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Sumsin (feat. Frannie Buckles) - Sexpot Riddim

Maybe it's the gorgeous weather today, or maybe it's some under the skin-surface desires, but if you look at the last two posts, and then top it off with this "third in a row of tropical riddim rad radness", you'll see a bit of a trend emerging. We already know my love of beastly riddims, but London boy Sumsin just went and tossed us "sumthin sexy"...nay, sexpot. Wipes brow emphatically now.



The latest in his socamerenguetek-stylings, Sexpot Riddim is a steamy and slinky filled with the whispery coos, oohs and aahs, courtesy of Frannie Buckles. It's like a smoothly minimalistic sense-pleaser with cat-like purrs and pauses.


I can't talk any more about this, because I'd need to excuse myself to a dark dance floor. Or the like.


Equally awesome is his Socasummerengue mix, which is an hour of upbeat tropically-funky beats. Alright, now back to our regularly scheduled beastliness.


mp3: Sumsin (featuring Frannie Buckles) - Sexpot Riddim 


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