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This Happened: 3rd Annual Brooklyn Electronic Music Fest (BEMF) Took the Night in Williamsburg

Sure it wasn't the summertime soiree we'd grown accustomed to over the past two years, but the 3rd Annual Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival (BEMF), with its new December date and stages split between neighboring venues Public Assembly and Music Hall of Williamsburg, still managed to usher in local 'lectro-heads, lovers and artists alike for one night. And hey, the new wintertime placement? We dig and dug it, considering 3 changes of tank tops were not needed and left in the drawers of Beastonia. But hey, let's talk about the music we saw! 




First up, we caught local duo, French Horn Rebellion, an act that we'd had every intention of catching live sooner than later, but finally got to experience during the fest. Taking the Music Hall stage just after 10pm, we had our reservations, considering their recorded material falls in the "oh this is good, but not something I'll go back to on the reg..." line, however, the live show that brothers Robert and David put on is worth the wonder. Energetically involving the crowd, the performance was a flurry of keys, horns and spastically awesome dance moves. Rad stuff.


Javelin, another pair of dudes, were up next at Public Assembly and sure we've seen 'em before, but this might've been the first go 'round in which we saw the crowd sing every word to each kazooed song, leaving the candy raver kids' smiles so mega bright, that their pearlies could have powered a small generator. Post-set, we caught a hot minute of Blu Jemz doing his deck work before jumping back to MHoW for the CREEP set. Flax and Dillard dropped Ciara's Ride once again, and yeah, it slayed me so good for the second time.


Brief break in the action to catch up with old and new friends before hitting PubAss once more for my most anticipated set of the evening: a 1:00am live stage performance by Torontonians, Azari & III. From the first seconds after Dinamo and Alixander (along with the fashionable vocalists and voguers, Syf and Fritz Helder) took to the tunes, the venue became an early 90s lounged out house room, complete with randoms on the bump and grind grip, hands in the air and a general sense of straight vibing. Well known players like Reckless With Your Love and Hungry for the Power tantalized the crowd with deep bass and booty bouncing rumbles. Hands down the anticipated highlight we expected it to be. I want more of this in my life... immediately. Perfect way to cap off another successful BEMF experience.


For the entire gallery of images, please visit here, or find a few choice cuts below, as well as video of Azari & III doing the damn thing.











mp3: Azari and III - Reckless WIth Your Love (DJ Hoff Do Over Blend)

mp3: Azari and III - Into the Night (Nicolas Jaar Remix)




September - Resuscitate Me (new song and video!)

Ummm you guys! Robyn and Lykke Li are not the only Swedish pop stars I swoon for. And while September has had nowhere near the crossover success that the former two have had in the States, she still gets a lot of attention in her homeland...and from my beastly "thoughts to fingers to paper/post" writings. See, I've loved up on her big room banger with a sweet voice style for years, and getting word that she's got a new single and video is like, muah, adding extra sugar on this heaping pile of pleasured guilt I have for her music.




New song is called Resuscitate Me, and it bangs, in that "oh tee hee look at me I'm a Euro popstar that can't quite afford Guetta, but this still makes nerds like Sheena Beaston get buckwild" kind of way.


There is also a new video for it.


I may have also played this on repeat for the past 41 minutes. No lie.




mp3: September - Resuscitate Me




Rui Da Silva (ft Cassandra) - Touch Me

Yep, I am really feeling this throwback classic right about now.


Touch me


That is all.




mp3: Rui Da Silva (featuring Cassandra) - Touch Me




Yves Larock and Tony Sylla (featuring Tara McDonald) - Girl

I like this song way more than I probably should or ever had anticipated.


But sometimes, you just gotta say "buck it, let's dance!"




mp3: Yves Larock and Tony Sylla (ft Tara McDonald) - Girl




MEN Announce Next Single, Tour Dates and Debut Album Details

New single? Off Our Backs. New tour? UK dates only. New/debut album? Talk About Body, due out in early 2011. And that, dear beasts, is what's going on in the world of MEN these days. All of which, makes me a very happy girl this morning. Let's talk more about the info...and more 'bout 'dem bodies and backs!




