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Going One Thousand Miles an Hour with autoKratz

autoKratz are David Cox and Russell Crank, two talented English blokes, primed to pump you up with their fresh and exciting brand of electronic music. Finding a home on the French label, Kitsuné Music, the boys have gained a sustainable chunk of international respect and notoriety for both their original works, along with a handful of hand-raising remixes.


Right before Christmas-time, one half of the duo, Russell Crank, found his way to New York City for some rest and relaxation. But not without having a proper chat with us first. Let's dive on in, as Russell waxes about meeting with his bandmate, getting sick, and how autoKratz energetically sounds like absolutely nothing.


SB: So, when did you get into town? RC: Um, we got here uh really early on, uh, yesterday morning. We didn’t get inside until 3 o’clock or something like that. We’ve just been on tour for four months constantly. So we got, like first opportunity we get to....actually breath. SB: And have a holiday here. Do you have any plans? RC: Uh, well, we’re here til Tuesday and then I’m gonna, eh, I’m from Manchester, so I’m going to go spend a bit of time with the family. But it’ll be good to try and concentrate and write some music also. SB: Awesome! Well aside from family then, how did you and David hook up and decided to make music together? RC: Um, we, met outside a club, and I got sick all over his shoes. SB: [laughs] For real?

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