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This Happened: Heineken Inspire Encore Event at NYC's Pier 36

This past Saturday, November 13, Heineken threw together a last minute party for about 3,000 of their closest, or not so close, friends and fans. Announced only two days prior to the bash, the Inspire Encore event quickly sold out of its free tickets leaving kids wanting to see Pete Rock, Nas, Cee-Lo, Diplo, J. Cole, Black Sheep and more all at the cost of naught. Oh, and they had a ton of free food and beer and surprisingly, was one of the most well-executed events, save for extended set times by performers, which became long long long in the tooth.




I had a blast getting down to some sweet tunes, and hey look at what my man Wes Deezy was sporting on his ears! He rocked a pair of the studio Beats by Dre headphones, which as I am typing this (shameless plug: on my new HP Beats 14 Envy Edition laptop), have also got my killer set on cranking out the music.


Biggest thrill of the day may have been the unannounced inclusion of Black Sheep, which was just...gosh, such a thrill. Hearing The Choice is Yours live in a jam packed pier hangar was beyond anything I could have anticipated, and me and my crew totally fanned out upon his entrance to the stage. Other highlights included: the insanity and forward nature of the crowd around us, J. Cole's rap over a Biggie jawn and Cee-Lo crushing Bright Lights Bigger City with his sexy all girl band.


For more of the fun, check out the select images, video I spliced together on my sweet new machine, or the full gallery of pics here.













Major Lazer - Lazers Never Die EP Out Now

Major Lazer's new EP, Lazers Never Die, is out digitally today. Long awaited since catching word earlier this year that a Thom Yorke remix of Jump Up would be included on the disc, we hold our breath no more. Fantastic.




If you'd like to purchase the EP, and you live in the US, then your iTunes link is here. Full track list is as below.


1. Major Lazer – Sound of Siren (featuring M.I.A. and Busy Signal)
2. Major Lazer – Good Enough (featuring Collie Buddz and Lindi Ortega)
3. Major Lazer – Bruk Out (Buraka Som Sistema Mix)
4. Major Lazer – Can’t Stop Now (K.L.A.M. Remix feat. Miss Banks)
5. Major Lazer – Jump Up (Thom Yorke Remix)


Major Lazer will be present at Electric Zoo in NYC over Labor Day weekend, September 4 and 5.


mp3: Major Lazer - Jump Up (Thom Yorke Remix)



twack marks #16 - Robyn - Body Talk Pt. 1

It's been a long time coming to give my official beastly-opinion on Robyn's Body Talk Pt. 1. If you're like us, then you've undoubtedly already spun the disc many a time over and again, thanks to the inevitable early leak of the album. However, in a show of support for the Swedish singer, I decided to wait until today, the album's proper release date to weigh in via the 140-character laden feature, "twack marks".


Twack marks_robyn

Dare we say that Robyn is making moves to separate her originality even further into a category of her own, but the option to release three albums this year (all short form players of eight tracks) gets even a touch more unique by her decision to only release one official single from each disc. Promo singles naturally ease out, but with even if she decided to quit right there, she's already got the Song of the Year Contender with Dancing On My Own


Oh, and the rest of the album? Let's see what I think...


Robyn - 01 - Don't Fucking Tell Me What to Do [minimally amazing...air your grievances, girl...i support the 3:05 mark drop like a boss...A]

Robyn - 02 - Fembot [production reminiscent of her last album...smooth electrodrips pair nicely with her robotic cadence...legit fun...B+]


Robyn - 03 - Dancing On My Own [song of the year...song of the year...song of the year...dance break and fist pumps...song of the year...A+]


Robyn - 04 - Cry When You Get Older [cutest song on disc...pre-chorus is ACE "she saaaaiiid, there just must be more to life than this"...B]


Robyn - 05 - Dancehall Queen [diplo production...dub-light funky beat but this one always falls short for me until the chorus kicks in...B-


