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DJ Sega Remixes the Angry Birds Theme

DJ Sega is rounding out his Mad Decent Sixer Series triology in a big way. Check out the mix here, along with a free download of his ridiculously rad Angry Birds Theme mix.




Oh shiiiiit, mi gon' play dis one on da replay out errrrywhere.


So good, it makes me talk weird.




mp3: DJ Sega - Angry Birdz Theme




Ciara - Gimmie Dat (Rye Rye & DJ Sega Remix)

Rye Rye's "eventual" debut album, Go! Pop! Bang!, is maybe, possibly, so we're told now due out on February 22. I guess she was also supposed to put out a mixtape in advance of her freshman offering, but that too, got the push back. RYEot PowRR (lol) might see daylight soon, but in anticipation of that, as well as the full length, we've got a cut from the unofficial spinner. It's hot. Album delays are not.


Rye rye


R-Squared teams up with DJ Sega for a remix of Ciara's Gimmie Dat.


Here in Beastonia, we really like the original, but we super totes love the remix.


Git it, gurl. Or gurls. And boyz.




mp3: Ciara - Gimmie Dat (Rye Rye and DJ Sega Remix)



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