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Fever Ray - The Wolf (new song!)

Ummmm, WHAT? WHEN? AY! Not sure how this hit of info slipped past thine Beastly eyes and ears, but there is a new Fever Ray song. It is called The Wolf, and will appear on the official soundtrack for the upcoming Red Riding Hood movie. Also, I am officially done now. As in.. oh man you guys this song just killed me. So good.








mp3: Fever Ray - The Wolf



Fever Ray Scores Hour of the Wolf Stage Production

Karin Dreijer Andersson, best known as Fever Ray and as one half of The Knife, has been working on music for a new production of Ingmar Bergman’s Hour Of The Wolf. This marks another notch in KDA's stage belt as she and brother Olof scored last year's Charles Darwin opera, Tomorrow, In a Year.


Fever ray


Bergman began writing Hour Of The Wolf in 1964 and filmed it in 1968, with Max Von Sydow and Liv Ullmann starring. A psychological horror movie of sorts, it tells the story of of an artist haunted by unsettling visions and his attempts to explain his plight to his wife. Developed from a script with the working title of The Cannibals, it is regarded as one of Bergman’s most personal movies, and the fact that the filmmaker suffered a nervous breakdown during its writing lends it a certain extra charge.


The premiere of the new stage adaptation has been set for March 12 at the Kungliga Dramatiska Teatern in Stockholm (much like everything rad that Karin and/or The Knife do, it's sadly not something accessible in the States). Andersson became involved in the production through her visual collaborator Andrea Nilsson, who is acting as set designer. More information and tickets here. (via Fact)




mp3: Royksopp - This Must Be It (Rex The Dog Remix)






Furacao 2000 x Fever Ray x The Twelves - Um Tapinha Nao Doi (André Paste Mash)

Let it be known, my Portugese is mega shaky. And by that, I mean I know not one lick of the language, although with a bit of help from some friends and online translatorials, I was able to come up with the English equivalent of what this track is trying to say, who the original artist is, and so on and so forth. So say thank you...because that's more work and research than I've done in a long time. Also, this mix is killing me so sweetly right now, so you should probably join in the fun.



This mash, mix, medley of radness comes from André Paste, who apparently (at least according to his press blurbs on MySpace) has seen quite a good bit of positive reviews of his past work. Here, the Brazilian takes Furacao 2000's Um Tapinha Nao Doi (translated as Hurricane 2000's A Paddling Not Hurts), lifts the vocals and lays them ever so effortlessly on his fellow countrymen, The Twelves' remix of the hauntingly special Fever Ray track, Seven. 




Yep, this goes on repeat for the rest of the afternoon. But you probably already knew that was coming.


mp3: Furacao 2000 x Fever Ray x The Twelves - Um Tapinha Nao Doi (André Paste Mash)

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