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The Pretty Reckless - Love The Way You Lie vs Islands (Eminem, Rihanna vs The XX Cover)

This happened on the BBC's Radio 1 Live Lounge. The Pretty Reckless power their way through a mashed up rendition of The xx's Islands and Eminem and Rihanna's current chart topper, Love the Way You Lie.


I kind of dig it.


mp3: The Pretty Reckless - Love The Way You Lie vs Islands (Eminem, Rihanna vs The XX Cover)


Eminem (featuring Rihanna) - Love the Way You Lie (new video!)

"Just gonna stand there and watch me burn...well that's alright, because I like the way it hurts." Yes, Eminem's song, Love the Way You Lie, featuring the purred chorales of Rihanna, has been out for well more than a hot minute. But upon first hearing the chart-topping tune a ways back, something struck up an emotional chord with me and I had to keep it under wraps, or I'd have started blubbering like a beastly baby. Feelings!



This Megan Fox and Dominic Monaghan featuring clip for the song enhances the things the track makes me feel. Good on y'all...making a girl cry. 


Also...LIP SNARLS! (:10 mark)




mp3: Eminem, Rihanna, Tupac and Jay-Z - Love The Way You Lie (M-Twist Remix)


The White Panda - Rematch (free album!)

Rematch, the sophomore release from DJ/masher duo, The White Panda, has just been let out of its cage, and dadgum y'all, it's a free slice of radness. If you're looking for something entertaining to toss on your BBQ playlists this weekend that spans nearly every genre, then search no more. We gots ya covered!



Here's what the masked mammals have to say about the album...


We’ve taken 47 mashups and created 14 tracks, providing you with just under an hour of fresh party music. You can download it in any format, at any quality, for free, by clicking here (of course, we did give you the option to make a donation to support the White Panda’s future endeavors – musical steroids and equipment aren’t free). Remember to disable shuffle on your i(Tunes/Pod/Pad/Phone) as this album is meant to be played straight through. Enjoy y’all.


And now, the track list. If you want to see all the songs used, hit it here. Whew!


1. Juicy O’Riley
2. Genius of Play
3. Excuse Me Miss Cyrus
4. Sugar Groove
5. Smooth Ballin’
6. The Independent Touch
7. Get Ready To Go Low
8. I’ll Get Your Whistle
9. Raining Rude Boys
10. I Wish I Broke Your Heart
11. Rhythm To The House
12. Overnight Panther
13. Drake’s Goin’ Down
14. Pop Bottles Baby


mp3: Eminem x The Juan MacLean - Shake Every Simple Thing (The White Panda Mash)



Beastly Bits #86

After a 100% amazingly awesome weekend (did you notice I was sans communicado blog-wise for the past few days...natch!), it's time to get back on into the rad.


Anyone sunburnt? I'm golden toasty and ready to slather on some sizzling new tunes and info hits to soothe your soul. Jump on it!


The Like debut an acoustic video where they perform a cover of The Shirelles' Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow and their new single He's Not a Boy. link


Kylie Minogue's video for All The Lovers is sexual. link


Pink, Lil Wayne and Rihanna all guest on Eminem's upcoming disc, Recovery. Interesting. link


DazedDigital's exclusive interview with Die Antwoord in Cape Town is killer. link


Filip Filipi and Shanell's Can You Rock gets wicked over by Nguzunguzu. I love it. Download below.


mp3: Filip Filipi (featuring Shanell) - Can You Rock (Nguzunguzu Remix)


Beastly Bits #74

Wow did I have a rad one last night. More on that to come, but hint hint...


...I got attacked...MASSIVELY. Insert wink face here.


So that Twilight soundtrack is shaping up to be pretty ok, yeah? link


Brandon Flowers reveals solo album details. link


Midnight Juggernauts announce some down-under dates to support upcoming album, The Crystal Axis. link


Jay-Z and Eminem will play Yankee Stadium together in September. link


Breakbot's remix of Jamaica's I Think I Like U2 is high up on the list of "summer jam of all jams". Snag it.


mp3: Jamaica - I Think I Like U2 (Breakbot Remix)


Beastly Bits #65

Ooooh wee tons of great new music getting dished out today. Some from long standing favorites and others from new cats on the scene.



Shall we bit it up?


New Interpol track, Lights, is being given away by the band...for free. link


Midnight Juggernauts new one, Get Connected, is all sorts of organ-infused radness. link


Miss Info's got the new Eminem cut, Not Afraid, from upcoming album, Recovery. link


Egyptian Hip Hop make a special, and free, mix for Dummy. link


Electro, Carioca, Baile-inspired mix from Leo Justi. Mmmm delicious and a free download below.


mp3: Leo Justi - Dunno Riddim (Kid Conga Remix Instrumental)




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