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Dinner With the Band - Premiere Party at Santos

I'm telling you right now...you have nowhere to be at 7pm tomorrow, April 13, because I'm hooking you up with free food, beer, and music. Ok, well not me per se, but our buddies Greg, Darin, Sam and Andrew are cooking up (puns!) a night of the funnest and tastiest freebies.




To celebrate the new season/episodes of Dinner With the Band on IFC, beginning April 27 at 10pm, Santos Party House will become home to a celebration, joining so many sensual sensory senses that we might just explode from the awesomeness.


Here's the scoop: this is open to the public. And it's free. (full flyer here) Just nod your head yes and jump down to Lafayette Street and hang with some really cool people tomorrow. C'mon...do it.


Seriously. See you all tomorrow. Nom nom nom.


mp3: Notorious B.I.G. - Party and Bullshit (Ratatat Remix)



Introducing: PUNCHES

4 Friends. 3 Tracks. 2 Lofts. 1 PUNCHES. 0 Regrets. This sounds like a barrel of disco-tinged dude fun and hell, I'm jumping on board this rad train immediately. PUNCHES, in essence, is an endeavor holding the likes of Alan Astor, Kid Robb and our favorite twin spinners, DJ Never Forget and Terry Diabolik of Finger on the Pulse-fame. There's simply no way this project can go wrong...this is all so right.




Back in the early stages of the year, we were given word that something was a'brewin' between these four pals, and alas, we're finally privy to give a listen and lovin' to the power of their productions. 


While we can't quite yet give you their debut original track, Let Go, along with their slinky remix of Au Revoir Simone's Only You, we can drop a tidy treat on  you...in the form of a mixtape. (don't worry, the aforementioned tunes get tossed in this mix, so you'll get to whet your whistle)


Check out the full track list below, grab the mix for free...and mark your calendar for April 24, when PUNCHES debuts their live showing on a bill with Moulinex, Xinobi, Justin Faust and VDRK. Commence the sweat-fest now.


Romanthony - Hold On 
Panther Hands - Young Gifted and Brown 
Chicane ft Tom Jones - Stoned In Love (Young Punx Remix) 
Swick - Grow Up (Cassian Remix) 
Au Revoir Simone - Only You (PUNCHES Remix) 
Classixx - I'll Get You (Treasure Fingers Remix) 
Ellie Goulding - Starry Eyed (Russ Chimes Remix) 
Figure & Sleepy T - It's Only Love 
Haritas - Your Love 
PUNCHES ft Alan Astor - Feeling Right


mp3: PUNCHES - Somebody Has To Help You (mixtape)

mp3: Bagraiders - Fun Punch (Whitenoise Remix)



Free Kid Sister Gig at Public Assembly Tomorrow!

As if that headline isn't enough to whet your whistle, then maybe the promise of a DJ set by our pals, Finger on the Pulse, as well as free Colt 45 will help convince you to come out and dance. Kid Sister is bringing her badass radness to Brooklyn tomorrow, April 6, for a night of free music and free libations. Wins all around!




Don't let that image fool you. This show is 100% at-no-charge to you. And it's a post-FotP birthday bash of sorts, so come celebrate with the twins, a beast, and a ton of other killer kids.


What could be better than that? RSVP is a must at this link.



mp3: Kid Sister - Down Azz Jawn


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