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Brandon Flowers - Crossfire (DVWs Bullethole Remix)


Working on another hot tip this morning, my buddy Dominik Von Werdt, or as he likes to shorten that ish down to DVW (yes, we approve of lessened keystrokes), bursts back in to Beastonia with an edit of The Killers' frontman, Brandon Flowers' single, Crossfire. Now, if you know me, then you're well aware of my initial misgivings and meh-ttitude when it comes to the bloke's body of new work. Thankfully, we got our pal D to the V-Dubs working his magic and making us smile.




Let's erase all memories of the original tune from Senor Flowers...


...and simply soak up the awesomesauce that DVW has provided with us this morning.


Full of win.


mp3: Brandon Flowers - Crossfire (DVWs Bullethole Remix)




Le CO2eux Soireé




mp3: Patrick Bishop - Paris (DVW Remix)    


Rihanna - Rude Boy (DVW Remix)

Let it be known that I really super honestly enjoy Rihanna's Rude Boy. I think it's a great pop song, and the lyrics, well, whew...we sweat a little more with each repeated listen.


With that said, anytime I really dig a more mainstreamed pop tune, on I go, searching for a remix or general fix to supplement what's deemed commercial. No, I don't intend to replace my love for the original, but rather than annoy my beastly self by repeated listenings of the same track over and over, I like to freshen it up with a fine rework.

Ok, that was a lot of back story. Let's just scroll and stroll through DVW's remix of Rude Boy...which falls somewhere between a Baltimore juke mix and a strict vocal edit.

We love it.


mp3: Rihanna - Rude Boy (DVW Remix)



Beastly Bits #5

Rise and shine, you little radlets! It's time to get the day started with a dose of yummy treats.


Before we begin, I'm making a plea to urge you all to donate a few bills to the Haitian relief effort. The country was rocked by a massive earthquake yesterday, and any bit helps the cause to continue in support of international response. Information on how to donate is here.

And now, breakfast is served.


DVW releases his FUCK YEAH 6 mixtape today which contains 3 unreleased originals from the dudeman himself. Download for free here. Pedestrian sits down with Yeah Yeah Yeahs and digs deep into the "perfect way to crack an egg" for the It's Blitz! cover art. Watch the feature here. Dummy has a spectacular interview with Olaf Dreijer of The Knife in regards to the Swedes' penned-opera. Read the radness here. Switch will be DJing at Webster Hall this Friday. Star Eyes (of Trouble and Bass) will also burn the place down that night. Information and ticket purchasing over here. Hungarian duo Slap In The Bass, formerly Dirty Monkeez, provide us with their unofficial rework of a huge 2009 tune: Laidback Luke and Diplo's Hey! They're offering it as a free download below.


mp3: Laidback Luke and Diplo - Hey! (Slap In The Bass Rework)

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