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The Count & Sinden (featuring Bashy) - Addicted To You (new video!)

My jam!


With visuals now!






mp3: The Count and Sinden (featuring Bashy) - Addicted To You




The Count and Sinden (featuring Katy B) - Hold Me

Because we can't stop, we don't stop, and we won't stop giving Katy B enough props here in the Beastonia-files, the lil' lady gets some more love today, thanks to a new jawn with super-producers, The Count & Sinden. The dudes' debut album, Mega Mega Mega, just came out yesterday, and aside from already rad tracks like After Dark (featuring Mystery Jets), the entire compilation is a who's who of new voices you need to know and love...much like Ms. B.



The song is Hold Me. The song is aces. The album is out now.

Mega Mega Mega WIN.



mp3: The Count and Sinden (featuring Katy B) - Hold Me


The Count and Sinden (featuring Mystery Jets) - After Dark (Buraka Som Sistema Remix)

Given the fact that I've repeatedly spun out and about, dancing down the sidewalks to The Count & Sinden's Mystery Jets-featuring song, After Dark, it's only fair that I let in the south-of-the-border stepbrother to the original tune, because it's equally as effervescent. One, two, mambo, go!



This official mix comes courtesy of Buraka Som Sistema, and did somebody say "AY AY WEIRDO CARNIVALE!", because I'm so ready to jump on a funky little congo line and get my hips hopping. Oooh yeah, this is fresh, and further wets my whistle in anticipation of the duo's debut album, Mega Mega Mega, due out later this month.


Also, can we please get a full on advance of that Katy B song y'all did with her? Ish gon' be a firestarter!


Grab this concoction of three polarizing genres below...which somehow works out aces.


mp3: The Count and Sinden (ft Mystery Jets) - After Dark (Buraka Som Sistema Remix)




The Count & Sinden (featuring Mystery Jets) - After Dark (new video!)

This is quickly becoming one of my favorite songs of the year. After hearing the collaboration track, After Dark, from The Count & Sinden with Mystery Jets, earlier this month, it went, without a shred of doubt, on repeat as if that was its intended play sequence. We spun it last week on EVR's Belly of the Beast, and hell, we're probably going to toss it on tomorrow night's live broadcast again, cause we just dig it that much.



The song is out August 16.


The album (Mega, Mega, Mega) is out August 23.


The video for After Dark is out now.




mp3: The Count and Sinden - Elephant 1234 



The Count & Sinden (ft Mystery Jets) - After Dark

After a solid set of years collaborating on tracks and producing for bigga names, The Count & Sinden are finally releasing their debut long-player. It's been a bit of time coming, but judging from the first track featuring London lads, Mystery Jets, it sounds like it's'a be well worth that wait.



After Dark will see an official release on August 16, one week prior to the debut album, Mega, Mega, Mega. The single will host remixes from Buraka Som Sistema, Oliver Twizt and the hotly-tipped up-and-comers C.R.S.T. The full length gets collaby-love from Bashy, Trackademicks, Rye Rye and more.


Grab both the original (radio rip) and the C.R.S.T mix of After Dark after the album track list. If you want to preview Mega, Mega, Mega, give a listen to the 4-minute album minimix here.


1. Do You Really Want It (feat. Trackademicks)
2. After Dark (feat. Mystery Jets)
3. Desert Rhythm
4. Hardcore Girls (feat. Rye Rye)
5. Roll Out (feat. 77 Klash)
6. Elephant 1234
7. Hold me (feat. Katy B)
8. Mega
9. Addicted To You (feat. Bashy)
10. Panther
11. Llamamé (feat. Coolio Iglesias)
12. You Make Me Feel So Good



mp3: The Count and Sinden (featuring Mystery Jets) - After Dark (C.R.S.T Remix)

mp3: The Count and Sinden (featuring Mystery Jets) - After Dark [radio rip]




Mark Ronson & The Business INTL - Bang Bang Bang (new video!)

Once again, let me stress...Mark Ronson is going to have album of the year cred flying all over your face in the place. Also fellow writers and friends, can we please acknowledge the correct titling of this project? It's Mark Ronson & The Business INTL, not "dudeman featuring this person, that person, my friend and yours..." Sure, individual tracks have a ton of guests, guys and gals on 'em, but c'mon, let's get it right and get it tight all together now! #endrant #ilikeaccuracy



Having already loved up on the single, Bang Bang Bang, which hosts MNDR and Q-Tip on the vocal stylings, Ronson's won over every playlist I'm creating for summertime soirees and such. Totally perfect in every way possible.


Now, there's visual radness to accompany the excellent song, and Mark's gone the Japanese interview show route via French dialogue, cut out lazer shapes and some dancing from kids that look cooler than most. Definitely enjoyable, highly entertaining, and there's even a nod to Nutella and JOhn McEnroe thrown in for good comedic measure.


Watch, and love, the clip below. Mark Ronson & The Business INTL's Bang Bang Bang will be out in a limited release 12" vinyl on July 11. Remixes come courtesy of Russ Chimes, Count & Sinden and SBTRKT. Pre-order here




mp3: Mark Ronson and The Business INTL - Bang Bang Bang (Count and Sinden Tribal Horn Remix) 



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