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Florrie - Left Too Late (Body Language Remix)

Well this is about the prettiest, most understatedly sexy slice of lovin' that I've heard all week. 


Body language


New York trio, Body Language, give a nice oomph and aah to Florrie's Left Too Late, which is found on her new and free EP, Introduction.


I can't recommend that you get this right quick.


Like, right now.




mp3: Florrie - Left Too Late (Body Language Remix)




Florrie - Left Too Late (new song!)


Mmm, hmmm and oh hell yes. Flaxen haired and verging on innocent vixen status, the lovely vocaled and immensely multi-talented Florrie has a brand new EP, a 4-track player which shes not only throwing up on iTunes, but also giving away for free. Because on top of her sweet pop sass, she's a generally rad human to boot. She's been dear enough to let us give you one of the cuts exclusively first and debut-ically here.


Florrie introduction


Florrie's Introduction EP will be available this week, maybe even as early as later today (imagine that it's live now!), but in the meantime, you can grab Left Too Late before you snag this tidily packaged piece of heat. Backed by camp Xenomania, with enough pop cred to stand on her own two feet, this singer on the rise is poised to take 2011 by storm...not that she hasn't already caused a bit of commotion this year.


Known for dishing out freebies on the reg, here we come at you with the news that you can grab her debut EP for the cost of naught. Tracks are as follows: Call of the WildGive me Your LoveLeft Too Late and Summer Nights. Last month, I spoke to the singer on East Village Radio's Belly of the Beast, and then got to debut the radio play of Call of the Wild. But now you can get another song for free below too. 


Wise move: grab this song, pay close attention to her twitter feed, cop the full EP here, and then say we didn't warn you. Go ahead. We'll wait.




mp3: Florrie - Left Too Late





Florrie - Give Me Your Love (Fred Falke Club Edit)


Since first writing about Florrie in March of this year, shne's been on quite the impressive dominance of my words, my listenings and playlists, and equally, she's hot on the radar of bloggers across many a genre. Thanks to backing by Xenomania, Fred Falke's sweeping and swooping skills, along with her own incredible talent to boot, the young artist rightfully earns all the respect that's been tossed her way. Oh, and did we mention, every song that's out there right now by the tow-headed talent has been personally sent out by herself...for free. It just doesn't get better than that.




Barely a month has passed since her latest dosing of new tunes, and we're already getting the pro quo Falke fixes of the songs. Wanna Be Starting Something and Give Me Your Love (the latter being higher on my listening quantity) are fine examples of what you can expect when giving your attention to Florrie tunes: pop tinged tunes that aren't your standard run-of-the-mill sugary sweet ones. Nope, these are quality cuts.


Ok, all that said, Florrie isn't quite ready to throw this new one out to you free the cost of naught just yet, but we are, so here we roll in with the exclusive. Pretty pumped to start our Friday off with this gem. Falke mixes up Give Me Your Love, and he takes an already special track, into an even shinier, happier existence.


Ready for what's gonna happen now? Play and repeat, repeat, repeat...aces.


mp3: Florrie - Give Me Your Love (Fred Falke Club Edit)





Beastly Bits #135

It's the last time these bits will ever come under the pretense of "I'm at this one old day job..." and that is a great feeling to have on this Friday morning. 




You don't what tastes so sweet without dipping in the sour, and we're on the path to the sweetest and tastiest and beastliest rad times. So let's bit! 


Lady Gaga celebrated selling 51 million singles by a burning piano live onstage. link


The 2011 Field Day lineup is awesome. I want to go to Sydney! link


Maluca's China Food mixtape is out now for the cost of free. link


Florence and the Machine to start recording new album in October? link


Florrie, as promised, is back again this week with a new song. You Wanna Start Something is the latest in her "I'm giving it all away for free" effort. It's got that Edge of Seventeen guitar rumble riff coupled with a slightly more rock-tinged tone from the singer, and yep, it's amazing as expected.


mp3: Florrie - You Wanna Start Something



Florrie - Give Me Your Love (new song!)

It's the summer of Florrie via Xenomania via all things lusciously awesomely pop-tinged and perfected! And very shortly, this season is going to get even hotter, because after we hit you up with the new song, Give Me Your Love, our fave fresh new femme is going to top that off with a second new song, You Wanna Start Something.



Give Me Your Love is a brand new original from the talented tow-head, and oh man, those deep drums are something grand! A sprinkling of piano, Florrie's crisp vocals and the swooping energy into the chorus make this a great slice of fun for all those "predators to catch their prey"!


Listen in and you'll know what I'm talking about. So good.


BONUS: as mentioned, we'll have You Wanna Start Something to share very soon, but in the meantime, you can gobble up the Jaxon remix of Come Back to Mine.


mp3: Florrie - Come Back to Mine (Jaxon Remix)

mp3: Florrie - Give Me Your Love




Beastly Bits #107

Seven is my lucky number. It was also the title of my favorite song of last year...




...add 100 to that and well kiddos, we've got just about the beastliest round of the bits coming your way this morning. Hooray!



Gary Numan to perform The Pleasure Principle in full on North American tour, beginning in Orlando, Florida on October 17. link


Ben Lee won a Cannes Gold Lion for his PSA. link


If you're in Las Vegas from October 1-3, check out Pavement and Sonic Youth headlining the Matador Records Bash. link


Video of HURTS hanging out in Athens and Stockholm. In all black and white, naturally. Gosh I love these cats.


