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Afrobeta's Play House EP is Out Now

Furthering on into territory known as "wow SheenaBeaston.com is the bastion of all things timely and relevant, and UM HEY WAIT... it's been over 3 years since she actually wrote about this band...", this afternoon's cochlear treats come courtesy of Afrobeta. Miami born and bred, they're priming debut album Under the Streets for a late summer outing, and have recently released their Play House EP, in which this lead single and subsequent remixes have been getting lots of the radly love.




Ok, so the original, Play House, jumps in with a burst of energy, seeing Cuci Amador's unique vocals paired neatly alongside Tony Smurphio's nasty funk. And then there's this whole bit which lasts from about the 1:44 through 1:58 sequence in which a Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam-esque vocal progession and cadence totally seals the deal for me.


And the mixes make for fine fun as well, coming courtesy of Alexander Technique and Junior Sanchez, Larry Tee and Sounduo. Not quite sure which is my favorite yet, so in that case, I'mm'a just keep listening to them all repeatedly.


Be a good lil' beast and go buy Afrobeta's Play House EP here. Also, video!



Play House - Larry Tee (Carnage Remix) by Afrobeta 



mp3: Afrobeta - Play House



Jessica 6 (ft Antony) - Prisoner of Love (new!)

Last month, we wrangled in NYC trio, Jessica 6, into the EVR studio on our weekly radio show, Belly of the Beast. (let's beat that fact over the head, as in, AHEM, you guys... it's Thursday, and the show is tonight at 8pm ET, so you should be listening right on ok thank you) Anyway, we dig them, and now they are offering up a new song, a free one if you will, from their forthcoming debut album, See the Light, which is due out June 7.




Prisoner Of Love [which] bridges electro and freestyle, featuring a soaring vocal melody that finds Nomi and guest vocalist Antony weaving their voices around each other to a stunning effect.


Those are some words from the press release.


Here are some from me: "I LIKE THIS A LOT". (and also ps: speaking of prisoners, and love, I was reminded of Colonel Abrams' Trapped... which talks about being in a cage, like a thieving bastard, and sounds nothing like this new song, but I really enjoy in this housey rework, and so you're getting that as well. pps: COFFEE RAMBLES!)




mp3: Jessica 6 (ft Antony) - Prisoner of Love

mp3: Colonel Abrams - Trapped (DJ Tonka Remix)



Monarchy - I Won't Let Go (new video!)

OMG ITS RAINING CUPCAKES! Um, hello, dreams do come true... at least in the new video for Monarchy's most amazing single, I Won't Let Go. If this wasn't already one of our favorite songs of the year, then this clip just solidifed it. So instead of writing more, I'll simply paste the lyrics to the song below the image, because, well... they are super. Watch the vid after that then, yeah?




I watch you from afar
Can't reach your burning star 
Still I will to keep you safe in my sight 
I know we hardly speak 
But your words I can complete 
I have built you up too high to talk you down 

And I won't let go 
I won't let go of you 
There's no limit to my love 
No limit to my love 
I won't let go my love 

Can't step over the line
And you don't give me any sign 
So I will take a deep breath and rise up 
I live unnaturally 
Half with you half with me
All my words lay wasted at your feet 

Can't you see I'm waiting for you to come back to me 
I never left you only you can choose whatyou wanna see 
What can I do I'm still in love with you








mp3: Monarchy - I Won't Let Go (Bag Raiders Remix)



PNAU - The Truth (new single and Sam La More remix!)

Sir Smiley McSmiles A Lot is in the building, granting grins to those who need a dose of happy. And how does this magical music mover make that happen? By letting us in on the new PNAU single, and a sweet fix from Sam La More.




The Australian duo of Nick Littlemore and Pete Mayes have described their forthcoming 4th studio album, Soft Universe, as “a bit Bowie, a bit Bono, and a bit Burt Bacharach”.


This single and subsequent remix, we say, are "a bit Beastly".






mp3: PNAU - The Truth (Sam La More Remix)




Yelle - Safari Disco Club (new song!)

She's already teased and tantalized us with La Musique (even though we like the Lorenz Rhode remix of that cut way better than the original), but Yelle is on a mission to come back to the tips of our tongues with her new single from her forthcoming album of the same name, Safari Disco Club, which is due out on March 22.




The song title mimics precisely what the song sounds like: a club of safari-cly awesome discofied proportions.


Ok... if that doesn't make sense to you, then just grab the cut for freezies and do a lil dance with me, mmk?






mp3: Yelle - Safari Disco Club




Sam Sparro - Pink Cloud (free EP!)

In lieu of his upcoming sophomore album, Return to Paradise, Australian pop artist Sam Sparro decided to unleash a new and free EP for all ears to hear. And whilst this all happened prior to the turn into the new year, we're slightly behind on the good stuff here in Beastonia, but that makes it no less rad. No, in fact, we're appreciating it even more now that the initial "zomg wow and how" factors have worn off on everyone else, and we can reveal how much our beastly little body is so affected by the sounds coming forth.


Sam sparro


In July of 2010, Sparro stopped by East Village Radio's Accidental Rhythm, with my pal Jason Eldredge on hosting duties, and he debuted new song Pink Cloud. The mostly instrumental jam is a nice slice of throwback lounge house and is an exciting new turn in sound from the musician.


Now, he's offering up the Pink Cloud EP for free, which features the song of the same name, subsequent remixes by Julian Brody, Nguzunguzu and Saint Le Roq, as well as the b-side, You's a Nasty.


