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Beastly Reminder: I Make Rad Music Happen at the ACE Hotel in NYC Tonight




More info on my May DJ residency can be found here. And a cool song with the word ACE in it can be grabbed below. We won't be playing that tonight though... girl, we too classy for bangers.




mp3: Afrojack and R3hab - Aces High (Prutata)



Tuesdays in May: Hannah Rad DJ Residency at the ACE Hotel in NYC

Forgot to post this bad boy last week, but lucky for us, there are 5 (five!) Tuesdays in May, and tonight, much like I did seven short days ago, will take to the tables at the ACE Hotel lobby bar again to spin jams for some hot hours. Check it out and come by between 8p-12a, give me a high five, and I'll buy you a drink. RAD STUFF!




And yes, you're seeing that song on the real as below. Grab it. It's still good.




mp3: Cassidy & R Kelly - Hotel



RSVP for the Free Williamsburg Holiday Party with The Hundred in the Hands, DJs Whitney Fierce and Sheena Beaston

You have nothing better to do on Thursday night. I'm making that a firm full-on fact right now, because you will instead, be present at the Free Williamsburg holiday party. It's got some backing love from SPIN Magazine as well as Newcastle Brown Ale. Our buddies The Hundred in the Hands are performing, and my grrrrll Whitney Fierce and I will be tag teaming on the 1's. And the 2's. Or on my laptop. So, you know... it's free, and rad, and you should probably go.


Free willy party


Want to go? RSVP here.


See you nerds Thursday.




mp3: The Hundred In The Hands - Pigeons (Screen Tests Remix)




Fenech-Soler - Demons (Yuksek Remix)

Sometimes it's nice just to check in on buddy boy Yuksek, because every time we do, we somehow stumble across a piece of his pretty little pie that eventually, nay, almost immediately goes straight to the top of our currently most played tracks. And so goes the case today, with not one, but two, fine fixes; the first comes from an outfit we already hold dear, and the second bonus bumper, well, we're all gonna start learning about this lass...real hard.




The tight troupe of lads from Kings Cliffe, Fenech-Soler, have been hovering on tongues' tips for a solid set of time now, and since early 2009, they've released all of 3 official singles. 2011, however, sees them grab album cut, Demons, from their debut and toss it into the "on it's own output" arena. Well, with subsequent remixes, including one from the man we're heralding: Yuksek.


You can stream that after I ramble on wee bit more.


As your bonus beast-approved cut, gobble up the dude's fix of Anything Maria's Cook Him Up, which is a whole lot of words thrown together to form an artist name / song title that I have never heard of prior to earlier this week. Apparently AM is the next "it" one in France, or so sayeth these verbs and nouns: "Eclectique, polymorphe, la musique d'Anything MARIA s'oriente vers un songwriting POP, mutant et moderne, sans complexe ni frontière."


Admission: I cannot read or translate that, but I can spin this song and love it. Which I've already done a ton, including on this past week's Belly of the Beast on East Village Radio. Proof! Stick it through to the 2:52 mark when the soaring really starts to, well, soar.



Fenech-Soler - Demons (Yuksek Remix) by sheenabeaston 



mp3: Anything Maria - Cook Him Up (Yuksek Remix)




Stream This Now: Phoebe Killdeer vs Cedric Le Roux (DJ Set MIx)

Holy crap, I have no idea who these people are but sometimes names in random emails stick out at you...or more importantly. it's the track list of what's used in a mini-mix. That said, Phoebe Killdeer and Cedric Le Roux turn in a tidy 25 minute package that I've already played three times in a row. Not your typical Beastly tunes, but dear dude above, this hits on all the sweet spots right about now. It's like everything I never knew I wanted to hear today but am glad I did.



Phoebe Killdeer VS Cedric Le Roux by getyouractstogether 



1. Tom Waits - 16 Shells From A 30.6 
2. Boots Brown - Ceveza 
3. The Beach Boys - Hully Gully 
4. La Lupe - Fever 
5. Bo Diddley - Hush Your Mouth 
6. The Noblemen - Dragon Walk 
7. Jan Davis - Watusi Zombie 
8. The Megatons - Shimmy Shimmy Walk, Part 1 
9. The Majestics - Oasis, Part 2 
10. Di Anne Price - Pig Meat







I don't even know where to begin with this one. Wait, yes I do. In mid-October, some kid(s) we all know and love within our respective blogosphere and online networks were at an event to which the tweets began to fly that a "human mashup" was spinning the party. Said mash was a mix of ugh, Snooki, and well, me. If you know me IRL, then you know I don't resemble the pickle puckered dwarf in any way, shape or form, but c'est la vie, this encounter has spawned all sorts of net-worthy treats.




The first of which is a twitter account by the name of SNOOKI BEASTON. out of which reveal some of the funnier tweets this side of the Jersey Shore. Recently, an AIM name came to the surface in which conversations are all typed in caps, DUH.


The latest and greatest of all extremities of said virtual encounters is a minimix of verifiably fist-pump worthy tunes, lovingly dubbed the SNOOKI BEASTON BIG TINGS MIXXX. (track list after the player, with a super duper bonus cut after that)


Now let it be known, I have NO association with the online persona or presence of this evil little mastermind. But I do have an idea of who's behind it. No fun in revealing the secrets...so let's just drop this mix on you before we jet out the door for a night time GTL sesh. 





