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Ke$ha - We R Who We R (new video!)







mp3: Ke$ha - We R Who We R (Cosmic Dawn Edit)




Last Night: Robyn Performs Dancing On My Own on Jimmy Fallon








mp3: Robyn - Indestructible (Cosmic Dawn Remix)




Rihanna - Only Girl (In The World) (Cosmic Dawn Radio Edit)

We already know I love the new direction Rihanna's heading in with some fresh and fun songs. On top of that, Cosmic Dawn has long been a mainstay within my writings, thanks to his upbeat jaunts through cuts we already love. He just makes 'em that much better, wetter, radder and right on.





And so goes the case with Cosmic Dawn's take on new single Only Girl (In The World), wherein he interpolates the key chords a bit and gives the song a much more uplifting feel about it.


And guess what? This may or may not be an official remix. JUST saying.


Yours, mine and ours below!




mp3: Rihanna - Only Girl (In The World) (Cosmic Dawn Radio Edit)




Beastly Bits #122

It's a beeeyooootiful morning in Beastonia. Gonna try this thing called "nobody gonna break-a my stride, cant nobody hold...me...down...". Oh no. I got to keep on moving...past all disgruntlers and lack of common sensers.



No dig at you, dear readers...bloggers got other jobs to maintain a beastly existence. Ok ok, enough gripes and enough Matthew Wilder lyrics. It's da bits!


Wyclef Jean may run for president of Haiti. link


M.I.A. might do a make-good free show for NYC HARD ticket holders. link


Caribou's new video for Sun is all kinds of amazing. link


Rihanna wants to do a "sexy duet" with Lady Gaga. Te Amo on Ma Ma Ma Poker Face? link


Latest guilty pleasure is Ne-Yo's Beautiful Monster, and our buddy Cosmic Dawn rubbed it over. Yours for free below.


mp3: Ne-Yo - Beautiful Monster (Cosmic Dawn Remix)




Rihanna - Rude Boy (Cosmic Dawn Remix)

Since first getting wind of Cosmic Dawn (see the dude's phenomenal fix of Donkeyboy's Ambitions here), I've been on a mission to find out more about the man behind the mixes that make me move like no other. Thankfully, the rad remixer hit me up with a message this morning that his latest offering is ready for all to enjoy. Monday morning win!


First, a bit about our enigmatic pal. CD hails from Norway, and is a multi-talented remixer, producer and DJ. He's tackled the likes of Kanye, David Guetta, and Rihanna once prior...which brings us to today's sweet gift.

Yep, Rude Boy. We've loved it in all various shapes, sizes, sounds and styels before, and now we've even more reason to get our "dutty whine" on, with Cosmic Dawn's disco-tinged hypermix of the song. There's a nifty guitar base holding the fix down, while the dude layers echoes and claps over the sped up original.

He's also thrown a slightly reworked video with his mix playing...so if you're in the mood to see Rihanna swivel her curves a little faster this morning, then get your watching on now.




mp3: Rihanna - Rude Boy (Cosmic Dawn Remix) 



Donkeyboy - Ambitions (new video and remixes!)

Oh Donkeyboy, how I love thee! Last year, many a traditional "pop-blogger" (along with my eclectical self), fell hard and fast for the Norwegian quintet and their mix of spunky electropop. Today, our love grows a little deeper and extremely more steadfast.


Mid-2009 saw the boys release a video for their single, Ambitions. The visuals documented a trip through Abicere Leprous, a fake new and fatal disease that is caused by giving up your, well, ambitions. You can watch the original flick here.

Now, the boys are back with a video that focuses more on their 80's synth-bed softness by paying tribute to the dancing erraticisms of the era. Featured chorus-vocalist, Linnea Dale*, also gets a healthy dose of screentime in the newly-released cinemascape.

Watch now!



* Linnea Dale, in case you were wondering, is only 18 years old, with the voice of someone well-trained and traveled beyond her years. 

Makes you feel old, right? Well here's something to perk you up then, in the form of remixes of Ambitions from Jaynorth and Cosmic Dawn. They swoop, soar and are equally sensational.



mp3: Donkeyboy - Ambitions (Jaynorth Remix)

mp3: Donkeyboy - Ambitions (Cosmic Dawn Remix)

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