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Hussle Club - Quaranteenagers (video debut!)

One time, me and my pal Terry, nee Prince Terrence, aka the frontman for local troupe Hussle Club, were out at a party and we looked at each other and remarked that we might, in fact, be the physical recalculation of one another in male and female form regarding style and schwagger. Only major difference, aside from the obvious anatomicals, is that PT is a ridiculously rad singer and songwriter who kills in every sense of the artistic word. Me? I'm just a nerd who writes a blog.




Hussle Club's got a pretty kickin' song in Quaranteenagers. And now there's an accompanying new video to boot.


Let's get to it... no clones were harmed in the process.






mp3: Hussle Club - Loose Tights (Star Eyes Remix)



Deee-Lite - Groove Is In The Heart (Gigamesh Remix)


Blimey, this song really just won't ever go out of style, now will it? And yes, that's meant in an endearingly rad terminological way. Currently, and what with our buddy boy Gigamesh on the remix rub, there's even more reason to bring Deee-Lite's Groove Is In The Heart, back to the forefront of all your cochlear pleasures. It's so intense! *




This sweet fix from the Minneapolite Miamian comes complete with wicked warped vocals and a funkier-than-art-thou bass'n'beat which is 100% Beaston approved. We cheated and played it live on Belly of the Beast a few weeks back, but that was the preview version that was floating around. Today, we are being officially leigt.


* PS, that intense comment from above? That's akin and regarding his impending EP which is gonna drop, oh... some time I guess. But you should for sure listen to the song of that name in the streamer below. And yes, the "It's So Intense" is definitely in relation to THIS.


So perfect.



Gigamesh [Self-titled EP] by GIGAMESH 



mp3: Deee-Lite - Groove Is In The Heart (Gigamesh Remix)



I'm Flashy, Pigeons & Planes and Sheena Beaston Present: Rai Knight's Self-Portrait Mixtape

Together with the superior skills and thrills of buddy sites, I'm Flashy and Pigeons and Planes, I'm super jazzmatazzed to reveal our tri-hosting of the brand new mixtape from a Beaston-fave in Rai Knight. You want the goods? Cause you're gonna get 'em!




With a little funk and a lot of soul, Rai returns to Beastonia with a 7-cut offer that's available on the fre and it's something we suggest you get in on now. Having already revealed her Black Milk cover of Without U, the track anchors the short and super stellar Self-Portrait mixtape that showcases a skill set we've been heralding for some time. Grab it in full, here.


Rai Knight - Self-Portrait Mixtape Track List
1. I Can Move Your Heart
2. My Verdict
3. Persistence
4. We've Been Thru
5. Thank You Vengeance
6. The Sweetness
7. Without U


Little treat below too. Oooh yeah!




mp3: Rai Knight - I Can Move Your Heart




James Delay - I Am Error (new song!)

You know what we really like? Good music. Loaded answer? Sure. But when it comes to newbie, James Delay, there's really no other option than to classify his gentle touches as really really good great music. Seriously beasts. And with the advent of a new song, which we're happy to debut here, well, shit. We let Delay's ditties do the talking.




The new song is called I Am Error


The new song is a seductive slink through an instrumentally sonic scape that makes us feel some real feelings, much like his last tune, Howl, sent us through. This kid's got the goods.


And you can get 'em below. 'Em being the goods. The goods being this new jam.




mp3: James Delay - I Am Error




CockNBullKid - Hold On to Your Misery (Dreamtrak Diamond Sound Remix)

You heard the exclusive world premiere of the Dreamtrak Diamond Sound Remix of CockNBullKid's next single, Hold On to Your Misery, on East Village Radio's Belly of the Beast earlier tonight, and now you can download the track for free.




We're all winners!




mp3: CockNBullKid - Hold On to Your Misery (Dreamtrak Diamond Sound Remix)



MNDR, BEMF and CNBK on EVR's Belly of the Beast Tonight

How's that for a damn post title? It's like, "hey ILU IRL LOL WTF NBD". And if you can't understand anything I'm spitting at you right now, then let me make it a little bit easier.




