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Mason - Le Big Bob (song / video premiere!)


Confession: I've always held a burning hatred for bologna and hot dogs; those "never not natural" circular slab of pink icky-ness. Why must I admit such a fact? Well, inspiration from a heavyweight snack that Mason ate whilst on tour recently led them to create a video that coincides with the sounds of Le Big Bob, a tune packed with cholesterol and heart attack-inducing musical obesity. So aside from the pork products peeking up, I fully endorse this yummy clip and cut.




Mason's Le Big Bob is out November 14 via Beatport with official fixes coming from Inflagranti, Disco Of Doom, Luke Walker and the standard "Refurb" from the boys themselves.


Have a napkin handy. Salivations forthcoming...





Mason - Le Big Bob by Mason 





Kimbra - Cameo Lover (Shook Remix)


We know Kimbra. We love Kimbra. We know Shook. We love Shook. So when a super duper Dutch producer in the latter grabs a hold of a New Zealander's song stylings in the former... magic happens, and we're pretty darn pleased to toss it in your direction.




Grab this free remix now before it's everywhere.


Because it WILL be.


FUNK and GO!




mp3: Kimbra - Cameo Lover (Shook Remix)



Hussle Club - Quaranteenagers (video debut!)

One time, me and my pal Terry, nee Prince Terrence, aka the frontman for local troupe Hussle Club, were out at a party and we looked at each other and remarked that we might, in fact, be the physical recalculation of one another in male and female form regarding style and schwagger. Only major difference, aside from the obvious anatomicals, is that PT is a ridiculously rad singer and songwriter who kills in every sense of the artistic word. Me? I'm just a nerd who writes a blog.




Hussle Club's got a pretty kickin' song in Quaranteenagers. And now there's an accompanying new video to boot.


Let's get to it... no clones were harmed in the process.






mp3: Hussle Club - Loose Tights (Star Eyes Remix)



I'm Flashy, Pigeons & Planes and Sheena Beaston Present: Rai Knight's Self-Portrait Mixtape

Together with the superior skills and thrills of buddy sites, I'm Flashy and Pigeons and Planes, I'm super jazzmatazzed to reveal our tri-hosting of the brand new mixtape from a Beaston-fave in Rai Knight. You want the goods? Cause you're gonna get 'em!




With a little funk and a lot of soul, Rai returns to Beastonia with a 7-cut offer that's available on the fre and it's something we suggest you get in on now. Having already revealed her Black Milk cover of Without U, the track anchors the short and super stellar Self-Portrait mixtape that showcases a skill set we've been heralding for some time. Grab it in full, here.


Rai Knight - Self-Portrait Mixtape Track List
1. I Can Move Your Heart
2. My Verdict
3. Persistence
4. We've Been Thru
5. Thank You Vengeance
6. The Sweetness
7. Without U


Little treat below too. Oooh yeah!




mp3: Rai Knight - I Can Move Your Heart




Mason (ft Roisin Murphy) - Boadicea (Oliver $ Remix)


Ay mami! This is EPIC. EPIC. [EPIC!] Yeah, odd way to write that out, but in this, the Oliver $ remix of Mason and Roisin Murphy's Boadicea (a song which is fantastic in any form or fix), the word "epic" gets a right repeat on, and oh boy, is it ever Beaston-approved.




Dutch duo Mason make the kind of records that often defy being pigeon holed and given a label. Their productions have been destroying dance floors to tearing it up the World’s charts for the better part of the past 5 years, laying the foundations for more forward thinking music. Its not about making records for but rather just making good honest music... and that brings us to today.


Boadicea got its proper release yesterday on Beatport (buy it here), but in the meantime you can grab up on the Oliver $ mix which we are la-la-loving! Free on the download tip below.


The song comes off of Mason's forthcoming album, They Are Among Us. Cannot wait!




mp3: Mason (ft Roisin Murphy) - Boadicea (Oliver $ Remix)



James Delay - I Am Error (new song!)

You know what we really like? Good music. Loaded answer? Sure. But when it comes to newbie, James Delay, there's really no other option than to classify his gentle touches as really really good great music. Seriously beasts. And with the advent of a new song, which we're happy to debut here, well, shit. We let Delay's ditties do the talking.




The new song is called I Am Error


The new song is a seductive slink through an instrumentally sonic scape that makes us feel some real feelings, much like his last tune, Howl, sent us through. This kid's got the goods.


And you can get 'em below. 'Em being the goods. The goods being this new jam.




mp3: James Delay - I Am Error




Sleigh Bells - Rill Rill (Clique NewTrends Remix)

Hey! Here's a pretty little way to start your weekend on the right note, foot and what have you. Clique, are both a remix crew and a wildly popular club night of the same name in Manchester. That's the UK, you blimey brats. In getting a message from Ian, one of the collective's members, he's made me smile quite a long while, and so we're sharing this with you. 


Sleigh bells clique remix


Ian notes: "We've just finished our remix of Sleigh Bells' Rill Rill, and we'd like you to be one of the first to hear it - we managed to get an exclusive from Derek, to do the first proper discoey remix of the amazing [song]. We stripped it down and built it back up with live guitars, disco glitter and pop magic thrown at it, for extra dancefloor-friendliness. We were listening to a lot of Phoenix, Chic and Balaeric House when we made this!"


This, plain and simple, is ruling my beastly world.


Get it below, and give Clique some listening love on their S'Cloud.




mp3: Sleigh Bells - Rill Rill (Clique NewTrends Remix)




CockNBullKid - Hold On to Your Misery (Dreamtrak Diamond Sound Remix)

You heard the exclusive world premiere of the Dreamtrak Diamond Sound Remix of CockNBullKid's next single, Hold On to Your Misery, on East Village Radio's Belly of the Beast earlier tonight, and now you can download the track for free.




We're all winners!




mp3: CockNBullKid - Hold On to Your Misery (Dreamtrak Diamond Sound Remix)



MNDR, BEMF and CNBK on EVR's Belly of the Beast Tonight

How's that for a damn post title? It's like, "hey ILU IRL LOL WTF NBD". And if you can't understand anything I'm spitting at you right now, then let me make it a little bit easier.




I have a radio show. You already knew that. 


What you didn't know is that I have a HUGE night planned, with MNDR live in studio, a special BEMF preview session and, AND I'm world premiering a new CockNBullKid song, which you can download for free as soon as the show ends.


More details here.




mp3: Penguin Prison - Golden Train (Kim Fai Radio Edit)




Hannah Rad - Honky Tonk Put a Donk On It (new mixtape!)

Well, well, well...what have we here? Yes, my rad little fingers and brain and body have all joined forces to concoct a new mixtape for you. And yes, as mentioned in a previous post, this was done solely using that "one thing" I keep going on and on about. 




No more words. Let's give it up to the tunes to do the talking.


1. Intro
2. The Coasters - Down in Mexico
3. The Coasters - Down in Mexico (Beaston Beats Fix)
4. Boots Brown - Cerveza
5. La Lupe - Fever
6. Bo Diddley - Hush Your Mouth
7. The Nobleman - Dragon Walk
8. Jan Davis - Watusi Zombie
9. The Megatons - Shimmy Shimmy Walk
10. The Majestics - Oasis
11. DiAnne Price - Pig Meat
12. The Doors - Been Down So Long (Streetlab Mix)
13. The Supremes - Baby Love
14. Jim Croce - Bad Leroy Brown
15. Loretta Lynn - Mrs. Leroy Brown
16. Los Bravos - Black is Black



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