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Jamiroquai - Blue Skies (Fred Falke Radio Edit)

Jamiroquai's lackluster new album, Rock Dust Star Light, gets completely overshadowed by the Fred Falke edit of single, Blue Skies, which appears on the deluxe edition. Mixes of White Knuckle Ride also top the original, and can be heard here.


Lesson to be learned: remix every new Jamiroquai song ever, and therein you find success.




mp3: Jamiroquai - Blue Skies (Fred Falke Radio Edit)




Marina And The Diamonds - Shampain (Fred Falke and Pictureplane Remixes!)

It's Marina and the Diamonds' new single, Shampain, which is officially out now. Remixes come from Pictureplane, Sound of Arrows and Fred Falke.




You get a sweet lil radio edit today and another gem of an official slice and it is wonderful. Buy the single here.



mp3: Marina And The Diamonds - Shampain (Pictureplane Deep Dolphin Remix)

mp3: Marina And The Diamonds - Shampain (Fred Falke Radio Edit)




BURNS and Fred Falke - YSLM (You Stopped Loving Me) [new video!]

DOGS DOGS DOGS DOGS DOGS! BURNS and Fred Falke team up on the new collaborative single, YSLM (You Stopped Loving Me), which will appear on the former's debut album, due out in the summer of 2011.


Burns fred falke


Dogs > everything.






mp3: BURNS and Fred Falke - YSLM (You Stopped Loving Me)




Florrie - Give Me Your Love (Fred Falke Club Edit)


Since first writing about Florrie in March of this year, shne's been on quite the impressive dominance of my words, my listenings and playlists, and equally, she's hot on the radar of bloggers across many a genre. Thanks to backing by Xenomania, Fred Falke's sweeping and swooping skills, along with her own incredible talent to boot, the young artist rightfully earns all the respect that's been tossed her way. Oh, and did we mention, every song that's out there right now by the tow-headed talent has been personally sent out by herself...for free. It just doesn't get better than that.




Barely a month has passed since her latest dosing of new tunes, and we're already getting the pro quo Falke fixes of the songs. Wanna Be Starting Something and Give Me Your Love (the latter being higher on my listening quantity) are fine examples of what you can expect when giving your attention to Florrie tunes: pop tinged tunes that aren't your standard run-of-the-mill sugary sweet ones. Nope, these are quality cuts.


Ok, all that said, Florrie isn't quite ready to throw this new one out to you free the cost of naught just yet, but we are, so here we roll in with the exclusive. Pretty pumped to start our Friday off with this gem. Falke mixes up Give Me Your Love, and he takes an already special track, into an even shinier, happier existence.


Ready for what's gonna happen now? Play and repeat, repeat, repeat...aces.


mp3: Florrie - Give Me Your Love (Fred Falke Club Edit)





Kitsuné x Ponystep Due Out July 5: Features Florrie, May68, Das Pop and More...

Parisian label Kitsuné continue their close relationship with London fashion webmag Ponystep this summer as their very own Jerry Bouthier mixes a new compilation...Kitsuné x Ponystep. Out on July 5, it features some rad selections from their catalogue as well as external gems from the likes of Booka Shade and Roisin Murphy. This is the second time they’ve released a CD together, after Kitsuné released the Boombox CD back in 2007, the offshoot of the trendy London club night that was run by Ponystep’s main man Richard Mortimer. 



Quick tip: there's a Florrie 911 (not Call 911 anymore...apparently?) mix by BeatauCue via the JBAG Edit on the compilation that is going to thrill you all. I've had a listen, and am sharing a live DJ mix of it...so there are quick drop-ins from Nouveau Yorican and Teki Latex. But you'll get the idea. MASSIVE. (All apologies for the sub-par quality...but really it's not the worst. And at least you get a sneak peek, er, listen to the tune, yeah?)


BONUS: speaking of Florrie, she's got two new, free and fantastic tracks. Love this girl. Keep up the pop, lady...you''ve done nothing but make us happy and dancey for the better portion of the year.


Grab all the goodies below the Kitsuné x Ponystep track list. Viva la France!


