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Isa GT - Pela'O (Cocotaxi Remix)

It was just about a month ago when I started a daily rapid shimmy and shake session thanks to Isa GT's track Pela'O. The subsequent remixes, along with rad video that utilizes the Crookers' fix of the Cumbian jam, have become a staple of my "I'm hitting the wall at work, so let's play something to get me energized" goings ons. Day jobs...blech.



Today, we get to freshen up our routine, with a free new fix from Stockholm's Cocotaxi. Amping up the traditional horns and taking the scenic route through a vocal fix, the Swedish DJ churns out a glitchier switched up take on the track. It's all good and it's all rad.


It's perfect cause today is Cinco de Mayo...and while that's all sorts of Mexican, I'm sure you're soon to have enough cerveza in you to still enjoy this tasty dish. And how did we hear about this gem? Twitter, duh. 


Seriously, if you're still using Facebook and all that shizz? Adios...


mp3: Isa GT - PelaO (Cocotaxi Remix)


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