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Dominique Young Unique - The World is Mine (new video!)

Ummm, you guys...perfection! My main bia up in these Beaston-files is the Tampa-bred and born slick spitter, Dominique Young Unique. We've been praising her for oodles of months, had her on our EVR show a ways back, got a ton of y'all hooked on her Domination mixtape, and yeah, we just can't and won't ever quit on this hustress. She's way radder than I ever was at 19, and now she's got a new video for The World is Mine, one of my fave cuts from the aforementioned mixtape.


Super dope...say hey!





mp3: Dominique Young Unique - War Talk




2010 Williamsburg Waterfront Pool Parties Lineup Announced

For real this time (after the fakery of yesterday). These are the free ones, beasts. You know, the lineup we've been clamoring to get word of for months. Paid events be durned; we like to be the sweatiest of all sweaty monsters at the outdoor space...for the cost of naught!



Rain or shine, the seven free shows take place at the Williamsburg Waterfont on Sunday afternoons beginning on July 11. Soon!


Lineup as below.


July 11
Deerhoof + Xiu Xiu doing Joy Division's Unknown Pleasures // Why? // Fang Island // Pictureplane

July 18
Murder City Devils // Obits // Jeff the Brotherhood // Silverghost

July 25
Cap 'N Jazz // Lightning Bolt // No Age // The Death Set

August 1 
The Pool Parties presents Free Block Party at Brooklyn Bowl 
Lineup TBA

August 8
Cut Copy // Memory Tapes // Restless People // Glasser

August 15
Curated with Doug Defalco
!!! // Lee Fields and the Expressions // The Strange Boys // Future Islands

August 22
Curated by Fools Gold
Chromeo // SECRET GUEST // The Suzan // Telephoned

August 29
SECRET GUEST // SECRET GUEST // Delorean // Dominique Young Unique 




mp3: Dominique Young Unique - The World Is Mine


Be[a]st Mashes (Black Glove edition)

April 23 was a pretty good day, thanks to a submission from Black Glove. Sadly, and embarrassedly so, I'll admit that I haven't checked in on Burlington, VT's Deke Smith and Jonathan Sandridge in well over that near two-month time span. My sincerest apologies, boys...but on the flipzy, I'm gonna remedy that now.



Holy moly, these kids have been busy...and it looks like they've been stalking some of my favorite tunes as well. There are a slew of new fix-ups and do-overs that they're hosting on their page, but I'm going to highlight some of these new tunes, because, well, they deserve it!



First on the docket is a basket full of Beach House, Mims and Chromeo. After their first mash I'd heard, it's evident that the boys are masters of the soft and intimate "hey this ain't no dandy banger" style re-work. This piece falls right in line with that sentiment, and it're precisely why I love it.

mp3: Beach House x Mims x Chromeo - Like This (Black Glove Mash)


Next up, we've got two of my favorites...Robyn and Dominique Young Unique. On one song. TOGETHER?! While it is of the smashed up variety, one can only hope that this pairing will one day lead to a real-life collaboration. We can all dream, eh?

mp3: Robyn x Dominique Young Unique - Show You My Dancing Ass (Black Glove Mash)


Rounding out the trio of radness, new star on the rise, Florrie, gets topped off with a bit of the Beastie Boys. Sounds like a recipe for disaster, right? Think again. Oh yum!

mp3: Florrie x Beastie Boys - 911 Body Movin (Black Glove Mash)



I'd also suggest you go to their page to check out some of their newer stuff as well. Give an ear to Kid Sister and Ludacris, M.I.A. and Don Diablo, TLC and Mims, along with a full on zip file of a ton of tracks.


Virtual high fives!


Recap, Playlist, Archive: Sheena Beaston on East Village Radio and Tokyo Police Club - Breakneck Speed (JetLag Remix) Premiere!


As has been customary over the past few weeks, Monday morning brings bundles of fun...most notably in the form of a tidy rundown of what happened in the East Village Radio booth the Friday prior, thanks to a Beastly fill-in during the Accidental Rhythm program. Today, we up the rad factor by not only recapping last week's show activities, but we're also tossing out an exclusive bit of awesomeness.



Friday was all sorts of hot thanks to a pop-in from Dominique Young Unique, a wealth of fresh and favorite tracks to spin...all leading up to the premiere play of the JetLag remix of Tokyo Police Club's Breakneck Speed. JetLag is one part Andy Rourke and one part Ole Koretsky, resulting in a dancefloor-worthy mix that is all parts amazing.


You can grab the mp3 of the mix exclusively on Sheena Beaston (below the entire show's playlist) or over on East Village Radio. Either way, you all win.


To listen to last week's show, give an ear to the archived program here.


