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Beastly: Here's What I'm Obsessing Over...





mp3: Casey Spooner - Spanish Teenager (Drlkt Freddie Remix)



mp3: Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds - Red Right Hand (A Rio Lobotomy Op)


And this.

mp3: Whos That Girl (Cagedbaby) - Bouncer (Paradise 54 Edit)





Killer On The Dancefloor - Gringo Oba Oba (Drlkt Freddie Goes To Rio Remix)


Last year, right before Halloween hit, the aptly titled artist, Killer on the Dancefloor, flew into our faces with a fistful of fury known as the track Gringa Oba Oba. A mix of baile-funk and Brazilian electrodance, the song never quit on us, and we, in turn, kept spinning and grinning along to it.


Today, the producing team of Jad Cooper and Van Scott, more commonly known and loved 'round these parts as Drlkt Freddie, jump into our rad little world with a Beaston exclusive.

Taking KotD's massive smasher, Gringa Oba Oba, the dudes rework and remix the original spicy-tinged tuned with impressive results. The bass is beefier, the feet move faster and there's always an added dose of intensity when Drlkt Freddie produces a fix.

The mix will be released via DANR Music in February, but I'm pumped to throw their mix at you before you'll find it anywhere else. So get it while the getting's good! 


mp3: Killer On The Dancefloor - Gringo Oba Oba (Drlkt Freddie Goes To Rio Remix)


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