Ready for your brain to shake with radness? Bart B More's mix of Florrie's Call 911 is a massive tune. Grab it, grab it, eh!


mp3: Florrie - Call 911 (Bart B More Remix)




Kitsuné x Ponystep - JBAG Minimix

Earlier this month, we dished out details re: the Kitsuné and Ponystep collaboration which will be released on July 5. A handful of the tracks I'm sure you've already heard. But if you want to hear snippets of each of the album cuts, then Ponystep's opwn Jerry Bouthier (aka JBAG) has tossed 'em all up for you whet your appetite.



Track list is still the same as below. Cool. 



1. Róisín Murphy - Momma’s Place
2. Bag Raiders - Turbo Love (Light Year Remix)
3. Munk - La Musica
4. Two Door Cinema Club - I Can Talk (French Horn Rebellion Remix)
5. Voltaire Twins - D.I.L. (JBAG’s Hot Pop Remix)
6. Florrie - 911 (BeatauCue Remix - JBAG Edit)
7. JBAG ft Louise Prey - X Ray Sex
8. Adamski - I Dream Of You (2010 Version)
9. Lindstrøm - I Feel Space (Freeform5 Remix / JBAG Re-Edit)
10. D-Pulse - Highway To Saturn (JBAG Edit)
11. Jupiter - Mama Used To Say
12. Act Yo Age - La Fumo Loco (In Flagranti Remix)
13. Rainbow Arabia - Holidays In Congo (Myd Remix)
14. Lo-Fi-Fnk - Steppin’ Out (Popular Computer Remix / JBAG Re-Edit)
15. May 68 - My Ways
16. David E Sugar - Party Killer
17. Booka Shade - Regenerate
18. Bunny Lake - Army Of Lovers (JBAG’s Hot Pop Remix)
19. Mustang - Try To Dance
20. Das Pop - Fool For Love (Aeroplane Remix)


mp3: Kitsune x Ponystep - JBAG Minimix

mp3: Florrie - 911 (BeatauCue Remix - JBAG Edit)

Beastly Bits #100

It's official...


...I'm a centenarian. Nay. I'm a Beastophile, through and through. Celebrate with these hits of the rad.


Read a cool interview with Two Door Cinema Club. link


Watch someone paint Allison Mosshart of The Kills and The Dead Weather. link


Florrie's got a new jam/drum video. She's going southern rock and oh so rad this time. link


What are the 25 things you "must" do at Glastonbury? Check it out here.


Devlin's mixtape for DazedDigital is ace. Listen at this link.


mp3: Siouxsie And The Banshees - Cities In Dust (HavocNdeeD vs Epidemic RemiX)

mp3: Duck Sauce - Barbara Streisand (Manila Killa Edit)

mp3: The-Dream - Florida University


Be[a]st Mashes (Black Glove edition)

April 23 was a pretty good day, thanks to a submission from Black Glove. Sadly, and embarrassedly so, I'll admit that I haven't checked in on Burlington, VT's Deke Smith and Jonathan Sandridge in well over that near two-month time span. My sincerest apologies, boys...but on the flipzy, I'm gonna remedy that now.



Holy moly, these kids have been busy...and it looks like they've been stalking some of my favorite tunes as well. There are a slew of new fix-ups and do-overs that they're hosting on their page, but I'm going to highlight some of these new tunes, because, well, they deserve it!



First on the docket is a basket full of Beach House, Mims and Chromeo. After their first mash I'd heard, it's evident that the boys are masters of the soft and intimate "hey this ain't no dandy banger" style re-work. This piece falls right in line with that sentiment, and it're precisely why I love it.

mp3: Beach House x Mims x Chromeo - Like This (Black Glove Mash)


Next up, we've got two of my favorites...Robyn and Dominique Young Unique. On one song. TOGETHER?! While it is of the smashed up variety, one can only hope that this pairing will one day lead to a real-life collaboration. We can all dream, eh?

mp3: Robyn x Dominique Young Unique - Show You My Dancing Ass (Black Glove Mash)


Rounding out the trio of radness, new star on the rise, Florrie, gets topped off with a bit of the Beastie Boys. Sounds like a recipe for disaster, right? Think again. Oh yum!

mp3: Florrie x Beastie Boys - 911 Body Movin (Black Glove Mash)



I'd also suggest you go to their page to check out some of their newer stuff as well. Give an ear to Kid Sister and Ludacris, M.I.A. and Don Diablo, TLC and Mims, along with a full on zip file of a ton of tracks.


Virtual high fives!


Beastly Bits #94

Back in the groove of hitting you with the bits, and boy does it ever feel good.


Had a quite nice weekend, thanks for asking. Did a bit of this, a bit of that, and Friday was pretty major too. Which leads me to letting you in on this news. Dig it! 


The shortlist for the Lovebox NME Breakthrough bands competition was announced. Vote for May68. link


New tune from PUNCHES and it's pretty slick as slick could be. Gobble it up below.


Here's some Bonnaroo coverage. link


And now for some Isle of Wight fun. link


Like Florrie and Pryda? Pretty tasty lil' mix and mash below.


mp3: Jackie Wilson - (Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher And Higher (PUNCHES Remix) 

mp3: Pryda x Florrie - Melo 911 (Extrema Edit)


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