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Marina and the Diamonds Appear on 1960s Variety Show for Stella Artois

Last November, Florence + the Machine shacked up with Stella Artois (mmm beer) to create a novelty viral video to celebrate all things black-and-white and awesome and nostalgic. Now, another lass from 'cross the pond hooks up with the Belgian bierlords to do more of the same. Hey, Marina and the Diamonds, show us what you're working with!



Stella Artois's latest campaign features Marina's song, I Am Not A Robot, during a 1960's style program inspired featurette. This music video is aired "live" from inside Stella Artois's new "less glass, less Co2, more class" bottle. Oooh la la!


Give it a watch now!





mp3: Marina And The Diamonds - I Am Not A Robot (Greg Taylor Remix)

mp3: Marina And The Diamonds - Horror Pop



Win a Miniature Tigers T-Shirt!

Just yesterday, I writ a bit about Miniature Tigers and their upcoming string of tour dates, one of which takes place here in NYC on May 29. But just one little hit of awesome info isn't enough, now is it? Hell, let's give away some free shit!



Apparently the boys are big fans of LOST, a show I can proudly say that I have never seen even one second of. So all of you Lost-philes can go pound salt and talk about it with each other. But wouldn't you want to do that while wearing a rad DHARMA tee from Miniature Tigers. (after a little research, I found that DHARMA is something integral to the plot-line...it's also the name of the shirt style...fitting.)


Want to win this killer shirt? Read on for details. (Also, pre-order their album Fortress here.)


Want to win the Miniature Tigers DHARMA T-Shirt? If you've frequented the contests here before, then you'll know we are cerifiably "twitter-crazy". So start by following us if you aren't already...winners get notified by DM, and the only way we can send you a beastly congratulatory message is if you're on board our tweetable train.


Next, simply copy and paste the below message and hit send in whatever tweeterrific application you use (we're partial to TweetDeck ourselves...)


yo @sheenabeaston, i wanna look sexy in a miniature tigers t-shit. also lost is cool, but i'm only saying that because i want to win!


That's all you gotta do...easy peasy. Contest will remain open until 9pm on Sunday May 23...that's when the LOST finale is, so I'm giving you enough time to hit me with your tweets, without missing the show.


mp3: Florence + The Machine - Galaxy Of The Lost




Marina & The Diamonds - I Am Not A Robot (new single and video competition!)

Late last week, word came out of the Marina & The Diamonds' camp that in addition to releasing her next single, I Am Not A Robot, she was also actively seeking for a new video to accompany the stunning track. Think you've got what it takes to wow this gal? Read on.




Having just let out her US offering, American Jewels EP, late last month (buy it here), Marina continues on with this month's revealing of her next official single, I Am Not A Robot, which will see a proper release in the UK on April 26 (pre-order link). The 5-track EP contains the original, acoustic and 3 remixes from Passion Pit, Doorly and Clock Opera...the latter of which I've been privy to hear, and it is most stunning!


Now on to the video. Have you seen the official video by Rankin and Chris which came out in June of 2009? If not, it's below the competition details for your viewing pleasure. Read on for the details on how to enter.


Marina would like to see your interpretations of the song as she asks you to make your own video to I Am Not A Robot! It can be as fancy and high-tech or web-cam sing-a-long as you like! And the prizes will be AMAZING!


To submit your video, it needs to be uploaded via your account to YouTube, and then submitted via the official group here.


1. Once on the group page click Join Group
2. Start a new topic by clicking Add New Topic, and then enter the title of your video/description 
3. Once you've created a Topic, click on Submit A Video and copy the URL of your video into the field and click Post

The video will then be open to votes and the winner will be decided by Marina, taking into consideration the number of votes each video has received, so make sure you get all your friends to vote for your video


Entries close on Monday, May 10, and the winner will be notified the same week.



mp3: Marina and The Diamonds - This Is LA

mp3: Marina and The Diamonds - Mowglis Road (Black Teeth Remix)

mp3: Marina and The Diamonds - What You Waiting For (Gwen Stefani Live Cover) 


Marina & The Diamonds at Levi's FADERFort

One of my most highly anticipated sets to catch during SXSW belonged to that of Marina & The Diamonds. Having just made her US debut earlier in the Austin-bound week, the level of excitement I had to catch the enchanting pop songstress was at a seam-bursting high. Hitting the Levi's FADER Fort on Friday, March 19, Marina and company let loose with a dynamically perfect performance.


