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The Good The Bad - 030

I had a serious internal struggle in deciding whether or not to post the new video for The Good The Bad's single, 030. I had tweeted about it earlier in the week after it had first been revealed, and while I still can't, in good conscience, find the nerve to post the clip within these pages, you will find the link to watch it below. Call me cowardly, but maybe after you find yourself squirming in your chair whilst viewing, you'll understand my need to keep it kinda PG 'round these parts.





Backing up a bit... The Good The Bad are a trio of Danish rockers, bent on bringing a new breed of surf and flamenco rock to a fresh school of thought. Their all-instrumental tracks pair a lead and baritone guitar with a staunch drummer, and while they rely on the music rather than any vocals, it's definitely solid ground that TGTB are standing on. Think Dale & His Del-Tones' Miserlou, meets all of Link Wray's catalog, with a touch of The Kills' arrangements backing 'em up. In other words, oh hell yes!


Their long-awaited debut album, From 001 to 017, comes out on October 25, and features the bonus track, 030, which immediately turned my ear up and on to their intensely cinematic and characterizing tones. The video, directed by Jeppe Kolstrup, well that's also of the initiative of "turning one out"...


...and here's why. Reminder: this is extremely NSFW. You've been warned.




mp3: The Good The Bad - 030



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