest posts with a butt ton of info, sometimes the occasional "this post is simply to toss you a really great mix" piece gets thrown into the lot. And today, if each mixer and submission had his/her way, then I would never stop typing. Thus...compilation time.




First up...an exclusive debut for ya! Example's latest single, Kickstarts, is set to be released on June 13. With it comes mixes from Afrojacks, Bar9, Wideboys and Fenech-Soler, the latter of which we are 100% approving as the raddest and ready to get on your summer playlists.

mp3: Example - Kickstarts (Fenech-Soler Remix)


I may never post anything from Marina and the Diamonds again...because Clock Opera turns in one of the best fixes of anything you'll hear. Ever. 

mp3: Marina and the Diamonds - I Am Not A Robot (Clock Opera Remix)


I'm still thoroughly enamored with Robyn's Dancing On My Own, along with the other tracks from Body Talk Pt 1 that found themselves out on the net. But if it's something slightly more mainstream dancefloor ready to get you grooving, then gobble up Chew Fu 's mix of the track. Oooh we like this one.

mp3: Robyn - Dancing On My Own (Chew Fu Remix)


Buddy boy Redlight just blew my mind. Matching up Oliver Twizt with Daft Punk and Aretha Franklin, his mix of Another Step is something that can easily can go on repeat. And it shall.

mp3: Oliver Twizt (featuring Daft Punk) - Another Step (Redlight Remix)


Finally, GonZo is back with another mix and mash of the funkiest notions. Rihanna, meet Jocelyn Brown. Beasts, start dancing.

mp3: Rihanna vs Jocelyn Brown - Somebody Elses Rude Boy (GonZo 70s Reboot)




The Golden Filter - Hide Me (Clock Opera Remix)

Could this song get any more gorgeous? No, really. I'm asking you a question. Thankfully, Clock Opera has the answer to the query posed when surrounding The Golden Filter's stunning single, Hide Me. The original is taken from their upcoming (er...kind of) debut album Voluspa.


Already making a name for themselves with mixes for Phenomenal Hand Clap Band, and the soon to be unleashed mix of Marina and The Diamond's I Am Not a Robot, the four dudes scrubbed their sparkling wondrousness all over the Brooklyn band's spectacular track. It's like if you took the most beautiful sounds and had a rose-cheeked cherub gently place the soothing song directly into your ears. Job well done.

Also, in regards to the leak of their album, The Golden Filter went and did the raddest thing possible. Read on for the details.



Yes, our beloved debut album has been leaked...Such is life in the digital age, but a wise seeress could have seen it coming from miles away...


So the good news is that you can now pre-order VOLUSPA on CD (with a lovely 12 page booklet) or on Vinyl LP (a double record set) at our website and IMMEDIATELY receive the digital MP3 version, along with two bonus songs that are NOT on the album. Also included are a couple of unseen video teasers we made for 2 of the songs on the album.


20 random albums (CD and Vinyl) will also contain a personalized Polaroid photo that we took, and ownership of a unique star in the sky...seriously.


The Golden Filter"



mp3: The Golden Filter - Hide Me (Clock Opera Remix)

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