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Crystal Fighters - In The Summer

New single. Newer-ish sound. And Crystal Fighters swoop into my June listenings with a wash of anticipation for their new album, which is tentatively set for a September 13 release. 



The Spanish five-piece is a little out there, and frankly, that's what I really enjoy about their sound. It's like a nursery rhyme in hell with lullabic tones and whispers of electro dust and lit soundscapes.


Freaky emotronic folk, if you will.


In The Summer is the new single (stream it here or download it at this link) and will come with a pack of remixes from Telepathe, dBridge, Sepalcure, Shortstuff, Canblaster and Tek One, in the next few weeks.


mp3: Crystal Fighters - In The Summer (Genuine Guy Remix)



CocoRosie - Lemonade (new video!)

If you haven't already been spinning CocoRosie's fourth studio album, Grey Oceans, so much that your disc skips (we still use CDs sometimes, right?) then let this be a reminder that you should travel through the installment on a weekly, if not daily basis. Rooted in what some call "freak folk", the album is a ride of emotions from beginning to end, bed-hopping in a number of genres that the Casady sisters easily adopt to.



This week, Bianca and Sierra unveiled a set of stunning visuals for their single, Lemonade. With an already haunting arrangement, I was excited to see what the video had in store, and lucky for us, it falls right in betwixt the lines of "what the what" and "oh wow this is gorgeous".


Long story short...there's a bit of beauty inside every beast. CocoRosie play Terminal 5 on Sunday, June 11. Tickets are still available here.


Watch the video for Lemonade now.



mp3: CocoRosie - Jesus Loves Me (Bearbot Remix)

mp3: CocoRosie - Lemonade


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