Robyn - 06 - None Of Dem [royksopp production...deep echo beats & hushy vocals call out dem boys/girls' shortcomings...100% perfection...A+]


Robyn - 07 - Hang With Me (acoustic) [i love the arrangement...orchestrally & emotionally stunning...robyn lets her vocals really shine...B]


Robyn - 08 - Jag vet en dejlig Rosa [no no no no no no no no...i get it, but i dont have to like it...no no no no no no no no no...skip...C]


What more can I say? Robyn's Body Talk Pt. 1 is an album that speaks to her style and talent. She knows how to drum up emotions, drive a dancefloor and direct everyone to pay attention to what she has to say.


I recommend that you all do just as she says. Buy Robyn's Body Talk Pt. 1 here.


BONUS! I've written about nearly every mix of Dancing On My Own already, but gosh, if this one doesn't just take the cake, then I don't know what does. J Wow from Buraka Som Sistema comes through with an arrangement that could easily have been the original take on the track, and I would have loved it all the same.


mp3: Robyn - Dancing On My Own (J Wow Smoked Summer Mix)



Diplo to Release Directorial Debut: Favela on Blast

Favela On Blast, the directorial film debut from Mad Decent's main man, Diplo, and his partner Leandro HBL, documents a vibrant and innovative musical subculture that has emerged in Brazil's impoverished slums aka favelas. Well beneath the radar of mainstream society for the last 20 years, they have their own language, style and heroes. 



An Official Selection of SXSW's Film Festival, Favela On Blast was not an easy feat to complete. Between little funding, unfamiliar territories, and broken translations, the filming proved to be hold harsh obstacles for Diplo and Leandro. The obstructions were overcome however, as the film captures the rarely seen stories of MC's, DJ's, dancers, and cultural producers through the filmmakers' eyes, with memorable appearances from funk superstars Deize, Tigrona, Mr. Catra, and Duda Do Borell.


The film will be available digitally and on DVD through Mad Decent on July 20, however, fans will get an early chance to preview the film when it airs on Pitchfork TV's One Week Only starting July 9.


Watch the trailer for Favela On Blast now.



mp3: Joao Brasil - Let It Injecao Be (The Beatles x Deize Tigrona)



M.I.A. - XXXO (Diplo's Job Theme)

Welcome to the funniest one minute and three seconds you'll experience all day. Captain tongue'n'cheek himself, Diplo, buffered up his pal M.I.A.'s XXXO and let it be a healthy reminder to all of you who may be without work right now.



In all seriousness through, if you can ignore his vocal pleadings, this has all the makings of a really sweet mix. Lullaby-like even.


Get it.


mp3: M.I.A. - XXXO (Diplos Job Theme)



Beastly Bits #73

So far, every morning this week I've woken up thinking it was Thursday. Day counting fail. Alas, it's hump day and we're struggling to reach the top so we can sail through the remainder of this work set.


Yawn. That was a bore. This music news is not.


Jarvis Cocker has released an album made up of recordings of sounds such as birdsong and footsteps for the National Trust. Love Jarvis...hate birds. link


Apparently that Joaquin Phoenix pseudo-fake/real rap documentary is pretty shocking. link


Breakfast of Champions have a new jawn, free for downloading. Grab Light On Us below.


UNKLE's Follow Me Down video has premiered. It's pretty NSFW in a most gorgeous way. link


Gucci Mane's free, but the bigger news in Mad Decent camp is the Diplo and Tiësto collaboration, C'Mon. Buy it here and have a preview below.


mp3: Breakfast of Champions - Light On Us

mp3: Tiesto and Diplo - CMon



Sia - Clap Your Hands (new video & official mixes)

Nothing makes us happier than getting news from camp Sia. With an endless supply of free spiritedness along with a perfect pop musicality to boot, the Australian singer and songwriter never fails to entertain, be it visually or audibly. Today, we're picking up on a bit of both, so get ready to grin, because there are goodies to gobble up.




