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Haggstrom (featuring Terri Walker) - Be My Baby (Diamond Cut Edit)

This jam is a jam on it's own original legs, but now that our buddy Diamond Cut tossed in an official remix of the cut, Haggstrom and Terri Walker's Be My Baby gets all sorts of extended play and love here in Beastonia.




The single came out earlier this month on Champion Records and comes in one of two digitial bundles. The first Includes Diamond Cut's Radio Edit, Remix and Dub & Timothy Allan's Remix and Dub. Or you can snag package 2 which houses Haggstrom’s Radio Edit, Extended Mix and Bigroom Mix, Peo De Pitte's 2010 Edit & Yeah Woho! Remix. Purchase info here.


I think you should start with the DC mix, cause yeah, I'm biased as a beast, but I'm allowed to be.


Also, chap's done aces on the fix. So get it!




stream: Haggstrom (featuring Terri Walker) - Be My Baby (Diamond Cut Edit)




Visitor's Debut Single, Los Feeling, Out June 21, and Exclusive B-Side!


Oh man, you guys...Visitor are back! Last summer there was an explosion in Beastonia, and that was thanks to the bristling and breezy precision-pop of the London boys mighty hands. And even though Kyle and Lucas work in two separate London studios, they ping and pass tracks back and forth to create everything we long to salivate for. And all that we wanna dance to summer long.



Last year, right 'round this time, you may recall that the duo dished out a ton of mixes of their song, Los Feeling. Each one seemed to get better than the next, and to this day, they're all equally played in my weekly repertoire. But now, with the attention of French dance-don, Alan Braxe, Visitor is set to release the song as their official debut single via his Vulture label.


Los Feeling will be available on June 21, with a Braxe classic remix and the b-side, Love, rounding out the package. The latter we're giving to you for free in the form of a club edit.


And the video for the AB-mix can be viewed below (beware, it's pretty darn mesmerizing). Gotta love these kids. Especially since our pal Diamond Cut helps with production...even though the dudes have never met or spoken to one another. That's ace as shit.




mp3: Visitor - Love (Club Edit)




M'Black - Heartbreak (Diamond Cut Remix)

If you know anything about this Beast, then you know that upon seeing the words Diamond, and Cut, and Remix in the same phrasing, that my knees immediately buckle, and the sweats begin, even before pressing play. So goes the case with the latest in our round of limb-weakeners, with Diamond Cut's remix of M'Black's Heartbreak. It hurts so good.


So what more do you need to know...because you can guarantee this ish is the hotness per the above para-radness. Well, M'Black is Matt Schwartz, double known as Dada or The Drill, who has been producing records since 1995. He's got a great ear for the club bangers, and this slice is no different.

And then, of course, Diamond Cut gussies up the song to the point where we can't stop smiling. Grab it below, and consequently, please spin and grin with me.

I'm also bonus dosing you with more DC slickness. Because I can.


mp3: MBlack - Heartbreak (Diamond Cut Remix) 

mp3: Booty Luv - Say It (Diamond Cut Remix)


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