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David Guetta & Akon vs Wonderland Band - Paradise Bitch (GonZo 70s Reboot)

This is the most perfect way to start your weekend, a LONG weekend for some of who get off of work to celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Or Merry Malcolm Xmas, as I like to call it. Regardless, I played my boy GonZo's reboot of David Guetta, Akon and Wonderland Band all mashed together, last night on Belly of the Beast. It was a smashing success, and now you can re-enact your own radio radness by grabbing the cut below.




This, naturally, is Beaston approved.


In the biggest most raddest most disco fantastic way.




mp3: David Guetta & Akon vs Wonderland Band - Paradise Bitch (GonZo 70s Reboot)




Martin Solveig (featuring Dragonette) - Hello (Dada Life Remix)

Mind bending face melter. And I needn't say much more.




Martin Solveig once again hooks up with Dragonette for the song, Hello, (the first being Boys & Girls last year) and sure enough, the results are aces. Like tennis, see...puns!


With a handful of big namers coming in on the remix tip, it's Dada Life who's hoisting the trophy here at center court in Beastonia, but if you want to hear the others, hit the following links to 'ear 'em all.


Bassjackers // Sidney Samson // David Guetta // Michael Woods




mp3: Martin Solveig (featuring Dragonette) - Hello (Dada Life Remix)




Rihanna - Who's That Chick

Well looky here...one day left of the season, and I now have my official summa jam. Sure there's been ruminations of rad tracks that were contending for my top spot, but I held out...and thankfully did so, because Rihanna's new song hits all the right buttons. Yep, I'm going there.




After last week's official release of new single, Only Girl (in the World), which I also love like a boss, another dance-ifiably awesome new tune (Who's That Chick) surfaced, complete with a colorfully janky new video to boot. Now, the Barbadian beauty has taken to her twitter account to note that this leaked visual and audial output was shot in conjunction with Doritos, to help promote the brand, and is in no part related to upcoming album, Loud, although the production value and credit of David Guetta would immediately lend one to believe otherwise.


So let's get this straight. Two of my most favorite things in the world are joining forces. CHIPS and TRASHY POP BANGERS. I approve wholeheartedly. 


The song is such a fun slice of awesome that it was constantly on repeat here in Beastonia over the weekend, I made friends listen via miPod and headphones even when out on the town and it's legitimately that one fun fix of a number that I'd been hoping to hear throughout the summer.


Who's That Chick is 100% Beaston approved...the video, well, that's another story. But you can decide on that for yourself below.








mp3: Rihanna - Only Girl (in the World)

mp3: Rihanna - Whos That Chick




Kelis - Acapella (new video!)

Yes, yes, yes. Kelis released the video for Acapella, the David Guetta-produced powerhouse jam that's been causing a sweatstorm or two on the regular here in Beastonia. And if you thought you loved the song with no visuals, let's give this a go and tell me you don't love it even more. Go ahead. I'll wait.


Tribal, dancey, snowstormy, and splashes of color like a crayon box exploded...and I'm in love. Kelis' son, Knight, whom she wrote the song about, also appears at the end of the video, strapped to his mum's back. 

Want to watch the video? Then do so below. Kelis' Flesh Tone will be out June 22 in the States with an earlier release on May 17 over in the UK. Lucky chaps.



mp3: Kelis - Acapella (Dave Aude Remix)  


Kelis (featuring David Guetta) - Scream and Shout

By all methods of self-constraint, I struggled to keep this one under wraps. The cool kids over at Idolator have the scoop, so respectfully, I'm borrowing a bit of info from them. Nothing but love!


With an upcoming album, FleshTones, Kelis has been spilling little drops of infgormation surrounding the project. One thing known is that super DJ and producer, David Guetta, is on board behind the songstress' sandy vocal sounds. Read on for more...


We know the following: 1. Earlier this week, he mentioned he was working on another song the album, but was, as yet, uncompleted 2. Scream and Shout is listed on the FleshTones wiki page as an official album cut 3. Kelis has mentioned that her main goal with this album is to make “people want to dance again. I want people to sweat. I want people to enjoy the way things used to be, the debaucherous nights that you try to forget about in the morning." Color me beyond ecstatic!


mp3: Kelis (Featuring David Guetta) - Scream And Shout


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