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Metronomy - The Bay (new video!)

Oye! This band, this song and oh man, this video. Metronomy have a rather pleasant effort with their latest album, The English Riviera, specifically and moreso and heretofor, the single, The Bay. Slices of funked out guitar riffs intertwine with falsetto vocals for a trip down "memories you didn't know you had" lane. Meaning... I've wanted this sort of summer forever, not sure that I've ever had it, but will strive to now, so long as I've got this pretty lil' cut soundtracking the journey. New video... now!




PSST! The Erol Alkan rework, as expected, is 9+ minutes of beautiful brilliance. If you haven't heard it already you are either deaf or no friend of mine. In which case, I apologize for my rudeness in the first instance and feel sorry for yours in the latter.






mp3: Metronomy - The Bay (Erol Alkan's Extended Rework)



Beastly Bits #52

We're turning in another brief installment of the bits.


It may be like so for a while. Tons to wade through. Spring/Summer music season and concert going is upon us. Wonderful!


The Pipettes bring their cute selves by with a new remix for Stop the Music. Download below.

M.I.A. dissed Lady Gaga. That's nice, now make some new music. link


Want news on Erol Alkan and Boys Noize's double A single? link  


Laura Marling thinks illegal downloaders should not be criminalized and eberyone cheers. link


A day after announcing she'd tour with Rihanna, Nicki Minaj backs out. Somewhere, Barbie is crying. link


mp3: The Pipettes - Stop the Music (Kat Heath Remix)



Gonzales Wets Our Appetite at Joe's Pub Again

If the first two Thursdays of this month are any indication, then I hereby declare February to be now known as Gonzuary. Sure it might not immediately make sense, but if you were lucky enough to catch Gonzales' second performance at Joe's Pub last night, complete with special guest Andrew WK, then you'll fully support the notion of the name change.


Beginning once again, with a set of modernly-interpreted classical numbers, Gonzales captured the immediate attention of a full house. Sharing stories of his current stay in NYC, he took us through a short 4-act play in which he regaled tales of growing up with his parents, potty training and his inevitable rise to "piano genius", as dubbed by his grandfather.

Gonzo entertained with another solo effort before bringing out a staple of the NYC rocking night scene in his good pal, Andrew WK. After a slight technical difficulty, the pair joined up for a traditional French song in which the long-haired lad impressively sung over his counterpart's accompaniment.


After WK left the stage, our weekly entertainer once again launched into his rousing rendition of I Need a Hero with the perfectly played segue into Hotel California serving as the night's "final song". 'Twas not long before the pair emerged again, to join forces on one of the rocker's own tunes.

What amounted next was of the raddest proportions. Watch as Gonzales and Andrew WK shred through a rendition of I Get Wet. (thanks to psamp for the video)



If you missed the first two shows during Gonzales' residency, you still have two more chances to catch him this month. Next week, A-Trak joins him on stage, and Princess Superstar rounds out the residency. More information can be found here.


mp3: Erol Alkan - Waves (Chilly Gonzales Piano Remake)

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