JD, Ginger and Michael are releasing Off Our Backs as their next single, and even though it's the first foray I'd had in to the listening pleasures of this trio, it's still just as current and relevant and awesome...and it's seeing it's proper release on November 1. The packages come prepped as below...


7" Vinyl 
A1. Off Our Backs 
B1. Off Our Backs (Jeppe's Money Is A Major Issue Remix)

Digital Bundle 
1. Off Our Backs (Album version)
2. Off Our Backs (Jeppe's Money Is A Major Issue Remix)
3. Off Our Backs (Lemonade Remix)
4. Off Our Backs (Steven Bloodbath Remix)

To coincide with the release, the troupe is hitting the UK for a short jaunt through the countryside, and here are the dates you need to know if you wanna catch 'em live.
And finally, MEN will release their debut album, Talk About Body, in the "close to beginning of 2011" portion of the impending year.
I'm high fiving myself all day today in anticipation of this release!





Rihanna - Who's That Chick

Well looky here...one day left of the season, and I now have my official summa jam. Sure there's been ruminations of rad tracks that were contending for my top spot, but I held out...and thankfully did so, because Rihanna's new song hits all the right buttons. Yep, I'm going there.




After last week's official release of new single, Only Girl (in the World), which I also love like a boss, another dance-ifiably awesome new tune (Who's That Chick) surfaced, complete with a colorfully janky new video to boot. Now, the Barbadian beauty has taken to her twitter account to note that this leaked visual and audial output was shot in conjunction with Doritos, to help promote the brand, and is in no part related to upcoming album, Loud, although the production value and credit of David Guetta would immediately lend one to believe otherwise.


So let's get this straight. Two of my most favorite things in the world are joining forces. CHIPS and TRASHY POP BANGERS. I approve wholeheartedly. 


The song is such a fun slice of awesome that it was constantly on repeat here in Beastonia over the weekend, I made friends listen via miPod and headphones even when out on the town and it's legitimately that one fun fix of a number that I'd been hoping to hear throughout the summer.


Who's That Chick is 100% Beaston approved...the video, well, that's another story. But you can decide on that for yourself below.








mp3: Rihanna - Only Girl (in the World)

mp3: Rihanna - Whos That Chick




Jamiroquai's White Knuckle Ride Gets Remixed by Penguin Prison and Monarchy

What a way to start this gorgeous Friday morning! The weather is absolutely bananas beautiful in NYC, and the temperature is starting to rise thanks to two remixes of Jamiroquai's newest cut, White Knuckle Ride. The original song will be included on the band's forthcoming seventh studio album, Rock Dust Light Star, which will see a proper release in November (at least in the UK, while we still await the US out date).



As mentioned, the new song is floating around in a few different iterations, but today, I'm on the edge of my seat with anticipation because I simply cannot wait for you to grab these two fine fixes. Coming courtesy of two of my most favorite "newer-ish" beasts of approval, Penguin Prison and Monarchy handle the remixing reigns, and they do it with class, finesse, and disco pop beats for days.


They are both free for you and me. They are both delicious and yummy. They are the hotness!


Get 'em now!


mp3: Jamiroquai - White Knuckle Ride (Monarchy Remix)

mp3: Jamiroquai - White Knuckle Ride (Penguin Prison Remix)





Recap: Scissor Sisters Get Super Hot, and a Little Sweaty, at Terminal 5

Sporting lots of leather and no lace, Scissor Sisters returned to their hometown of New York City last night, and took Terminal 5 on a tour of their biggest hits, spanning three full-length albums which culminated in their most recent, and strongest, release, Night Work. And work the night, and the stage, they did.


Scissor sisters_terminal 5_1

Starting with the title track from said album, the entrance to the stage proved precisely what was in store for the predominantly male, and seemingly way oversold crowd. Lights, latex and limber moves abounded as Jake Shears and Ana Matronix shared vocal duties over the course of the evening, pairing up for calisthenics during Any Which Way and Whole New Way, the first of which you can catch video of below.


Small players Del Marquis and Baby Daddy take an obvious back seat to the glitz and glamour of the two frontspair, but their musical finessings proved easy to swallow, and ultimately outshone the vocals on a number of the songs. Crowd energy hit a peaked high when the troupe launched into debut hit, Take Your Mama Out, after Ana and Co. dedicated it to all the families, including their own, in the audience.


