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Afrobeta's Play House EP is Out Now

Furthering on into territory known as "wow SheenaBeaston.com is the bastion of all things timely and relevant, and UM HEY WAIT... it's been over 3 years since she actually wrote about this band...", this afternoon's cochlear treats come courtesy of Afrobeta. Miami born and bred, they're priming debut album Under the Streets for a late summer outing, and have recently released their Play House EP, in which this lead single and subsequent remixes have been getting lots of the radly love.




Ok, so the original, Play House, jumps in with a burst of energy, seeing Cuci Amador's unique vocals paired neatly alongside Tony Smurphio's nasty funk. And then there's this whole bit which lasts from about the 1:44 through 1:58 sequence in which a Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam-esque vocal progession and cadence totally seals the deal for me.


And the mixes make for fine fun as well, coming courtesy of Alexander Technique and Junior Sanchez, Larry Tee and Sounduo. Not quite sure which is my favorite yet, so in that case, I'mm'a just keep listening to them all repeatedly.


Be a good lil' beast and go buy Afrobeta's Play House EP here. Also, video!



Play House - Larry Tee (Carnage Remix) by Afrobeta 



mp3: Afrobeta - Play House



Introducing: James Delay

Little is known, as of right now, about James Delay. But here's to wishing, hoping and guaranteeing that said notion will all soon change, thanks to a brilliant debut slice of lovely electro pie. The East London-based DJ and producer has tickled nearly every one of our senses with the song Howl, and we say nearly every one, because I don't think you can taste tunes. Although if you could, this would be the super yummiest cut to indulge in.


James delay


Not only do I wanna eat up this song at every passing moment, but I also wanna bay at the moon [bay=howl, duh] whilst listening to it. Makes the beast in me get animalistically tingly.


Hey, the remix from Fear of Theydon is pretty rad as well. Get 'em. Just... yeah, get 'em, after you watch the official video.


James Delay's Howl is out now via Russell Club Records. Buy it on iTunes.






mp3: James Delay - Howl

mp3: James Delay - Howl (Fear of Theydon Remix)




PNAU - The Truth (new single and Sam La More remix!)

Sir Smiley McSmiles A Lot is in the building, granting grins to those who need a dose of happy. And how does this magical music mover make that happen? By letting us in on the new PNAU single, and a sweet fix from Sam La More.




The Australian duo of Nick Littlemore and Pete Mayes have described their forthcoming 4th studio album, Soft Universe, as “a bit Bowie, a bit Bono, and a bit Burt Bacharach”.


This single and subsequent remix, we say, are "a bit Beastly".






mp3: PNAU - The Truth (Sam La More Remix)




Sam Sparro - Pink Cloud (free EP!)

In lieu of his upcoming sophomore album, Return to Paradise, Australian pop artist Sam Sparro decided to unleash a new and free EP for all ears to hear. And whilst this all happened prior to the turn into the new year, we're slightly behind on the good stuff here in Beastonia, but that makes it no less rad. No, in fact, we're appreciating it even more now that the initial "zomg wow and how" factors have worn off on everyone else, and we can reveal how much our beastly little body is so affected by the sounds coming forth.


Sam sparro


In July of 2010, Sparro stopped by East Village Radio's Accidental Rhythm, with my pal Jason Eldredge on hosting duties, and he debuted new song Pink Cloud. The mostly instrumental jam is a nice slice of throwback lounge house and is an exciting new turn in sound from the musician.


Now, he's offering up the Pink Cloud EP for free, which features the song of the same name, subsequent remixes by Julian Brody, Nguzunguzu and Saint Le Roq, as well as the b-side, You's a Nasty.


