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Flore (featuring Shunda K) - Cars (new video!)

Flore is a little bit weird, a whole lot of French, and getting loved up on by me at this very moment. First known as a skilled turntablist who knows how to shake the legs of the shy, bored and non-initiated cats, Flore quickly become a figurehead in the breakbeat scene in France and abroad, thanks to a dozen international releases.



In October of last year, Flore released RAW, an album of glitchy dance tracks, a handful of which featured Shunda K spitting a verse or two throughout. One such track is Cars, and if you're guessing that it's a Gary Numan sample that she's laying her licks around, then you'd be right on.


Track has a killer "uhn uhn uhn" beat and now there's a video to boot. The clip was done by Lightgraff...so you know there's some wickity wack wild colors going on here.


Watch now.




mp3: Flore (featuring Shunda K) - Cars



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