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ceo - Come With Me (new song and video!)

Last month, we geeked for the mysterious ceo and his short teaser videor for Prologue. The recent Modular addition has kept fairly quiet over the past few weeks, but there's really no doubt now that the dude behind the chairman title is Eric Berglund of the Swedish duo, The Tough Alliance. Go Gothenburgians!



Come With Me is the latest installment of awesome from the lanky Swede, and it's a poppy slice of glistening goodness. Heck, we'll go so far as to say we could hear this on a children's show because it instills so much happiness every time we spin the song.


We'd refrain from letting the kiddos watch the video, though, thanks to that whole "cutter" scene. Both the audio and video, however, are fair game for you to take on. 


ceo's debut album, White Magic, is out June 29 via Modular.



mp3: ceo - Come With Me

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