I'd be remiss and sorely mistaken if I didn't admit that this EP has been on more often than not over the course of the past week. And I don't see that changing any time soon. You can join me on this epic musical quest by downloading the release for the cost of naught, over on Sparro's site, or check out the video to the title track... OR watch the video below. The choice is yours... and every answer is oh so right.






mp3: Sam Sparro - Pink Cloud (Julian Brody Remix)

mp3: Sam Sparro - Pink Cloud

mp3: Sam Sparro - You's A Nasty




This Happened: 3rd Annual Brooklyn Electronic Music Fest (BEMF) Took the Night in Williamsburg

Sure it wasn't the summertime soiree we'd grown accustomed to over the past two years, but the 3rd Annual Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival (BEMF), with its new December date and stages split between neighboring venues Public Assembly and Music Hall of Williamsburg, still managed to usher in local 'lectro-heads, lovers and artists alike for one night. And hey, the new wintertime placement? We dig and dug it, considering 3 changes of tank tops were not needed and left in the drawers of Beastonia. But hey, let's talk about the music we saw! 




First up, we caught local duo, French Horn Rebellion, an act that we'd had every intention of catching live sooner than later, but finally got to experience during the fest. Taking the Music Hall stage just after 10pm, we had our reservations, considering their recorded material falls in the "oh this is good, but not something I'll go back to on the reg..." line, however, the live show that brothers Robert and David put on is worth the wonder. Energetically involving the crowd, the performance was a flurry of keys, horns and spastically awesome dance moves. Rad stuff.


Javelin, another pair of dudes, were up next at Public Assembly and sure we've seen 'em before, but this might've been the first go 'round in which we saw the crowd sing every word to each kazooed song, leaving the candy raver kids' smiles so mega bright, that their pearlies could have powered a small generator. Post-set, we caught a hot minute of Blu Jemz doing his deck work before jumping back to MHoW for the CREEP set. Flax and Dillard dropped Ciara's Ride once again, and yeah, it slayed me so good for the second time.


Brief break in the action to catch up with old and new friends before hitting PubAss once more for my most anticipated set of the evening: a 1:00am live stage performance by Torontonians, Azari & III. From the first seconds after Dinamo and Alixander (along with the fashionable vocalists and voguers, Syf and Fritz Helder) took to the tunes, the venue became an early 90s lounged out house room, complete with randoms on the bump and grind grip, hands in the air and a general sense of straight vibing. Well known players like Reckless With Your Love and Hungry for the Power tantalized the crowd with deep bass and booty bouncing rumbles. Hands down the anticipated highlight we expected it to be. I want more of this in my life... immediately. Perfect way to cap off another successful BEMF experience.


For the entire gallery of images, please visit here, or find a few choice cuts below, as well as video of Azari & III doing the damn thing.











mp3: Azari and III - Reckless WIth Your Love (DJ Hoff Do Over Blend)

mp3: Azari and III - Into the Night (Nicolas Jaar Remix)




Ladytron - Ace of Hz (new song!)

Well this was unexpected and somewhat outta the blue. And equally as pleasurable. Ladytron, they of mucho Beaston amore, have been fairly quiet since their 2008 release, Velocifero. Spotting up on random tour dates and even randomer artist collaborations (see: Christina Aguilera's producers on her bonus track, Birds of Prey, from latest album Bionic), it's with a sexy ear that we're listening and loving on new material from the foursome.




Late last month, via their twitter (because isn't that how ALL new music/album releases are being revealed these days?), the band mentioned new song, Ace of Hz, would be featured on the soundtrack for upcoming video game Fifa 2011. The OST is officially out now, and yep, the song is ready for you to wrap your minds and bodies around.


Pretty typical Ladytron material, with its whispery vocals and intimate undertones. I dig it, but I'm in even more in love with the track name, because, well...




Good on ya, mates. Ace of Hz will be properly released on November 30.




mp3: Ladytron - Ace of Hz




Kap Bambino: New Video/Short Film for Song, New Breath

Kap Bambino are magnetic, wild, frenetic and always have a dance or die attitude that tugs right at my ragey little heartstrings. They've just released a video for their 2007 (what?!) track, New Breath, and in true Bambino style it is beastly and badass. A band who are known for providing big sounds with few instruments, the duo drummed up their very DIY attitude to the next level by using only mobile phones to film the clip.


Kap bambino


Director Thomas Hilland was asked to test drive the Nokia N8, and make a film that made the most of the smartphone’s impressive HD camera. The film features said song by KB, remote-controlled dragonflies, a stunning Norwegian landscape, and some men in colorful costumes. See how they did it in the making of the film scenes here.


