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Eli Escobar (ft Nomi Ruiz) - Desire (video!)


Forgive my admittedly self-inflicted delay on this clip (oooh, she a month old!), but time is time, and with each day that passes, we really genuinely fall in love with Eli Escobar and Nomi Ruiz's Desire a little more. Now, there's a video to boot, and it employs what we think is an AfterEffects "K-Hole Filter", no? Also, hey Prince Terrance.


In this video edit of the song, the singing/instrumentation from the 1:01 to 1:15 mark is ah sooo ah gooooood that I could repeat that sequence over and over and yeah, I'm going to.


Buy Eli's EP here.





Eli Escobar featuring Nomi Ruiz - Desire (Beg To Differ Remix) by EliEscobar 





Recap: Mad Decent's Block Party in NYC

Perfect weather and a swarm of great friends sprinkled with the obligatory tween-to-twenty ratio caliber crowd hit the South Street Seaport for Mad Decent's Block Party in New York City this past Saturday, August 7. And while it wasn't so much as a block of partying, rather a pier-full of the get downs, that didn't stop the sweat from flying, the feet from dancing and a lineup of the label's mates and pals from bringing their own blend of fun in the summer sun.



With a lineup boasting Das Racist, POPO, Eli Escobar, Paul Devro, Maluca, Bosco Delrey and Max Glazer (with special guests Jasmine Solano, Mr. Lexx, Telli, Ricky Blaze and Chelley), there was a nonstop onslaught of freaked out funkiness all afternoon long. While the goings seemed to start slow, Pier 17 eventually became a wave of teaming youngsters, eager to make contact with the artists, as well as crowd surf...nonstop. 


Highlights of the day included the break-dancing grandma, Mr. Lexx's grumbling tiger-purr vocals and performance, as well as high-fiving all of our really good pals who came out and kicked it for a good chunk of the day. Big ups to Mad Decent, Jelly and Diesel for tossing together a wild time.


Full set of pictures from the party can be viewed here.









mp3: Das Racist - Jungle Fever




Eli Escobar (featuring Amanda Blank) - Love Thing Part 3 (Only You) [new video!]

After getting Eli Escobar's Love Thing EP serviced out last week, his 4-part player has been on a certain sort of repetition here in Beastonia for the past several days. It's like house lounge with a buttery smooth topper, and if that description isn't enough to satsify you, then maybe some visuals will aid in your gobblings up of his new tunes too. Oh yeah, yum and yum.



With each track parlaying pretty killer emotions via la dance floor, the third song, Love Thing Pt. 3 (Only U) immediately sticks out, not just because our girl Amanda Blank sings* some deep stuff, but because even before today's video came out, I already had some visuals in mind. And they're not that far off.


Crying, smeared makeup, stoic self-portraits. Oh, and there's some thievery in a drugstore. Didn't really see that part coming, but it rounds out the story.


Watch the video that makes me feel real girl feelings now and then buy Eli's EP here.


* FYI if you've caught Blank live over the past year...she sings this song as an intro before jumping up into Might Like You Better. Took me a while to realize why it sounded so familiar, but bam bam bang, figured it out.




mp3: Eli Escobar (featuring Amanda Blank) - Love Thing Part 3 (Only You)



Eli Escobar's Love Thing EP Out Now

Currently cranking up the Beatport chart and out on iTunes July 13 via Plant Music, Eli Escobar's Love Thing EP is a hum diddly of a housey rad time. The 4-track player has each track named as the EP's title, but broken into the quadrant parts, ie: Love Thing Part 1, and so on. Note to the wise: you are going to love this thing. Ingenuity in words!



It should be mentioned that Love Thing Part 3: Only You features the inimitably-awesome, and Beaston-approved to the max, Amanda Blank, who trades in her tough-girl bravado and unleashes her inner songstress. Mucho amor! This is not the first time Eli and Amanda teamed up. The two worked together on a remix of Britney Spears' Gimme More in 2007, which frankly, only helped work that song into our listening rotations.


You can stream Eli Escobar's Love Thing EP in the SoundCloud player below. Also, nom up that Brit track, just cause it's pretty cool.




mp3: Britney Spears (featuring Amanda Blank) - Gimme More (Eli Escobar Remix)


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