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Introducing: KA SO RE

Yep, that's KA SO RE, and bring on the avalanche of swoonery, because this Helsinki-based duo play some of the most unique modern and dark indie-disco. Having already conquered and stirred Finnish venues and audiences, this pair's progressive and intensive arrangements leaves no breathing room for boredom...so we're showing 'em some Stateside love. And you should too.



Established in 2008, KA SO RE is Juuso Malin and Henri Seger, whose musical influences stem from French disco house and 80s new wave from the 1980s. Creating one of the most light-hearted maxi releases of the upcoming summer is KA SO RE's Bunnies. Cute!  


This being their first effort since 2008's debut EP, Petite, the boys will release the long-awaited single on June 9 via GAEA Records. The B-side of the 12” vinyl includes two remixes by Rico Tubbs and Helsinki 78-82, who have both carved a name for themselves internationally.


Funky bass lines, squealing synths and a generous dose of hand-clapping make Bunnies beast-approved! Buy the single here.


mp3: KA SO RE - Bunnies (Rico Tubbs Remix)


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