Given the fact that Marina has long been a favorite here in Beastonia since the summer of 2008 when a number of unique demos hit me like a ton of the raddest bricks ever, nearly two years later, you can sense the anticipation I felt to catch the young talent live for the first time.


Marina's voice goes well beyond her years...hopscotching through intimate vocal moments and powerful "belt it out in your bedroom"-worthy strikes. With her debut full length, The Family Jewels, recently released in the UK (the album will see light of day on May 25 in the States), Marina performed a number of album cuts that received a generous dose of fan appreciation. For thine own self, I became "that girl" who could not stop dancing and singing along while trying to catch moments in the photo pit. All around, I think it was a smashing success.


Between rousing renditions of Girls, Hollywood and Mowgli's Road, Marina also proved her mettle with ballads like I Am Not a Robot and Obsessions, for which she jumped behind the keys for a stellar seated performance. Video of Oh No! can be found below. (full set of pictures can be viewed here)



Marina & The Diamonds are gearing up for a proper single release of I Am Not a Robot, prior to the outing of her debut here in May. Supplemental fixes come from a number of major mixers, including Clock Opera, from which I'm told is a beautiful accompaniment, and that I should have for you to hear soon! 


Below, you'll find the Stopmakingme Remix, which goes minimal clubby with a touch of dark undertones. Beaston approved! Additionally, check out two of the early demos that made me fall ever so hard and equally so fast for this rising star.







mp3: Marina and The Diamonds - I Am Not A Robot (Stopmakingme Remix)

mp3: Marina and The Diamonds - Blindfold Me

mp3: Marina and The Diamonds - Jealousy


Marina and The Diamonds - American Jewels EP Released Today

Last week during SXSW, we were pleased as punch to catch Marina and The Diamonds live at Levi's FADERFort. This being one of her very first US shows, we felt honored to be in her captivating presence. More on the gig later, but for now, a bit of hot news in the form of an all new EP!


Today marks the release of Marina's The American Jewels EP. The three-track EP features album tracks I Am Not a Robot and Mowgli's Road, alongside the exclusive I Am Not a Robot Flex'd Rework (Passion Pit Remix). Link to purchase this rad slice of pop perfection is here.


MatD's full-length debut, The Family Jewels, sees a proper US release on May 25th via Chop Shop/Atlantic.


Stay tuned for a full report on her SXSW appearance later this week. We're still in 100% swoon-mode.


mp3: Marina and The Diamonds - Bad Kidz 

mp3: Marina and The Diamonds - Space and The Woods


Wolf Gang - Back to Back (new song!)

Late last year, I got wind of Wolf Gang, a staunch figure in the battle to "love drama and abhor mediocrity". Immediately, I fell in love with tracks like Pieces of You and The King and All His Men, which equally drive home an emotional connection through the Londoner's lyrics and luscious arrangements.


Wolf Gang is the kind of cat (ooh punny!) that I'd like to see more of evolve in 2010. He creates simple songs, with each resonating soundly within the listening experience. Weaving between electro-pop and orchestral psych-rock, the talented musician quickly found a steady home in my playlists...effortlessly joining a crew of "go-to" songs to soothe.

And so goes the case with his latest demo, Back to Back. It goes down so smoothly that I've literally melted into my chair. It's harmonic, lovely and I'm throwing it on repeat now.

Wolf Gang has also created a video for the song...which is below.



mp3: Wolf Gang - Back To Back 

mp3: Wolf Gang - The King and All His Men (Joe Goddard Remix)

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