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Mystery Jets Offer Free Mixtape

Once best known for having vocalist and songwriter Blaine Harrison’s dad in the band, they booted him out when they got famous enough to get laid after live shows (note: this may or may not be true). Mystery Jets have made some of the most enjoyable indie music of the last half a decade, including the barn-storming Can’t Fool Me Dennis, Two Doors Down and Diamonds in the Dark.



The band recently released their third album proper, Serotonin, and with it have made a promotional mixtape that you can grab exclusively at FACT. Compiled by Blaine, it’s packed with idiosyncratic, delicate pop and features a specially designed “mixtape for FACT magazine” intro that makes us feel dead fuzzy inside. A bit like the Mystery Jets’ songs do, actually. (via)


Download the mixtape here, which includes songs from ELO, Genesis, Roxy Music, Fleetwood Mac, Todd Rundgren and more.


mp3: Mystery Jets - Serotonin




The Hundred In The Hands Release Album Details

The past two months, a good portion of my time has been spent absorbing The Hundred in the Hands' debut EP, This Desert, watching their videos and basically telling all my friends that this is, without a doubt, a band that you simply must pay attention to. Late last month, I welcomed Eleanore and Jason into the East Village Radio booth with me to chat and have a rad time. We talked a bit about their freshman full-length, but now we've got even more details. Super win high five!



Hat tip to Fact Mag for the find. These are their words via THitH's below.


“Warp have sworn us to secrecy about the details but we recorded so much last year and decided we weren’t going to release any of it until we really had the record we wanted. It’s funny because for so long we’ve had the one song out in the world and now we have lots of tracks ready to go.”

“There’s definitely a few things that are more in the Jacques mode [DFA/Runaway's Jacques Renault has worked extensively with THITH], but also things that branch out a little further into other territories. We listen to a lot of 60’s mod and garage, post-punk classics like Young Marble Giants, Wire, The Cure, New Order; classic disco; vintage hip-hop; and loads of Studio 1/Trojan era ska and dub, and I think a lot of that merges in what we write. There’s a whole batch of tracks that we think of as having a more summer on the stoop vibe. They’re more dubbed out, gauzy and ethereal. And then there’s a whole other batch that are maybe more pulled together, sharper; night-music, avant-pop.” 


Track list is below. The album will be out via Warp this fall. The Hundred in the Hands are also now on twitter. Go stalk 'em!


1. Young Aren’t Young
2. Lovesick (Once Again)
3. Killing It
4. Pigeons
5. Commotion
6. This Day Is Made
7. Dead Ending
8. Gold Blood
9. Dressed In Dresden
10. Last City
11. The Beach



mp3: The Hundred in the Hands - In To It



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