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Creep (featuring Nina Sky) - You (new video!)


Love 'em all. Great new song and striking fresh visuals from Creep and Nina Sky.








CREEP Guest DJ Set on EVR's Belly of the Beast Tonight

Dudes... my weekly radio show is about to get all sorts of weird and wild tonight, when the super duo of Lauren Flax and Lauren Dillard, aka CREEP, hit the East Village Radio studio for an interview and exclusive guest DJ set.


Creep beast


I was going to write more, but shit, I already took care of that HERE. Hooray for double duty.


Listen live starting at 8pm ET tonight.



CREEP (featuring Romy Madley Croft) - Days (Deadboy Remix)





CREEP: Dark and Daring at Knitting Factory

Known in many circles and on countless dance floors are Lauren Flax and Lauren Dillard, the two disc-spinners have been prepping everyone's ears for their latest project, CREEP, by tossing out teaser vids, remixes and blasting the digitial world with previews of their live debut. As part of Northside Festival, the pair took the stage on Friday night at Knitting Factory...cloaked, colored and ready to creep us out.



Shrouded in black hooded robes with face paint to match, the duo soared through a journey of lights and imagery, soundtracked by their spooky blend of trip-hop and cinematic tones. There's an indefinably touching quality about what you hear throughout their set...something best experienced live and not done justice by my words.


Chalk it up to the gals' vast musical talents, but this is the perfect way to get bone-chillingly freaked the hell out.


Live footage from CREEP's set is below a few more pictures, of which the full gallery can be viewed here.








mp3: Baghdaddy - Hot Shit (CREEP Remix) 



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