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Urulu - In Your (Arms)

I love disco edits. You know, those swooshy, not-so-far deviant from the original, fixer-upper types that just incite slow moving and dedicated grooving, specifically all up on your boo piece. So in pops mysterioso Los Angelesan, Urulu, with a classy cut up of George McCrae's Rock Your Baby. Someone's gonna get some upon hearing this. Forewarning to anyone in your general vicinity.




In the meantime, or before, or heck, even after you listen to this smooth body rocker, check out how hot McCrae is in the below video. ALMOST as fine as those two, yes TWO, mics the host announcer is using.








mp3: Urulu - In Your (Arms)



Steed Lord - Don't Hurt Love

We'd previously always sometimes been a little on the fence about Steed Lord. At times, elements of their nu-disco-housier than thou flare shone through whilst other electrobanger qualities suppressed our urge to give them a rad heaping of support. Don't get us wrong, songs like You and It's What You Do 2 Me are great... and frankly, their feature on Crookers' Transilvania was the highlight of the Italian DJ's debut long player. But it's a new upcoming EP that's got us in the grip of the quivers, and oh yeah, it's great.




Cut to the summer of 2011 and we see Steed Lord cooking up some amazing disco house tunes with their upcoming Eddie House EP. The troupe went back to their house roots on this mini album of theirs and released the first track a few months back on their Soundcloud page, so yeah, we're late on this, but geeeebs Louise it's a dandy ditty.


Give your full attentive ears to Don't Hurt Love.


Summa smash!




mp3: Steed Lord - Don't Hurt Love



Jessica 6 (ft Antony) - Prisoner of Love (new!)

Last month, we wrangled in NYC trio, Jessica 6, into the EVR studio on our weekly radio show, Belly of the Beast. (let's beat that fact over the head, as in, AHEM, you guys... it's Thursday, and the show is tonight at 8pm ET, so you should be listening right on ok thank you) Anyway, we dig them, and now they are offering up a new song, a free one if you will, from their forthcoming debut album, See the Light, which is due out June 7.




Prisoner Of Love [which] bridges electro and freestyle, featuring a soaring vocal melody that finds Nomi and guest vocalist Antony weaving their voices around each other to a stunning effect.


Those are some words from the press release.


Here are some from me: "I LIKE THIS A LOT". (and also ps: speaking of prisoners, and love, I was reminded of Colonel Abrams' Trapped... which talks about being in a cage, like a thieving bastard, and sounds nothing like this new song, but I really enjoy in this housey rework, and so you're getting that as well. pps: COFFEE RAMBLES!)




mp3: Jessica 6 (ft Antony) - Prisoner of Love

mp3: Colonel Abrams - Trapped (DJ Tonka Remix)



Tyson - Ran For Love

I refrain from typing extreme profanities here within the comfy confines of Beastonia, but WHAT THE WHAT and who in the f*¢k!ng love of all things rad is Tyson?




He's our new favorite, that's who.


He's the estranged love child of Billy Ocean and Laura Branigan.


Nonstop play all night all day right now. Shit. Die On The Dancefloor and Out Of My Mind; you may have already heard those. Grab Ran For Love below. I'm gonna go weep rad happy tears while I spaz dance everywhere.




mp3: Tyson - Ran For Love



Sleigh Bells - Rill Rill (Clique NewTrends Remix)

Hey! Here's a pretty little way to start your weekend on the right note, foot and what have you. Clique, are both a remix crew and a wildly popular club night of the same name in Manchester. That's the UK, you blimey brats. In getting a message from Ian, one of the collective's members, he's made me smile quite a long while, and so we're sharing this with you. 


Sleigh bells clique remix


Ian notes: "We've just finished our remix of Sleigh Bells' Rill Rill, and we'd like you to be one of the first to hear it - we managed to get an exclusive from Derek, to do the first proper discoey remix of the amazing [song]. We stripped it down and built it back up with live guitars, disco glitter and pop magic thrown at it, for extra dancefloor-friendliness. We were listening to a lot of Phoenix, Chic and Balaeric House when we made this!"


This, plain and simple, is ruling my beastly world.


Get it below, and give Clique some listening love on their S'Cloud.




mp3: Sleigh Bells - Rill Rill (Clique NewTrends Remix)




Over the Top - Indian Burn

Ok, now this... this right here, is some sweet sweet baby disco lovin'. Over the Top, this cat from LA that I know jack on, but now yearn to learn 'bout, comes through with a terrifyingly terrific fix of Don Armando's I'm An Indian, Too. But yo, even before OTT did DA right, DA did all sorts of rubbed up remixery on the originally original tune courtesy of Annie Get Your Gun, Irving Berlin and Ethel Merman. Yeah, you never quite thought you'd read THOSE names here, now did ya? The scoop, in short...




In 1946, the Berlin-penned musical saw Merman tackle vocals on the showtune.


In 1979, the song was remixed as a dance track by disco dude Armando. 


In 2011, I 'eared Over the Top's sped up sasser, Indian Burn, and today, I share it with you, and let you know, that this is one dandy fine ditty that will be an oft-repeated radlet of beastly proportions. Just go grab it, or all or any, cause it's so worth the 12 seconds it will take you to download. So so good. SO GOOD.




mp3: Over the Top - Indian Burn

mp3: Don Armando - I'm An Indian, Too

mp3: Ethel Merman - I'm An Indian, Too




David Guetta & Akon vs Wonderland Band - Paradise Bitch (GonZo 70s Reboot)

This is the most perfect way to start your weekend, a LONG weekend for some of who get off of work to celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Or Merry Malcolm Xmas, as I like to call it. Regardless, I played my boy GonZo's reboot of David Guetta, Akon and Wonderland Band all mashed together, last night on Belly of the Beast. It was a smashing success, and now you can re-enact your own radio radness by grabbing the cut below.




This, naturally, is Beaston approved.


In the biggest most raddest most disco fantastic way.




mp3: David Guetta & Akon vs Wonderland Band - Paradise Bitch (GonZo 70s Reboot)




Introducing: Oliver (U-Tern and Oligee)

You may separately know the names Vaughn “U-Tern” Oliver and Oliver “Oligee” Goldstein, but now you can associate them with one duo-riffic title, simply known as Oliver. Minimalism in names at its finest, and musicality at it's even finer-est.




Follow 'em on twitter @weareoliver, grab their original tracks, All Night (below) and Walk WIth Me (here), or their remix of Don Diablo and Dragonette's Animale.


Each of those options come highly Beaston approved!




mp3: Don Diablo (featuring Dragonette) - Animale (Oliver Remix)

mp3: Oliver - All Night




Duck Sauce - Goody Two Shoes (Louis Laroche Edit)

Finally. Something from Duck Sauce to make us never yearn to hit play on Barbra Streisand ever again. New tune, Goody Two Shoes, is another sweet sampled sounder that pulls from hot to trot disco ditty, Good to Me, from THP.






mp3: Duck Sauce - Goody Two Shoes (Louis Laroche Edit)

mp3: THP - Good To Me




Flight Facilities - Crave You (Jad And The Ladyboys Ketamine Mix)

Nearly every mix of Flight Facilities' Crave You does the original a ton of justice and act as a sweet side dish to the main meal. And so goes the case with this new fix, courtesy of Jad and the Ladyboys. Beware: this is some nighttime dark disco that drags you deep down into that k-hole, complete with awesomley warped reverse vocals to kick off the mind-melt.




mp3: Flight Facilities - Crave You (Jad And The Ladyboys Ketamine Mix)



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