Working the night in the most sensual way, Scissor Sisters were welcomed back home with wide open, and spirited arms.


View full set of images from the show here. Video of Any Which Way is below a few choice pictures and the set list.


Scissor sisters_terminal 5_2

Scissor sisters_terminal 5_3

Scissor sisters_terminal 5_4

Scissor sisters_terminal 5_5

Night Work
Any Which Way
She’s My Man
Something Like This
Whole New Way
Tits on the Radio
Harder You Get
Running Out
Take Your Mama
Kiss You Off
I Don’t Feel Like Dancin’
Skin Tight
Skin This Cat
Fire With Fire
Paul McCartney
Night Life

Comfortably Numb
Invisible Light
Filthy Gorgeous



mp3: Scissor Sisters - Any Which Way (7th Heaven Club Mix) 



Donna Summer - To Paris With Love (new single!)

Oh honey children, I am not opposed to getting down to some rad new glittery rubs courtesy of the mirror-ball queen, Donna Summer. The breathy-vocalist is back after a short hiatus since her 2008 album, Crayons, and new single, To Paris With Love, is hot on the upswing of disco lounge sultriness. The song has just come out and can be purchased here. Approved!



On her latest single To Paris With Love, Donna brings to life the feelings, the passions, the love affair she has for the the City of Lights, the dazzling world capital of romance, culture, fashion and style.   Audiences will be taken on a musical journey into the seductive sounds and flavors of that versatile and ever-evolving city, Paris. With this track, Donna has returned to the influences that have helped shape her career, which began in Europe and where she has always felt at home.  "I wanted to give my fans something special and exciting for the summer, and I couldn’t think of a better theme than the glamour and allure of Paris," says Donna. "I want people to feel transported, whether they're listening on the dance floors of Ibiza or on their headphones at work.  The idea is to let them escape into that magic world."


Her voice and lyrics echo the warm hazy feeling that can always be found in her music, so as she sings, "If you're looking for love, then you've got to go to Paris", you'll go right there with her.


To Paris With Love is co-written by Donna and Bruce Roberts, and is produced by Peter Stengaard. Remixers include: Wictor Mysliwiec and Michal Bojanowic (WAWA), Eddie Amador, Craig Christensen, Jonathan Mendelsohn, DJ DLG and Automatic Panic. (via)


mp3: Donna Summer - To Paris With Love (WAWA Radio Edit)

mp3: Donna Summer - To Paris With Love



Last Night: Musical Selections on So You Think You Can Dance's Finale Performance Show

Last night marked the finale dance episode of So You Think You Can Dance. The results and winner will be announced tonight, but not before I weigh in a bit on the musical selections from the evening's routines, much like I've done in the past few weeks. Quite the scattering of new and old, with a little dose of the classics tossed in for good measure, and the festivities saw everything from a Leonard Bernstein tune to Kanye West's Power get the foot-moving treatment.



Overall, the show was solid, with the top 3 dancers (Lauren, Robert and Kent), performing with each other, an all-star and a solo. Nearly all the routines garnered praise from the judges, and it's left in the hands of callers to determine season 7's winner. 


A highlight was both Kent and Allison's and then Robert and Lauren's contemporary pieces, but you know me and you know I love my hip-hop, so the dance done to Yeezy's current single is below in video form. So strong!


Now, a list of all the songs used in last night's episode.


florence + the machine's dog days are over used in this "look at their journey" montage

kent and lauren doing a bollywood routine to om bangala by kambahhkt ishq

lauren and twitch dance hip-hop to kanye west's power

robert and mark dance jazz to devo's whip it

kent dances solo to train's the finish line

lauren and robert dance contemporary to cinematic orchestra's that home

lauren and kent dance jazz to huey lewis and the news' hip to be square

robert dances solo to the postal service's the district sleeps alone tonight

kent and allison dance contemporary to joshua radin's sundrenched world (live session)

lauren dances solo to mary j blige's i'm goin' down

robert and kathryn dance broadway to cool from west side story

lauren and pacha dance the cha-cha to christina aguilera's not myself tonight

kent and robert dance the malevos to taylor long's the chosen/addict



mp3: The Postal Service - The District Sleeps Alone Tonight



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