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Beastly Bits #108

108 is great! After the most shittiest of shitshow weeks, I got home last night to find an unmarked, no-return address envelope with a slightly heavier than normal package inside.




Someone mailed back my stolen wallet! A bit of faith is restored in humankind...and a ton of bits are below in return. (Plus it's an "early dismissal" work day and Monday is observed for the holiday...so we don't gotta come back to work for what seems like forever. Amazing.)



Tonight is Famous Friends' FREE Summer Funhouse, with Treasure Fingers, Nick Cathcdubs, VDRK and OCD Automatic. GO! link


Deerhunter reveals new album details. link


We love Janelle Monae. So does NYLON TV. link


Footage from Peaches' Asian tour is live and running. link


You're welcome for what you're gonna snag below. Fitting for the holiday, and NO it's not the shoddy radio rip once posted before.


mp3: Kelis - 4th of July (Fireworks) (Rusko Remix)


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