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Introducing: Oliver (U-Tern and Oligee)

You may separately know the names Vaughn “U-Tern” Oliver and Oliver “Oligee” Goldstein, but now you can associate them with one duo-riffic title, simply known as Oliver. Minimalism in names at its finest, and musicality at it's even finer-est.




Follow 'em on twitter @weareoliver, grab their original tracks, All Night (below) and Walk WIth Me (here), or their remix of Don Diablo and Dragonette's Animale.


Each of those options come highly Beaston approved!




mp3: Don Diablo (featuring Dragonette) - Animale (Oliver Remix)

mp3: Oliver - All Night




Don Diablo (featuring Dragonette) - Animale (new single, video and remix!)

Honest to goshness, Don Diablo was a big player in Beastonia about two solid years ago...and maybe it was me just getting my blog legs underneath me and getting excited that someone actually wanted to debut material with me...in which case he kind of fell off my radar, cause well, shit started sounding generic. But he gots the remedy to that now, because he wisely teamed up with hot Canadian trio, Dragonette, for his new single, Animale, and all prior missteps be never spoken of again, cause this is super hot. So let's pretend this is the first we've ever heard of the DJ/producer, and "OMG y'all, what an amazing debut!" Jokes aside, here we go...




For the line "stamp your hind legs, get behind me..." alone, this song is certifiably Beaston-approved. Also, the entire arrangement and lyrical content is pure pop bonkers and enjoyable in the same breath.


Video for the song is out now, it makes no sense, but it gives you another chance to listen to the tune. I think it's something to do with ravecave kids making out and tripping out on orange slices, kind of like a bad peewee soccer game at halftime, yeah? Whatever. Datsik's remix is yours to gobble up wit yo animal fangs too.


If you're in the Netherlands, buy the single officially on iTunes.






mp3: Don Diablo (featuring Dragonette) - Animale (Datsik Remix)

mp3: Don Diablo (featuring Dragonette) - Animale





Martin Solveig (featuring Dragonette) - Hello (Dada Life Remix)

Mind bending face melter. And I needn't say much more.




Martin Solveig once again hooks up with Dragonette for the song, Hello, (the first being Boys & Girls last year) and sure enough, the results are aces. Like tennis, see...puns!


With a handful of big namers coming in on the remix tip, it's Dada Life who's hoisting the trophy here at center court in Beastonia, but if you want to hear the others, hit the following links to 'ear 'em all.


Bassjackers // Sidney Samson // David Guetta // Michael Woods




mp3: Martin Solveig (featuring Dragonette) - Hello (Dada Life Remix)




Dragonette - My Things (new song!)

UMM...THIS IS THE ONE I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR! Yes, the caps are most necessary, because ever since having heard Dragonette perform the previously titled Get Your Titties Off My Things well over a year ago in its most fledgling-demo form, it's been the effort of theirs that I've been most eagerly anticipating to give my ears a chance to dance to. Now, with a new, and more kid-friendly title, My Things is here, and it's pretty much perfect.



Last month, we writ all about the band's new double single, Our Summer Volcano, which pairs the two new tracks Our Summer and Volcano. With that seeing a release last week, just 2 days ago, they also released a bonus disc, Mixin' to Thrill, which compiled a number of the best remixes from latest official disc, Fixin' to Thrill. Included on said spinner, is My Things, in all it's fantastic fashion of fuel-riffing fire and suggestive lyrics.


You can buy Mixin' to Thrill here...and after that you can get all sorts of overheated with the song I've literally been dreaming about having for months and months. 


It's a great day. MY things approve...


mp3: Dragonette - My Things




Dragonette - Volcano (new EP out today!)

Quick hit from our buddies, Dragonette. Their new EP, Our Summer Volcano, is out today, and I highly suggest you go grab it here, because the double A-side single fun fest is sure to push all your pop buttons. After dosing you with the first single, Our Summer, for free last week, it's only fitting to stream you with the second half of awesomeness.


And you can listen to Volcano below! Synth strings and disco hand-claps; I'm in love.


Dragonette - Volcano





Kaskade (featuring Dragonette) - Fire In Your New Shoes (new video!)

Ok, this is hot. And a great way to get your weekend started...hopefully with a fire in a pair of your very best dancing shoes! Having already swooned over the Kaskade and Dragonette collaboration, Fire In Your New Shoes, there's some added weak in the knees-edness with the debut of the video for said song.