Homebwoi - Gimme a Break 
Art of Noise - Love 
Deeon - Freek U Rite 
Disco Rick and the Dogs - I Know a Bitch 
[white label release] 
Deeon - Headhunters 
Aaron-Carl - Gold Diggers Theme 
Aaron-Carl - South Side 734 
[white label release] 
Nephets - Gettin' Some Juked 
Slugo - Juke That Back Low 
DJ Yola - Ain't Gon' Let Up 
TI - Ride Wit Me 
Missy Elliott - Sock it 2 Me 
[white label release] 
Cupid Shuffle (Juke Jams Remix) 
J-Laini - Fuck N' Tell



mp3: DJ Pauly D - Beat Dat Beat




Scion A/V Interview with Kingdom!


Scion A/V kind of kills it on all fronts, from music, art, film and lifestyle, to the fact that's oft-now overlooked: um, yes they are still, at the heart, the spawn of a car company. So it's no surprise that the collective chooses to feature artists and DJs that (bad pun coming...) really rev my engine. Up next, and debuting right here right now, is a neat sit-down and spit with the Night Slugs via Fool's Gold via Acephale Records mixmaster, Kingdom.



In the clip below, Blu Jemz of Turntable Lab Radio interviews Kingdom and we get to learn a little more about what the disc-dude is influenced by, how rad it is to walk behind the CD-J decks with a folder of spinners, and what new releases and EPs are in the works.


Reminder: Kingdom is spinning during the Fool's Gold-curated Pool Party at the Williamsburg Waterfront on Sunday, August 22. Chooons.


Give this brand new feature a watch now! 



mp3: No Lay - Unorthadox Daughter (KINGDOM Refix)



Sia - Clap Your Hands (Doorly Remix)

Wiggle and wobble and shimmy and bounce! Doorly's back in Beastonia with a mighty fine edit of Sia's infectious single, Clap Your Hands. Be forewarned: this ain't your momma's pop mix.



This edit's got me revisiting her stellar release, We Are Born, which came out earlier this summer.


I suggest you do the same.


mp3: Sia - Clap Your Hands (Doorly Remix)


Mary Anne Hobbs Resigns from Radio 1

Mary Anne Hobbs, the legendary dub-head DJ on Radio 1, has announced that she will be leaving the BBC. After 14 years of serving the station, the Breezeblock host will end her tenure as one of the medium's finest on September 9.



In an official statement, via her MySpace page, Hobbs announced her resignation. Her words, as such, below. Super sadcakes.


After the statement, check out a video exclusive following Hobbs around her recent trip to NYC. Big ups to my pals Mitch and Oliver who aided in the production for URB!



Yesterday i resigned from BBC Radio1, after an amazing multi-dimensional 14 year career.

The great freedoms the BBC have given in me as a broadcaster, have allowed me to help break so many confrontational artists as diverse as Slipknot and Skream, and of course, the whole genre of Dubstep in recent times.

My current Experimental show is in peak condition, it’s never been stronger. And although it’s a very emotional decision to leave the show that I love so much, it’s also an optimum moment to bow out, at the very top of my game.

My work for Radio1 on the Breezeblock, Rock Show, many fascinating documentaries about everything from David Bowie to Dubstep, on daytime, at festivals and award ceremonies, has been exceptionally rewarding. These have been glory days not just for me, but for all the artists who have shared my BBC platform, and of course, the listeners everywhere from Beijing to Berlin, Baltimore to Blackpool, who shared a great passion for future sound.

I will continue to DJ live, work in film, and curate at Sonar festival in Barcelona.

I have also accepted a new job mentoring and teaching students at the University of Sheffield’s Union Of Students radio station, TV station and the newspaper that operate out of their superb Forge Media Hub, which presents me with a really exciting new challenge.

My last show on BBC Radio1 will be broadcast:
September 8th>>9th … Wednesday night >> Thursday morning… 2-4am

Thank you so much for listening.




mp3: Four Tet - Love Cry (Joy Orbison Remix) 



Win 2 Tickets to See Grum at Webster Hall!

Hey, do you have any plans for next Friday, July 23? If the answer is no, then let me change that straight away for ya. Disco'lectro DJ extraordinaire, Grum, is coming to the city, and he's prepping his tables for a night of awesome music and wildin' out dancing. And I want to send a lucky lil' beast (and a friend) to the show!



The young spinner released his awesome debut album, Heartbeats, back in May, and it's a disc we can toss on at any moment and it always brings a smile and toe-tappin' two-step into our life. Catching the gent live is another story. Picture it: me, dancing like a fool, sweating up a storm. So worth it.


If you want to get in on the Grumaction (yes one word that I made up but sounds pretty spot on), enter the contest below for a chance to be part of the fun.


Simply copy, paste and send me the below message via twitter and you're entered. I'm dishing out one pair of tickets so get tweeting! Contest will remain open until 5pm Wednesday, July 21, so you hit me with those tweets! 


yo @sheenabeaston i wanna grum up on ya, but only if you hit me wit dem tickys for july 23!


(hint: you have to be following me on the birdaliciously rad social app, so I can Direct Message winner with all the pertinent info) 



mp3: Grum - Cant Shake This Feeling (DCUP Remix)



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