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Brett Domino Performs Nelly Furtado Medley Using Household Objects

And instruments. But mostly, I'm pretty infatuated with Brett Domino's "hither come nerdish genius" interpretation of a number of top of the pop chart toppers. He's done Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake, Ellie Goulding, and now he's graced us with a medley of Nelly Furtado tunes that span her entire career. Check out the video now, which features the songs: Maneater, Promiscuous, Say It Right, Turn Off The Lights, I’m Like A Bird and Night Is Young; all whilst using objects like kazoos, iPhone xylos, keytars, shower heads, bucket tops and more. More amazing than you can imagine.








mp3: Nelly Furtado - Night Is Young (BURNS Vocal Remix)

mp3: Nelly Furtado - Night Is Young




Win 2 Tickets to See Ellie Goulding at Hiro Ballroom!

Remember when I was all about Ellie Goulding for like a really hot minute? Well, I still think she's got some talent, and even though her debut album still sits a bit uneasy with me, I'm willing to give her another chance...and now I can, thanks to her her first NYC performance later this month, in advance of her debut album, Lights, getting its proper US release. Oh, wha's that? You want to go too? Alrighty then...let's contest this bad boy out!



Ellie is playing Hiro Ballroom on Thursday, September 30, and this show will be a great way to kickstart your fall: plenty of swooning sounds, emotions and Goulding's enchanting voice will chill ya to the core. Think you wanna cop deez tix? Enter as below!



Want to win the tickets to see Ellie Goulding? Start by following me  on twitter if you aren't already...winners get notified by DM, and the only way we can get a hold of you is by doing as such. Next, copy and paste the below message and hit send!


yo, yo, hey @sheenabeaston, i need to see @elliegoulding on september 30 hiro ballroom, so light me up wit dem tix!


That's all you gotta do...easy peasy. Contest will remain open until Friday, September 24 at 5pm. Go!



mp3: Ellie Goulding - Under The Sheets (Baby Monster Remix)





Sunday Girl - Time To Pretend (new song & video)

Subdued, sublime and it's Sunday Girl! New song, Time to Pretend, finds the young singer in the pet shop where she was christened with her moniker, and the track takes a smooth slide into easy listening loving. Sunday Girl has just released a whole lot of new tour dates in support of Ellie Goulding and Bright Light Bright Light (Euro only). Peek 'em below the new video clip.




23 – Hoxton Hall, London

28 – O2 Academy Newcastle

01 – Empire, Middlesbrough
02 – O2 Academy, Leeds
03 – Academy, Manchester 
05 – 53 Degrees, Preston
06 – O2 Academy, Sheffield
08 – Engine Shed, Lincoln
09 – Rock City, Nottingham 
10 – Liverpool University
12 – Cardiff University
13 – O2 Academy, Bristol
15 – O2 Academy, Birmingham
16 – Guildhall, Southampton
17 – Leas Cliff Hall, Folkestone
19 – Hammersmith Apollo, London
22 – Dome, Brighton
23 – Corn Exchange, Cambridge
24 – Norwich U.E.A.
26 – Hexagon, Reading



mp3: Sunday Girl - Self Control (Jake Warren Remix)

mp3: Sunday Girl - Time To Pretend


Sky Ferreira - Wish I Stayed (new/old cover)

Dramas, back stories and intrigue, ooh la la! Well, kind of... Here's the deal: you might immediately recognize this song, either via the title or through listening, because Sky Ferreira's Wish I Stayed, is in actuality, an Ellie Goulding song. So wait, how does that enter into our world as such today? Let's read on, mmmkay?



Ms. Goulding wrote and recorded Wish I Stayed, upon whence Frankmusik asked Ms. Ferreira to record it. Sky changed up the structure of the song, which prompted Ellie to block the release, furthering on to change the way SHE sang it (in order to be like Sky's version), and that's it in a nutshell. Really old drama. Really great cover, demo, original, whatever you want to call it.


It should also be noted that there will be a Frankmusik and Sky collaboration on her new album. No more drama, hey Mary J, hey.


mp3: Sky Ferreira - Wish I Stayed



Lissie and Ellie Goulding - Everywhere I Go (Live at Great Escape Festival - video!)

Ready to up your swoon-meters? It's been quite a bit since I've writ about Ellie Goulding, after her lackluster debut album (rushed much?) left me at the verge of wanting and wafting...generally speaking, tossed to the bottom of a pile of much more matured sounding albums since its release. Forget all that haberdashery though, because in comes Lissie to save the day, and hey, Ms. G's tipping a bit of the rad scale too!



Together, the two gals hit the stage during Lissie's set at the Great Escape Festival on May 15. Pairing up for Everywhere I Go, the flaxen-haired singers combine for a perfectly harmonic and lovely rendition of the song, that has me hitting play over and over again.


Makes me want to cry it's so good.


Watch now, then pre-order Lissie's debut album, Catching the Tiger, here. It's out June 22.




mp3: Lissie - Everywhere I Go



Beastly Bits #67

No. Uh uhn. These allergies...yo, you gotta get the heck out of Beastonia like right now.


And while I attempt to banish these sinus issues, I'm attempting to give a go at a full day of posting and radness. Even though I bailed yesterday. Sorry.


Crystal Castles announce October UK tour and ticket details. link


A "last-weekend" and "look ahead" Belly of the Beast on East Village Radio. link


Madonna in and on the cover of Interview. link


The James Rutledge mix of Ellie Goulding's Guns and Horses is free below.


