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Discokaina - Fashion Mag


Who is Discokaina? Here's a hint: don't go to their MySpace to get any info. No really, don't, cause you're not going to find anything. Which is why we swoop in with a load of info and introduce you to some new tunes this afternoon. Beastonia...like Wikipedia but way radder and only slightly more colorful.



Discokaina actually stems from our pals from way back in May 2008. Oh, nostalgia! Koko Dozo members' Amy and Rubio joined forces once again, and while the space agey nü-disco has gone by the wayside, we're pretty pleased that they've turned the corner into sleazoid pop.

Produced in Bogota, Colombia, Discokaina are set to release their debut EP in June, maybe July, but to preface all that, we've got the exclusey on the track, Fashion Mag. Here's what you need to know. It's a lurid tale of deception and intrigue with so much mysterioso depths. KIDDING. It's about "coming in a glossy" and all the girls and boys who want to be them are gonna love getting glammed up to this song.

Additionaly, vocalist Amy lends her pipes to the upcoming new jawn from Trouble and Bass dudeman, Supra 1. Stream I Still Believe here. It's out May 25...get ready.


mp3: Discokaina - Fashion Mag


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