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Collective Efforts and Passion Pit - Sleepydream (Immuzikation Mix)

Let's say a hearty 2010 hello to Immuzikation! Back with a fistful of fiery power, the Athens, GA-based bro has more side projects and major collaborations that you can shake a stick at...and I'm here to simply act as a filtering tool to let you in on all the radness that he releases.


Last year, I swore off posting any Passion Pit mixes...the blogosphere simply became inundated with a plethora of "meh-not-so-good" mixes, yet they still found a rise to the top of playlists and DJ sets. Today, we spin a different yarn.


In a genre oversaturated with thugs, goons and auto-tune, Collective Efforts is trying to keep it true to their own style. Over the past five years, the CE Crew has made it’s mark on the Atlanta music scene and beyond by continuously delivering timeless classics for listeners thirsty for something different. Influenced by golden-era hip hop, jazz, 70s soul, reggae, funk and rock, each member brings something unique to the table that sets them apart from your average rap group. Enter Immuzikation. Here's what Collective Efforts has to say about the track you're about to love. Our friend, incredible DJ and musical genius Alfredo Lapuz, Jr., better known in the musical community as Immuzikation, blessed us with this incredible mash-up of The Dream (a track from the upcoming album featuring ATL’s own Senor Kaos) and Sleepyhead by indie giants Passion Pit. When I first opened this and heard it, it blew my mind. He does a great job of channeling an entirely different musical genre while somehow still keeping it true to the original version. A perfect blend! Have to say, I agree with all of those lovely words above. The smash is all yours below. Dividerline

mp3: Collective Efforts and Passion Pit - Sleepydream (Immuzikation Mix)

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