The Dead Weather, Hole and Primus announce summer tours. link


mp3: Ellie Goulding - Guns and Horses (James Rutledge Remix)



Introducing: Bright Light Bright Light

Not to be confused with Lite Brite, Rainbow Brite, light sabers, or any sort of toy with the words bright or light in them, London's Bright Light Bright Light (yep it's so nice, you say it twice) jumped into Beastonia directly before flying out for SXSW. In turn, we lost track a bit, but the cool chap hit us up again today with a fair reminder that I needed to get the radness ready for your ears.


Bright Light Bright Light is a project mixing a love of the dancefloor with a love of classic songwriting. Focused around the songs of Welsh singer, writer, producer Rod Thomas, it's a collection of shimmering pop songs. His debut album, Make Me Believe In Hope, has been recorded with the help of Boom Bip (Neon Neon), Andy Chatterley and Friendly.


The track, A New Word to Say, comes from the release and was produced by Boom Bip. It's a glassy slice of discotuned treats that gets better around every 8-count. Between Thomas' crisp vocals and a tight production set, I've got a few new words to say about this cut...put, it, on, and repeat. How's that work for ya?


Bonus tracks below: James Yuill's remix of A New Word to Say and BLBL's remix of Ellie Goulding's Under the Sheets. Everybody wins today!


mp3: Ellie Goulding - Under the Sheets (Bright Light Bright Light Boys Remix) 

mp3: Bright Light Bright Light - A New Word to Say (James Yuill Remix)

mp3: Bright Light Bright Light - A New Word to Say


Beastly Bits #19

There's snow on the ground in NYC this morning, and to accompany it, a huge dusting of music news to tackle.


Break out your warm duds and start shovelin' through this pile of the cool stuff!


Michel Gondry’s newest music video is for Mia Doi Todd’s Open Your Heart. It's colorful and all sorts of wonderful. Watch here.

Lucky LA-er's will be pleased to know that Goldfrapp is doing a one-off show at the Hollywood Bowl on June 27. Info here.

So what's the deal with the Def Jux rumors that have been swirling this week? Read all about the changes here.

Monarchy tackles Ellie Goulding's Starry Eyed with an outer-spacey slice of a mix. (it's free below) Goulding also announced 3 new UK tour dates which can be found here.

Fall Out Boy breaks up. No one cares. Details here if you do.


mp3: Goldfrapp - Rocket (RichardX One Zero Remix)

mp3: Ellie Goulding - Starry Eyed (Monarchy The Horse Head Nebular Remix)


Ellie Goulding - Starry Eyed (new video!)

One of our "Beasts to Watch in 2010" is the endearingly-talented, Ellie Goulding. With a mix of pixied-vocals and the stellar production of Starsmith backing her, there's no doubt she'll reap the rewards of her efforts over the past few months.


Goulding has already cemented star-status by earning the BBC Sound of 2010 top honor, along with the Critics Choice nod in the Brit Awards. She's just released the video for her next single, Starry Eyed, which is as equally exceptional as her first foray, Under The Sheets. Watch now, as Ellie literally, trips the light fantastic!



This weekend, Pete Tong debuted Max Vangeli and AN21's remix of Starry Eyed. I've been given the "go-ahead" to let you eat this one up, but you should know, it does have Tong's vocals scattered throughout, albeit scarce.  Dividerline

mp3: Ellie Goulding - Starry Eyed (Max Vangeli and AN21 Remix) 


Beastly Bits #2

I actually had this drafted and posted three (yes 3!) times yesterday, but some faulty tech issues had me scrap it all and starting over again today. Let's roll.


Breakfast is served. And it's super beefy, because both yesterday and today's bits are included.


Third Man Records will release 2 new Wanda Jackson singles; the first will be a cover of Amy Winehouse's You Know I'm No Good. Jackson plays Brooklyn's Knitting Factory on February 11. Tickets here.  

If you fancy yourself down under on Sunday, January 10, then I recommend you check out the Days Like This! festival. The lineup is massive and tickets are still available here.

Musician Kenna has developed the Summit on the Summit program, an initiative that strikes awareness on the clean water crisis. Artists and actors will climb Mt Kilimanjaro to raise funds. Santigold started her trek yesterday...follow her progress here.

Avian X unleashed a new remix of her 2009 hit, Dark Circles. The fix comes from Josh Harris and is available as a free download below.

LA-based electro doo-hop trio, Hyper Crush, are currently in the studio. Watch them in action here.

Last week, I exclusively debuted a new My Gold Mask track, which can be found on their stunning new EP, A Thousand Voices. Stream or download the release in full over here.

Want to win tickets to see Zambri, MNDR and Tayisha Busay at Glasslands on January 21? Enter here.

Ellie Goulding wins the BBC Sound of 2010 honor. No surprise here, but most well deserved.

The enigmatic YouTube user, iamamiwhoami, sprung forth with 2 viral videos yesterday. Some say it's an album teaser for Goldfrapp or Christina Aguilera. Either way, my interest is piqued! Watch the stunning clips here.

Check out a video of Ian McCulloch in the East Village Radio studio with Mark Ronson from the night I hosted back in December. Special intro by yours truly. Watch here.


mp3: Avian X - Dark Circles (Josh Harris Remix)

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