Predominantly featuring Martina of the Canadian band, Kaskade teases behind the lens while a series of events unravel and re-ravel. 

Super sexy!


Watch the clip now.




mp3: Kaskade (featuring Dragonette) - Fire In Your New Shoes (Extended Mix)




Muse x Dragonette - Thoughts Of Our Summer (Marc Johnce Mash)

Well that didn't take long! After yesterday's posting of Dragonette's new single, Our Summer, along with the acapella stems for any wanting fixers, our pal Marc hit us with his blend a few short hours later.


Muse, meet Martina and company. Good on ya!


mp3: Muse x Dragonette - Thoughts Of Our Summer (Marc Johnce Mash)


Dragonette - Our Summer (new single!)

Color me most excited! My pals, Tina, Dan and Joel, aka Dragonette, are right on time with a new song, fittingly dubbed Our Summer. The digital single will be released on July 27, with the flip-side, Volcano. Additionally, there's a ton of news coming out of Camp Drago, so on we roll with the radness!



First through the gate, if you like what you hear (the single is free for you to snag below), and you think you can mix it up even sweeter, then download the Our Summer acapella, and get to fixin'!


And speaking of fixing, the single will be swiftly followed by Mixin To Thrill,  which compiles the new single, the studio version of live favorite My Things (which we previously knew as Get Your Titties Off My Things [OMG finally!!!]), and a host of some of the best Dragonette remixes of the past year. The disc will be let out on August 3, and coincides with the kick-off of their Our Summer Tour. Dates below.


08/07 Chicago, IL @ Lollapalooza
08/08 Cleveland, OH @ Grog Shop
08/09 Buffalo, NY @ Big Orbit Soundlab
08/10 Toronto, ON @ Mod Club
08/12 Boston, MA @ Middle East Downstairs
08/13 New York City @ Bowery Ballroom
Philadelphia, PA @ Johnny Brenda’s
08/15 Washington, DC @ Rock & Roll Hotel
08/16 Atlanta, GA @ Drunken Unicorn
08/29 Manchester, UK @ Pride Festival
09/03 Barcelona, ES @ Razzmatazz
09/08 Quebec City, QC @ Universite Laval
09/26 San Francisco, CA @ Folsom Street Fair
09/27 Los Angeles, CA @ Troubadour
09/28 San Diego, CA @ Casbah



mp3: Dragonette - Our Summer



Martin Solveig & Dragonette - Hello (new video!)

What a way to start the day. A little tennis action, some new Martin Solveig music, featuring Canadian friends Dragonette (who've just launched a new web site along with announcement of a new single) and a pretty rad video to boot. If you recall, last year Solveig teamed up with the band for Boys and Girls, a track with the support of Jean Paul Gaultier, and an equally stylized video. Today, we carry on in that tradition, sans major fashion designer.



Hello is the new single from Martin's forthcoming album, Smash. The track is a jaunty little pop number, and we dig it, but hell, we're gonna go all tennis terminology on you and say the video is ACE and we LOVE it. Sports references! 


The clip features Bob Sinclar, French comedian Gregory Darsa and tennis stars Novak Djokovic and Gael Monfils. The video was shot at Roland Garros in Paris in front of a real audience during the French Open.


Toss on a sweatband and watch the long-player below. 




mp3: Martin Solveig - Boys and Girls (TEEMID Remix)




Beastly Bits #71

Weird how I "took the weekend off" from rad activities and yet y'all kept coming and looking for love. Even though I was "off the grid" per se, I still checked the ol' site stats. You crazy kids...get out from behind the computer and go play on yer Sat-Sun days off!



Maybe I should take more time off...you only love the ones you long for, eh? Jokes...we back in full force.


The Mary Onettes have a brand new video for The Night Before the Funeral. link


Rage Against The Machine recruit Roots Manuva, Gogol Bordello, Gallows for free "X-Factor" gig. Holy moly, now who's flying me to London for this? link


Carlos Denger has left Interpol. Sadcakes. link


'Sup Mag's got killer vids of Pengun Prison's show at Brooklyn Bowl this past weekend. link


Speaking of live performances, grab 2 unreleased tracks from Dragonette. I dig 'em both and the captured quality is ok enough for me to pass along to ya.


mp3: Dragonette - Get Your Titties Off My Things (Live)

mp3: Dragonette - Summer Of Sex (Live)


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