I'd be remiss and sorely mistaken if I didn't admit that this EP has been on more often than not over the course of the past week. And I don't see that changing any time soon. You can join me on this epic musical quest by downloading the release for the cost of naught, over on Sparro's site, or check out the video to the title track... OR watch the video below. The choice is yours... and every answer is oh so right.






mp3: Sam Sparro - Pink Cloud (Julian Brody Remix)

mp3: Sam Sparro - Pink Cloud

mp3: Sam Sparro - You's A Nasty




MEN Announce Next Single, Tour Dates and Debut Album Details

New single? Off Our Backs. New tour? UK dates only. New/debut album? Talk About Body, due out in early 2011. And that, dear beasts, is what's going on in the world of MEN these days. All of which, makes me a very happy girl this morning. Let's talk more about the info...and more 'bout 'dem bodies and backs!




JD, Ginger and Michael are releasing Off Our Backs as their next single, and even though it's the first foray I'd had in to the listening pleasures of this trio, it's still just as current and relevant and awesome...and it's seeing it's proper release on November 1. The packages come prepped as below...


7" Vinyl 
A1. Off Our Backs 
B1. Off Our Backs (Jeppe's Money Is A Major Issue Remix)

Digital Bundle 
1. Off Our Backs (Album version)
2. Off Our Backs (Jeppe's Money Is A Major Issue Remix)
3. Off Our Backs (Lemonade Remix)
4. Off Our Backs (Steven Bloodbath Remix)

To coincide with the release, the troupe is hitting the UK for a short jaunt through the countryside, and here are the dates you need to know if you wanna catch 'em live.
And finally, MEN will release their debut album, Talk About Body, in the "close to beginning of 2011" portion of the impending year.
I'm high fiving myself all day today in anticipation of this release!





The Brute Chorus - Heaven (Chew Lips Remix)

And yet, one more reason to absolutely fall in love with Chew Lips. I make no bones about my appreciation for their brand of fun and effective danceable electropop...seriously, check dem archives for a gank o' Chewy radness. So this morning, an email from bandmate James made me smile a big'un, and you know what, the song is a tasty treat to boot.



The lads in that pic up there? Well, we all know that's not Chew Lips, but it is their pals, The Brute Chorus, who are gearing up to release their new single, Heaven, on September 6. Which brings us to this AM's email message...


"thanks for all the posts you have done about us & all the support, we really appreciate it. as a little token of thanks here is a remix I just finished yesterday for our friends The Brute Chorus. its a mix of their new single Heaven which comes out Sept 6th, hope you like it!

thanks again, & hope to see you next time we're in NYC.

James / Chew Lips x" 


Mutual appreciation, dude. So totally mutual. On that note, this mix is double mondo aces and you're gonna want to jump in on the awesomeness that I'm experiencing right now.


mp3: The Brute Chorus - Heaven (Chew Lips Remix)




Robyn - Love Kills (new song!)

Fortunately for us, and moreso unfortunately for the artist, Robyn's Body Talk Pt 2 leaked last week, and unless you've been on a sans-technological vacation, then you've probably already got the entire thing in your greedy little paws. Hell, we do, and we're not ashamed to admit it. But now it's time to give a little more than my "OMG WOWIE ZOWIE" tweets and twips...further we dive, into the depths of the awesome.



In going back through a multitude of Swede-singer dolloped posts from the past few months, I noticed a trend beginning back in March, when clips of 4 new songs surfaced in a documentary for a cable station in her homeland. Three of those had already been revealed on Body Talk Pt 1, but the last, known solely as Looking for Love, was still left unturned and unheard. After the BTP2 track list was revealed and did not hold said song title, this beast's heart sank a little. 


Enter the leak of BTP2 and welcome the song Love Kills; which caught me off guard because it is, in fact, that one song I had so desperately been longing to hear in full. It was in that moment in which I literally leaped out of my chair and squealed...completely taking me by surprise in the best way possible. Savage Skulls work the production on this glistening and gargantuan dancer, which we'd fallen in love with even when heard in demo-style in this clip. (starts right at the beginning through the first 22 seconds)


Yes I am obsessed with Love Kills. And to think...it's not even the best cut from Body Talk Pt 2. Nope, that goes to Hang With Me, Dance to the Beat or Criminal Intent if you're still itching for a toe-tapper, or the proverbial favorite across all wanting listeners, Indestructible (acoustic). Robyn, you are #killingme, and I love it.


mp3: Robyn - Love Kills

Lo-Fi-Fnk - Sleepless (new song!)

Leo and August are back! The Swedish electropop duo, Lo-Fi-Fnk, have emerged from next to nothingness and churned out a new tune that will see a proper release later this summer. After having let out the video for Marchin' In back in January of this year, seems like the young lads are finally moving forward in the steps to follow up their 2006 debut, Boylife.



The Swedish duo's signature melodic sounds have been given a facelift with their return, with two glittery dance gems for their forthcoming single on Moshi Moshi due for release on September 20. A-side Sleepless blends full-on electro with the vibes of a 90s Ibiza warehouse rave to a perfectly pop effect where nostalgic sounds are evoked whilst the B-side, Layin’ Lo, showcases Lo-Fi-Fnk’s old school indie side complete with catchy choruses. (via)


Most excited!


mp3: Lo-Fi-Fnk - Sleepless



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