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Don Diablo (featuring Dragonette) - Animale (new single, video and remix!)

Honest to goshness, Don Diablo was a big player in Beastonia about two solid years ago...and maybe it was me just getting my blog legs underneath me and getting excited that someone actually wanted to debut material with me...in which case he kind of fell off my radar, cause well, shit started sounding generic. But he gots the remedy to that now, because he wisely teamed up with hot Canadian trio, Dragonette, for his new single, Animale, and all prior missteps be never spoken of again, cause this is super hot. So let's pretend this is the first we've ever heard of the DJ/producer, and "OMG y'all, what an amazing debut!" Jokes aside, here we go...




For the line "stamp your hind legs, get behind me..." alone, this song is certifiably Beaston-approved. Also, the entire arrangement and lyrical content is pure pop bonkers and enjoyable in the same breath.


Video for the song is out now, it makes no sense, but it gives you another chance to listen to the tune. I think it's something to do with ravecave kids making out and tripping out on orange slices, kind of like a bad peewee soccer game at halftime, yeah? Whatever. Datsik's remix is yours to gobble up wit yo animal fangs too.


If you're in the Netherlands, buy the single officially on iTunes.






mp3: Don Diablo (featuring Dragonette) - Animale (Datsik Remix)

mp3: Don Diablo (featuring Dragonette) - Animale




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