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Katy B - Louder

London's firecracker, Katy B, is on somewhat of a hot streak, thanks to super support from the dudes on the RinseFM tip, like Geeneus, Benga and Zinc. The latter's provided her with the greatest present in the form of a twinkling into twurking arrangement, in which she waxes her woes over said slinky tones. The song is Louder. Or as I like to call it, "oh you know, that one song I play about 25 times a day". Pretty sure you'll agree with that sentiment.



Everything starts off pretty stat quo with lovely vocals and a sprinkling of shiny accoutrements, and then the :40 mark hits and off we slide into a wobbly and bass-y kick in the pants. It's like rubber room radness and I'm bouncing off the walls...cause this underlining has got me in "ol' crazy beast" mode. 


I shall continue to play this many more times with no end in sight. Best. Song. Today.


Video is new too...so check out Ms. B kickin' shit with her girls. Aces.




mp3: Katy B - Louder




DJ Zinc (Featuring Ms Dynamite) - Wile Out (new video!)

Long known for his signature drum and bass style, DJ Zinc has, as of late resorted to classifying his dubthumping tracks as "crack house". Fitting descriptor, because this song has me both addicted and suffering from a severe case of the sweaty shakes.


With a new single out on February 8, featuring Ms Dynamite, Zinc returns to the top of my playlist with his imperative plea to Wile Out. Watch now and let the rubbery-dubbery radness move you!




mp3: DJ Zinc (Featuring Ms Dynamite) - Wile Out  

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