I have a radio show. You already knew that. 


What you didn't know is that I have a HUGE night planned, with MNDR live in studio, a special BEMF preview session and, AND I'm world premiering a new CockNBullKid song, which you can download for free as soon as the show ends.


More details here.




mp3: Penguin Prison - Golden Train (Kim Fai Radio Edit)




Premiere: Oh Land's EP Cover Art

Sure there's a ton of new albums ready to burst forth and everyone's clamoring to get hot new tracks, exclusives and the like, but here in Beastonia, I want everything and anything to do with what's going on in camp Oh Land. That said, her album art is getting it's proper outing tomorrow, but thanks to our buddies behind the curtains, we get to toss you it a day early. People rule. Oh Land rocks. And this album art is all sorts of gorgeous amazing.


Oh land cover art


Oh Land's self-titled EP is out October 19 via Epic.


You'd be smart to get in on this one.




mp3: Oh Land - Sun of a Gun (Savage Skulls Remix)




Blue Sky Black Death - Carl Sagan (new video!)


If you don't know who Blue Sky Black Death are, then let this be the ultimate intro for you. BSBD have made beats for members of Wu Tang, Hieroglyphics, Jean Grae and many more hip-hop tinged aficionados, but now they're ready and raring to go with their own original efforts. While this falls slightly on the more poppy and electro feel of the genre wheel, we're a-ok with it, because new single, and the subsequent video, for Carl Sagan, is simply that much better than anything else we've heard in the past few weeks.



Enough with the prefacing...who wants to see a really rad video, soundtracked by some super sweet tones, as provided by Alex Chen of Boy in Static? 


Oh, you do? Alright then...


Watch now!





mp3: Blue Sky Black Death - Carl Sagan




Marina & the Diamonds Make US Television Debut on Craig Ferguson

The Mickey/Minnie Mouse jumpsuit is back! Last night, Marina & the Diamonds made a debut, of the US television variety, on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Performing the hit single, I Am Not a Robot, Marina remains the picture of beauty and grace.



Marina also recently made her US radio debut on KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic. You can listen to the stream of the broadcast here


Reminder: tickets for Marina & the Diamonds' September 2 show at Webster Hall go on sale today at noon. Get 'em here!




mp3: Marina And The Diamonds - I Am Not A Robot (Lovers And Gamblers Precious Little Diamond Remix)




Monarchy: New Single, Remix, Official Video and Highlights from Debut Live Show (which was the 1st to be broadcast into space!)

After quite the lengthy post title as above, seems like there's really no need for more words to be spewn in praise of Monarchy and all that they've been up to as of late. However, I've been waiting for a good chock of days to finally get all the info needed here to properly write this up...so blam blam blam...and away we go!



Last week, as part of the Strangers in Stereo blog collective (which I'm amped to be a part of since its inception) and our weekly feature "Now Playing", Monarchy took my top spot for most played artist/song thanks to Love Get Out Of My Way, and its respective remixes, which will see an official release on August 30 (pre-order here). Mixes come from Sinden, Tim Goldsworthy, Holy Ghost!, Treasure Fingers and Benny Benassi. The TG Dub is free to download below and you can hear the Benny treatment here. Rest assure, the remaining fixes are equally awesome, but being the obedient (and selfish) beast that I am, both cannot and will not post.


Additionally, the official video for LGOOMY has been released. Watch it below. But then don't stray too far, cause I'm writing more stuff, so yeah...pay attention, please and thank you.




Before letting you run off and dance to their killer cuts, a most beastly piece of news action from the Monarchy mates needs to be dropped.  On Saturday, June 19, the lads held their debut live show, at the Kennedy Space Center, in Cape Canaveral, FL. The performance came in front of roughly twenty people, and was also the first live show to be broadcast into space. Neato!


You can watch a mini-documentary from the event below.


If you can't tell, I'm just a LITTLE bit excited for what these dudes have in store. Yep.




mp3: Monarchy - Love Get Out Of My Way (Tim Goldsworthy Dub)




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