Second single, Clap Your Hands, from the gal's upcoming 5th studio album, We Are Born, is a jaunty jam of a gem, showcasing the singer's often-neurotic, yet embraceable, style of singing and wordplay. At times it,'s funky and with moments of sincere emotions tossed on top, not only does the track have us smacking our mitts together, but it has our feet tapping the ground in nonstop fashion. The single was released earlier this month and can be purchased here.


Yesterday, she unveiled the video for the song, and holy puppets and fundom! Sia always manages to keep a young wash of wonder throughout her videos and this one falls right in line with everything we dig about her visual productions.


Watch the clip below, then jump after for :30 second previews of official remixes of Clap Your Hands from Diplo and Fred Falke. Two completely different yet equally stunning jaw-droppers!







mp3: Sia x M.I.A. - Button Showers (The White Panda Mash)



Mad Decent's Carniville Party at SXSW

If you're headed to Austin next week, let me guide you to what will be guaranteed as a raunchy rad time. Mad Decent, along with IHeartComix and Jelly are hosting the 3-day Carniville, featuring music, food, rides, games and more.


Performers include: Major Lazer, Sleigh Bells, YACHT, Acid Girls, GZA, Best Coast, MEN, and so many more killer acts that I'm kicking myself for not planning to be there.

Carniville takes place over the course of March 18, 19 and 20 at the Mexican American Cultural Center.

So how does one get in to the event? For starters, it's free. And secondly...go here to RSVP, you lucky fools.


mp3: Major Lazer (featuring Baby Cham) - Call Mi (Hold the Line Riddim)


Beastly Bits #29

Seasons change, people adjust, but one thing remains constant...it's the morning bits! Pumped and primed to bring you a tasty selection of news and info, we remain steadfast.


On to the next, on, on, to the next one...


Chew Lips announce a new set of UK dates for their tour in support of debut album, Unicorn. Check out the list of shows here.

Nicky Digital has video footage of the "jewet" between Gonzales and A-Trak that I still can't stop raving about. Watch the clips from last Thursday's performance here. Amazing!  

EXIT Festival has announced their first round of acts for the July event in Serbia. Here's the rundown.

Diplo's remix of Private's My Secret Lover is being used in the Prada SS10 Women's Ad Campaign. Check out the clip here. Hot!


Copycat remixed Erik Hassle's Hurtful with smashing results. Get ready to feel...get ready to dance. Free download of the fix is yours below.


Kim Gordon, Thurston Moore and Yoko Ono form a supergroup/trio. More details here.


Pitbull performed on Lopez Tonight, and I'd be lying if I didn't say his live band absolutely crushed it! Watch the performance here.


mp3: Erik Hassle - Hurtful (A Copycat Remix)


Major Lazer (featuring Elephant Man) - Halo (Beyonce cover)

While you were busy swooning over Lady Gaga and Elton John combining pianic-forces, or maybe you were trying to decode the extreme censorship of Eminem, Lil' Wayne and Drake's show-closing performance, someone was busy keeping me Grammy-entertained through twitter.


One half of the Major Lazer duo, Diplo, kept me abreast with winners, losers and general shenanigans during the telecast of the 52nd Grammy Awards. Whether he was dissing Taylor Swift via Daryl Hannah or claiming Susan Boyle was getting wild at an afterparty, it was all frequent fun through his timeline.


All the tweets were great, until one stood out in fine fashion.  

SERIOUSLY CANT BELIEVE beyonce won a GraNNY when My VErSiOn of HaLo with elefant man + @majorlazer is SoOO MUCH BETTER!

Yep, and he gave us a link to download the track for free to. It's mine and yours below, and it's much better than you can possibly imagine. Big ups Elephant Man...where you been?


mp3: Major Lazer (Featuring Elephant Man) - Halo (Beyonce Cover)

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