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DJ's Nita and Sammy Jo Do (Night) Work on Scissor Sister's Invisible Light

In anticipation of Scissor Sister's forthcoming album, Night Work, I've been spinning the first two tracks to be unleashed, Invisible Light and Fire With Fire, at an almost embarrassedly-ridiculous rate. Thanks to DJs Nita and Sammy Jo, I've got some alternatives to the pair of tunes to shake up my daily butt-wigglin' routine.



Both DJ Sammy Jo and DJ Nita began their careers in downtown NYC clubs in the late 90’s. A trained percussionist and jazz singer, Nita began developing his own unique DJ style layering loops and beats before anyone ever opened a laptop in a DJ booth. Sammy Jo started at the legendary nightclub MOTHER, home to Jackie 60 and the original cyberfetish party Click + Drag for which he became a resident dj. In early 2000’s Nita and Sammy Jo combined forces and put the East Village party AREA 10009 on the map. 

In the summer of 2009, the boys sat on a sofa in Barcelona while Jake Shears from Scissor Sisters played them a demo of a new track freshly recorded with producer Stuart Price. This was Invisible Light, and even in it’s raw state the two knew they wanted to get their remix hands on it. Cut to February 2010 in Nita’s studio in Brooklyn where the pair couldn’t decide on a dub or straight up vocal remix so they decided why not do both and let the listeners decide for themselves. Nita then went on solo to bring a bit of morning-light dubstep to the track. Thus the remix package you have before you was born.


Grab both massive choons below.


mp3: Scissor Sisters - Nita and Sammys Invisible Strings of Light

mp3: Scissor Sisters - Nitas Invisible Steps of Light



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