Check out the video now.






mp3: Kap Bambino - New Breath




Recap: MNDR Steals the Night With New Songs at Mercury Lounge

Precisely as that title states, last night's early show (weird, haven't seen an 8:00pm start time in a loooong while) at Mercury Lounge featured the inimitable MNDR headlining the space in NYC's Lower East Side. And while she's pretty much our good pal at this point, making us the most biased beast, um ever, we can take a step back and note that every instance in which we've caught her live show (it's been a lot) she's far exceeded previous performances. It's not that she was ever NOT good...it's that she just keeps getting better and better at every turn. Other artists: beware.


Mndr_mercury lounge_1


Beginning the set with a personal favorite in Caligula, MNDR was a nonstop flurry of mathematically magical music and motion. After a few more "known cuts" (she's only got a few out there!), the moment we'd had hoped would arrive came to be...and oh, it was pretty fantastic. New music, in the form of songs Diamonds and Casual Attraction, impressed beyond imagination. While the former takes cues from I Go Away in the more "oh man I feel feelings" sense, the latter is another sing-along stunner that incites jumping, dancing, high-fiving and smiling until your face breaks. Yep, it's that good.


We chatted with MNDR after the gig, and ol' girl's got some goodies coming up in the next few months. Sure, we'd share 'em now, but we need every excuse to write more writings about this incredible talent down the line.


Until then, check out the full gallery of images here, and peep the videos from last night's show below. And duh, of course we captured them new jawns, along with Caligula and the "Patty Hearst tribute song" which we still have no idea what the real title of said song is, but it is damn fine. Beast pleased!


Mndr_mercury lounge_2

Mndr_mercury lounge_3






mp3: Major Lazer - Pon De Floor (Ninjasonik Remix featuring MNDR and Tasleema)





Miami Horror to Release Debut Album, Illumination, on August 20

Electro-house disco-pop throwback-heads rejoice...Melbourne's Miami Horror are releasing their debut album, Illlumination, on August 20 via Virgin. Long a staple of disc-spinners whence the Braxe/Falke production quota was at a feverish high two years ago, the Aussie foursome are now prepped and primed to unleash their original productions, and boy are we ever ready.




In April, the blokes released the first single, Moon Theory, and subsequently followed the release of the track with their same-named tour across their homeland. US dates are popping up as we speak, and they'll climb behind the decks at Webster Hall on September 10. Info here.


Alternately, this post was almost serviced as an introduction to the velvet-voiced Kimbra, who appears on the MH song, I Look To You, which serves as the album's second official single. You're getting it for freezies below, but definitely check out the solo work of the New Zealand singer too. Stellar!


Get in on the track list (which comes with a bonus disc of fine fixes). Buy Illumination here.


Infinite Canyons
I Look to You
Moon Theory
Imagination (I Want You To Know)
Grand Illusion
Soft Light

Remix Disc
Don't Be On With Her (Treasure Fingers Remix)
Make You Mine (Fred Falke Remix)
Sometimes (Hook'n'Sling Remix)
Moon Theory (Sam La More Remix)
Make You Mine (Death Metal Disco Scene Remix)
Sometimes (G.L.O.V.E.S. Remix)
Moon Theory (Baby Monster Remix)
Sometimes (Shazam Remix)
Moon Theory (Punks Jump Up Remix)
Moon Theory (YACHT Remix)





mp3: Miami Horror (featuring Kimbra) - I Look To You




MNDR Playing Mercury Lounge on August 30

MNDR is my most favorite chromed out homegirl, and if you haven't already jumped aboard my wagon of "wow wow yeah" praisings, then let August 30 be your guide to greatness and gold. Amanda Warner, as she's known with a few vowels added to her moniker, takes the stage at Mercury Lounge that night, with this just-announced gig. Hurrah!



Aside from hitting the number one spot on the UK charts with the Mark Ronson-collaboration, Bang Bang Bang, MNDR hits on all cylinders with her own solo work as well, as if I haven't already expressed that enough in past posts.


Definitely check her out later this summer. Tickets for the 21+ show go on AmEx pre-sale here tomorrow at 10am.


mp3: MNDR - Jump In (Discmann Remix)


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