1. Róisín Murphy - Momma’s Place
2. Bag Raiders - Turbo Love (Light Year Remix)
3. Munk - La Musica
4. Two Door Cinema Club - I Can Talk (French Horn Rebellion Remix)
5. Voltaire Twins - D.I.L. (JBAG’s Hot Pop Remix)
6. Florrie - 911 (BeatauCue Remix - JBAG Edit)
7. JBAG ft Louise Prey - X Ray Sex
8. Adamski - I Dream Of You (2010 Version)
9. Lindstrøm - I Feel Space (Freeform5 Remix / JBAG Re-Edit)
10. D-Pulse - Highway To Saturn (JBAG Edit)
11. Jupiter - Mama Used To Say
12. Act Yo Age - La Fumo Loco (In Flagranti Remix)
13. Rainbow Arabia - Holidays In Congo (Myd Remix)
14. Lo-Fi-Fnk - Steppin’ Out (Popular Computer Remix / JBAG Re-Edit)
15. May 68 - My Ways
16. David E Sugar - Party Killer
17. Booka Shade - Regenerate
18. Bunny Lake - Army Of Lovers (JBAG’s Hot Pop Remix)
19. Mustang - Try To Dance
20. Das Pop - Fool For Love (Aeroplane Remix)


mp3: Florrie - 911 (BeatauCue Remix - JBAG Edit)

mp3: Florrie - Fascinate Me (Fred Falke Edit)

mp3: Florrie (featuring Moguai) - Come Back To Mine



Robyn - Dancing On My Own (Fred Falke Edit)

These are the kind of things I like to wake up to on a Monday morning. Robyn matching wits with Fred Falke. No more words necessary.




Bask in the lush, beasts. 


Bask indeed.




Sia on Last Call with Carson Daly (new video!)

Want to know how Sia got started in music? She jumped over to Last Call with Carson Daly last night and drops some knowledge on her background, as well as bits of info on her upcoming album.



Yep, this is a mega short post because I'll be catching the singer at her sold-out show at Terminal 5 tonight, and will have a full on rad to the max review post with pictures and video up tomorrow.


For now, enjoy this lil' nugget o' joy. 




mp3: Sia - Clap Your Hands (Fred Falke Remix)




Sia - Clap Your Hands (new video & official mixes)

Nothing makes us happier than getting news from camp Sia. With an endless supply of free spiritedness along with a perfect pop musicality to boot, the Australian singer and songwriter never fails to entertain, be it visually or audibly. Today, we're picking up on a bit of both, so get ready to grin, because there are goodies to gobble up.




Second single, Clap Your Hands, from the gal's upcoming 5th studio album, We Are Born, is a jaunty jam of a gem, showcasing the singer's often-neurotic, yet embraceable, style of singing and wordplay. At times it,'s funky and with moments of sincere emotions tossed on top, not only does the track have us smacking our mitts together, but it has our feet tapping the ground in nonstop fashion. The single was released earlier this month and can be purchased here.


Yesterday, she unveiled the video for the song, and holy puppets and fundom! Sia always manages to keep a young wash of wonder throughout her videos and this one falls right in line with everything we dig about her visual productions.


Watch the clip below, then jump after for :30 second previews of official remixes of Clap Your Hands from Diplo and Fred Falke. Two completely different yet equally stunning jaw-droppers!







mp3: Sia x M.I.A. - Button Showers (The White Panda Mash)



Florrie - Call 911 (Florrie Remix)

I've been seeing a major trend lately in artists remixing their own songs. No complaints here...so long as the end result is as rad as what's just come through from one of our latest pop beasts, Florrie. Having already had her track Call 911 (as well as Panic Attack) fixed up by Fred Falke, she flips the ish on her own original.



I officially confirm her twinkling and synthly-xylophonic self-mix as 100% Beaston approved. Super digging the vocal drop in and outs. Florrie once again proves herself as deep in another facet of all her productions...adding master mixer to her already long list of credits.


Sorry for the short post(s) this AM. It's been a nutty one today!


mp3: Florrie - Call 911 (Florrie Remix)



Lykke Li - Possibility (live video!)

Shame, shame, shame on me. In the post-SXSW hubbub and craziness, I completely overlooked this video footage of Lykke Li performing her Twilight soundtrack-worthy track, Possibility. Never the mind though, because slow and steady...she wins the race, eh?


Dudes, when I say she brings something forth with her voice...I literally mean she is channeling some other world entities like whoa. Hauntingly great.

Now when are we getting a new album, dear?



mp3: Lykke Li - Im Good, Im Gone (Fred Falke Remix)  

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