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Video Recap: Mad Decent's Block Party in NYC

After posting yesterday's full on coverage from this past weekend's Mad Decent Block Party in New York City, I realized that I shot video during the course of the day, but woops, forgot to include the clips in said rundown of the event. 



In turn, here are three videos from the affair: one from Das Racist (featuring Leif) doing Jungle Fever, Bosco Delrey shredding on guitar, and Ricky Blaze getting the girls to go wild for Keep it Goin' Louder.








mp3: Bosco Delrey (featuring 77Klash) - Round N Round




Recap: Mad Decent's Block Party in NYC

Perfect weather and a swarm of great friends sprinkled with the obligatory tween-to-twenty ratio caliber crowd hit the South Street Seaport for Mad Decent's Block Party in New York City this past Saturday, August 7. And while it wasn't so much as a block of partying, rather a pier-full of the get downs, that didn't stop the sweat from flying, the feet from dancing and a lineup of the label's mates and pals from bringing their own blend of fun in the summer sun.



With a lineup boasting Das Racist, POPO, Eli Escobar, Paul Devro, Maluca, Bosco Delrey and Max Glazer (with special guests Jasmine Solano, Mr. Lexx, Telli, Ricky Blaze and Chelley), there was a nonstop onslaught of freaked out funkiness all afternoon long. While the goings seemed to start slow, Pier 17 eventually became a wave of teaming youngsters, eager to make contact with the artists, as well as crowd surf...nonstop. 


Highlights of the day included the break-dancing grandma, Mr. Lexx's grumbling tiger-purr vocals and performance, as well as high-fiving all of our really good pals who came out and kicked it for a good chunk of the day. Big ups to Mad Decent, Jelly and Diesel for tossing together a wild time.


Full set of pictures from the party can be viewed here.









mp3: Das Racist - Jungle Fever




Penguin Prison - Animal Animal (Live on XFM)


It's not all remixes and club thumpers here in the land of the Beast. Sure we've been known to toss a few slow jams, country crooners' tunes and acoustically sentimental cuts out every now and again, and today is no different. Our current crush is Penguin Prison, and rightfully so. With an undeniably awesome "how does he continue to crank out perfect pop songs" appeal, he's got us by the heartstrings with a live rendition of his first foray into our world.



First up, did you know that Penguin Prison, aka Chris Glover, is making his debut performance next week here in NYC? Yeah, he is. Joining Bad Brilliance, Das Racist and Solid Gold, Glover hits Mercury Lounge on April 8. (tickets here) Also, London gets lucky when the dude hits the town on April 21 and 23. Killer.


Now for this sweet premiere. Glover recently jumped on XFM to do a little talk and tune. We're psyched to give you his acoustic live rendition of Animal Animal.




mp3: Penguin Prison - Animal Animal (Live on XFM)


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