Ludacris - How Low (Caspa Remix)
Maluca - El Tigeraso
Visitor - Hurt Someone
The Hundred in the Hands - Dressed in Dresden
Missy Elliott - 4 My People
Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam - Head to Toe
My Gold Mask - Bitches
Benny Benassi, Kelis and Apl de Ap - Spaceship
Sunday Girl - Self Control (Laura Branigan Cover)

Dominique Young Unique - The World is Mine
Dominique Young Unique - War Talk
Pitbull, Trina, Young Boss - Go Girl
Dominique Young Unique - Cant Touch Me

Aaliyah (featuring Timbaland) - We Need a Resolution
Ladytron - International Dateline
Florence and the Machine - Addicted to Love (Robert Palmer Cover - Arthur Baker Remix)
Mark Ronson & the Business Intl - Bang Bang Bang
Jade - Don't Walk Away


Tokyo Police ClubBreakneck Speed (Jetlag Remix)

MEN - Off Our Backs
Ellie Goulding (featuring Theophilus London) - Starry Eyed (Penguin Prison Remix)
Major Lazer, Nina Sky and Ricky Blaze - Keep it Moving (So Shifty Ska Remix)
Cee-Lo Green - Georgia
Annie - The Greatest Hit (Freeform Reform Vocal)


mp3: Tokyo Police Club - Breakneck Speed (JetLag Remix) [alt link] 



Sheena Beaston and Dominique Young Unique on East Village Radio's Accidental Rhythm Tomorrow

If the saying is true that the "third time's a charm", then by golly, I'm swimming in a sea of gems and trinkets and pretty little baubles and things. Ok, so maybe that's an exaggeration, but when I round out my 3-week stint on East Village Radio tomorrow, there's only one way to celebrate properly. And that's by bringing in one of my favorite new artists...and she's soon to be yours as well.



The long and the short of it goes as such: Accidental Rhythm takes place this Friday, June 11, from 4-6pm EST. It's our last round of filling in for Jason Eldredge while he's been on vacation. I might cry...this has been too much fun.


I'll have special guest, Dominique Young Unique, in the booth with me during the time slot to chat about her music, preview her show tomorrow night at Webster Hall (tickets here), have a rad time, and to debut some exclusive first listens to tracks from her brand new mixtape, Domination. I've had a listen to the offering in its entirety...and let's just say, it's been the only thing I've had on all morning. On repeat. Again and again.


I'm labeling this show a "must tune in". Hey, or you could swing by the booth to high five us and take pictures. That would be cool too. 


mp3: Dominique Young Unique - Hot Girl (Aaron LaCrate and Ripley Remix)



Dominique Young Unique Playing Webster Hall Next Month (June 11)

Sure this is a bit early of a push to get you to come out and see why we've been hyping on Dominique Young Unique for quite some a while...but there's no time like right now, and so here we have it. The Tampa-bred rapstress is making her NYC debut next month, and if you're not there next to me, there will be hella hell to pay.



With quite the lineup including Switch, Viking and David Berrie, DYU jumps on board a June 11 bill that already has me sweating it out. Seriously...I should take a picture of my pits right now. Light brown shirt, you are not my friend.


What is super cool though, is that if you're unfamilli with the rules of Webster Hall, then just chuck yourself here to get $1 admission (before midnight) with your RSVP info.


Now get ready to show ya ass...uhhhhnnn!


mp3: Dominique Young Unique - Show My Ass (MA5T3RBA55 Remix)



Interview Time with Dominique Young Unique

From showing her ass to breaking down music time while spitting out war talk, Dominique Young Unique is one name that's as memorable as it is dead-on accurate. Over the past year, the 19-year old rapper from Tampa, FL has sparked a buzz around the blogs with her truly innovative style, which has lit a flare to signal both that she's arrived and that other emcees, be it male or female, need to take notice....and fair warning.



After a strong showing at this year's SXSW, Dominique is now gearing up to release her first mixtape, Domination (due out the second week of May), headed on tours of Europe and the States beginning next month, all on top of getting her debut album together. Sure that's all the hard and fast details, but we wanted to know a little more about the gal who's been put on our repeated playlists way too often, so a proper chat was deemed necessary. Let's kick it with this "gangster hard hitter outta 8 - 1 - 3".


SB: How did you decide you wanted to be referred to as Dominique Young Unique? It is, for lack of a better term, a unique moniker...and definitely memorable at that!

DYO: Well my name really is Dominique! [laughs] Basically, I came up with the name Dominique Young Unique when I just stepped in the rap game. I was just 12, but it did kind of stand out to me because I am a one of a kind person, got my own twisted up flow and a unique swagg. I get the young because I'll consider myself as a young lady until I reach 21, then I'mm'a take that off! So that's what it is!


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