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Ladytron - Ace of Hz (new song!)

Well this was unexpected and somewhat outta the blue. And equally as pleasurable. Ladytron, they of mucho Beaston amore, have been fairly quiet since their 2008 release, Velocifero. Spotting up on random tour dates and even randomer artist collaborations (see: Christina Aguilera's producers on her bonus track, Birds of Prey, from latest album Bionic), it's with a sexy ear that we're listening and loving on new material from the foursome.




Late last month, via their twitter (because isn't that how ALL new music/album releases are being revealed these days?), the band mentioned new song, Ace of Hz, would be featured on the soundtrack for upcoming video game Fifa 2011. The OST is officially out now, and yep, the song is ready for you to wrap your minds and bodies around.


Pretty typical Ladytron material, with its whispery vocals and intimate undertones. I dig it, but I'm in even more in love with the track name, because, well...




Good on ya, mates. Ace of Hz will be properly released on November 30.




mp3: Ladytron - Ace of Hz



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